Another Thought

Another Thought

by Arthur Russell

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)

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Compiled from selections from a daunting number of tapes and recordings made by Arthur Russell over the last decade of his life, Another Thought serves as a somewhat unintentional sequel to the majestic World of Echo. While it's a primarily vocal/cello recording, Russell himself might have arranged and performed a final version differently, given his never flagging interest in the possibilities of dance and disco. Whether seen as a tribute, a collection of demos, or something else, it's still a truly excellent record, Russell's evocative, soulful-in-its-own-style singing and performing given a sweet showcase. There's a striking sense how away from the dancefloor Russell's work parallels that of the Durutti Column (and its own cellist, Bruce Russell), with the emphasis on space and spare but direct emotion in words and music. That selections from nearly ten years apart have a similar essential core may result in part from careful post-production to an extent. In the end, though, Russell's own particular muse dictates the feeling, from the quietly bubbling energy of "A Little Lost" (Russell's singing on the chorus in particular is a dream) and "Keeping Up" to the reflective melancholia of "Losing My Taste for the Night Life." Special note should go to two of the few collaborations included, "My Tiger, My Timing" and especially "In the Light of the Miracle," where percussion, backing vocals, and brass instruments bring out his obsessions with beat more thoroughly. His cello performances are jaw-dropping on their own, at once pop and not pop. "Home Away from Home" finds hooks and then abandons them, changes pace and timbre at the drop of a hat, and uses subtle overdubs to emphasize rhythm but not overwhelm. Brief appreciative liner notes aptly convey his successes and the tragedy of his death, but it's the songs that serve as the best epitaph for a unique artist.

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Release Date: 10/29/2013
Label: Arc Light Editions
UPC: 5065002003669
catalogNumber: 1
Rank: 31231


Disc 1

  1. Another Thought
  2. A Little Lost
  3. Home Away From Home
  4. Lucky Cloud
  5. This is How We Walk On the Moon
  6. Hollow Tree
  7. See Through Love
  8. Keeping Up
  9. In the Light of the Miracle
  10. Lucky Cloud
  11. Just a Blip
  12. Me for Real
  13. Losing My Taste for the Night Life
  14. My Tiger, My Timing
  15. A Sudden Chill

Disc 2

  1. Keeping Up
  2. In the Light of the Miracle
  3. Lucky Cloud
  4. Just a Blip
  5. Me For Real
  6. Losing My Taste For the Night Life
  7. My Tiger, My Timing
  8. A Sudden Chill

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