Anna Kingsford: Her Life, Letters, Diary and Work

Anna Kingsford: Her Life, Letters, Diary and Work

by Edward Maitland
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First published in 1896, this two-volume biography details the life of physician and spiritualist Anna Kingsford (1846–1888). Kingsford, one of the first women to obtain a degree in medicine, began her literary career at the age of thirteen and in her lifetime was known for campaigning against vivisection, involvement in the suffragette movement, and promotion of vegetarianism, as well as her spiritualist exploits. This biography was written by her friend and colleague, the spiritualist Edward Maitland (1824–97), who served as Kingsford's protector while she studied in Paris. At the time of its publication, the work was not well received; the main criticism directed towards the book was that it focused on Maitland's psychic experiences rather than on Kingsford herself. Volume 2 details the later part of Kingsford's life, including extensive travel, the foundation of the Theosophical and Hermetic societies, her eventual decline in health and her death.

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ISBN-13: 9781108072748
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 01/20/2011
Series: Cambridge Library Collection - Spiritualism and Esoteric Knowlege Series
Pages: 444
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Table of Contents

20. The perfect way; 21. Numerous experiences; 22. Varied activities; 23. A tour abroad; 24. Winter at Paris; 25. The Theosophical Society; 26. A time of controversy; 27. Meditations on the mysteries; 28. The Hermetic Society; 29. Letters and illuminations; 30. Some former incarnations; 31. De multis rebus; 32. A flight for life; 33. A melancholy tour; 34. A home to die in; 35. The withdrawal; 36. Priest versus prophet; 37. Post mortem.

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