Animals in Time, Volume 1 Storybook: Historical Empires and Civilizations

Animals in Time, Volume 1 Storybook: Historical Empires and Civilizations


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These twenty-six A-Z animal adventure stories will whisk kids across the globe as they paddle the Nile River, lumber through the Amazon rain forest, and march across the Mesoamerican terrain. There is one item that makes traveling through time and space possible for the animals—the Commandment Stone! From dodging arrows of the Visogoths, to escaping the clutches of the Samurai, or simply sipping frothy xocolatl (or hot chocolate) with the Aztecs, kids are sure to remember the people and places from long ago, inspiring them to consider the contribution they will, in turn, make to this world.

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ISBN-13: 9780996325820
Publisher: Let's Learn, Kids
Publication date: 08/14/2018
Pages: 170
Sales rank: 216,512
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.46(d)
Age Range: 4 - 12 Years

About the Author

Jaden swims on the local swim team at the Junior Olympic level, loves to watch a good movie at the theater, and saves money he earns to buy piano sheet music for works by John Williams. Jaden's idea of the best party is staying home with friends and family around to celebrate with, and one of his most daring moments was eating snails (escargot) on a cruise to the Bahamas.

These stories were so fun to craft! The whole element of a continuing saga was especially exciting. It was really interesting to see how the functions of the Commandment Stone and other elements came together.

My favorite character in the book is definitely Ella the Eagle, who was written by my brother, Jaden. Ella is fierce and energetic, but also sophisticated and graceful. My favorite character that I came up with is probably Lenny the Ladybug. He has sort of an east coast swagger and attitude, so he's aggressive, but he's also knowledgable. My favorite story is probably Nari the Newt, because the element of the Commandment Stone's power flowing into her and giving her fiery powers is really exciting. The hardest story to write was probably Xande the X-Ray Tetra, because there was so much about how he came to be in the pot of soup that I had to cut out in order to keep the story length we needed.

Christopher also swims on the local swim team at the Junior Olympic level, and he is learning all about Egyptian hieroglyphs, as well as particle physics, for fun. Christopher is our eldest child, and we are in shock almost daily by how quickly he is passing us in height. He is also one reliable guy; when he says he's going to do something, you can count on him to get it done.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

When Amber the Ant's colony faced fear and uncertainty on a mountain on the Sinai Peninsula, she stepped in right on time.

Chapter 2

Barend the Bear never thought of himself as courageous, but something happened out in the desert wilderness that started a new way of life for him.

Chapter 3

Cora the Caterpillar never expected to be snatched from her comfy home atop the statue of Greek goddess Athena, and she certainly never foresaw a run-in with a Roman soldier!

Chapter 4

Daniel the Duck had the best view of the Mediterranean waters from his home on the Pharos Lighthouse, but he longed to visit the wonders of the ancient world.

Chapter 5

Ella the Eagle didn’t hesitate to fight the invading Visigoths to defend her land.

Chapter 6

Little did Fernando the Frog know he would save the day using a device inspired by Archimedes, a famous inventor.

Chapter 7

Grace the Goose was charmed by the colors and music and foods of India that welcomed her.

Chapter 8

Harrison and Hutch the Horses trained for weeks to escort Queen Victoria to her celebration as she was declared the Empress of India.

Chapter 9

When a couple of strangers blasted into the beautiful Chinese bamboo forest where Izzy the Ibis roosted, she greeted them with wise words.

Chapter 10

Jaden and Jordan the Jaguars met as captives on a Japanese trading ship, but they escaped and fled from the armored samurai.

Chapter 11

Keily the Kangaroo was accidentally whisked away to Constantinople, where the cannons blasted and the soldiers on horseback tore past.

Chapter 12

Lenny the Ladybug had planned on seeing a towering pyramid, the famous Nile River, and a sacred Muslim mosque, but he certainly did not plan on running into a gang of menacing scarab beetles.

Chapter 13

Following the example of the Kush—a group of people who lived in northern Africa a long time ago, Marla the Mouse mined gold in the Nile River.

Chapter 14

Because of Nari the Newt’s generosity in Timbuktu, the Commandment Stone gave her a superpower, and she was able to save her friends.

Chapter 15

One night, in the galley of one of Prince Henry’s ships, Owen the Owl was joined by some creatures who shared a mysterious secret with him.

Chapter 16

When Paric and Paul the Pigeons found themselves battling Aztec warriors, they realized their plans for the future would take a different turn.

Chapter 17

Colonel Quinn the Quail and his troops accompanied Hernán Cortés to the center of the Aztec Empire.

Chapter 18

Robert the Rabbit explored cultures of mound-building civilizations and escaped his greatest fear—flash floods!

Chapter 19

Sammy the Squirrel was a trickster who was captured after antagonizing his Anazasi neighbors.

Chapter 20

Tabor the Turtle conquered his doubts of time travel to save his friends while saving himself from the Mexican Revolution.

Chapter 21

Uriah the Urial, a traveler friend of Samuel de Champlain, rescued the Commandment Stone in the northern lands of Quebec.

Chapter 22

Vivien the Vulture was a weather tracker who trusted some strange new friends and saved the British North American Act.

Chapter 23

William the Wolf heard about San Martín, O’Higgins, and Bolivar fighting to liberate South America from Spain.

Chapter 24

Xande the X-Ray Tetra's friendship with Dom Pedro of Portugal saved him from being dinner.

Chapter 25

Long-haired Yanni the Yak he was rescued from a mud pit in a Saharan oasis.

Chapter 26

Zerlock the Zebra saved his new friends from disaster.

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