Angels-They Say It's Time: Are you ready?

Angels-They Say It's Time: Are you ready?

by Suzanne Bertolas


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Angels-They Say It's Time contains clear-cut, illuminating realities handed straight from the heart of Suzanne's Angel, Mariette, and her Angelic Reiki healing team. By sharing examples of everyday, recognizable situations, you may relate to them and start to understand:

• the many ways your Angel interacts with you each day
• how you are so close to seeing through the veil
• why certain energies may knock you off kilter
• how energy healing can set you on the fast track to a healthier mind, body, and spirit
• why dreams or visions feel more real with visits and messages from the other side

By having direct interaction with Angels and Ascended Masters in Suzanne's Reiki practice, this ensures incredible and precise healing energy for each of her clients.

"After each Reiki attunement, I have watched her gifts emerge, expand and fine tune; Suzanne has a compassionate and loving way with her clients and the people around her. She connects to the divine and is a clear channel for information and healing. I am proud and humbled to walk beside and work with Suzanne."

-Candace Hawkshaw, owner, Soaring Spirit, Cambridge, Ontario.
Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master, Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master healer, spiritual guide, teacher

Are you searching to understand more about your Angels, your Spirit, and what resides behind the invisible veil? With the heartfelt guidance in Angels-They Say It's Time, you may come to understand your life in a more clear and divine way.

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ISBN-13: 9781504334662
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 07/08/2015
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)

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Angels-They Say It's Time

Are You Ready?

By Suzanne Bertolas

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Suzanne Bertolas
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-3466-2


Special Gifts We are All Born With

I am fortunate in some ways to have become aware of most of the six psychic senses that seem to be available to me. I can't control them all, but they are definitely an active part of who I am. Sometimes only one or two senses become prominent for a person until they are activated or the person becomes aware of their abilities.

I clearly seem to have them all except for the tasting ability. I have provided a minimal amount of information on our psychic gifts. Everyone is different in regards to how we perceive and implement our abilities. But what follows will give you a bit of an idea, and if your spirit guides you, you may want to do some further research about this topic.


This is the ability to pick up different vibrations in food. If you have this ability then you are able to go beyond knowing what the normal ingredients are in your food. Because of that ability it may make your food taste different for you than how everyone may taste it. People may be able to feel the energy vibration of the animal or plant prior to it being made ready for consumption. This may be the reason there are many vegans in the world.

I honestly don't know much about this one ability. But I'm not too sure I would enjoy sensing other energies in my food. I like to eat, and even though I have become more aware of what types of food we do eat, I still like to taste and enjoy the full flavor of what I have on my dinner plate.


This is my strongest ability. It is a clear deep sense of just knowing things, but you aren't sure how you know.

You just have a way of understanding and having answers to things without knowing how. Sometimes you can pull out of thin air, a problem someone may have with their health, or an issue they may be dealing with. Or you may know the directions to get somewhere from a point you have never been at before on the road. I don't really like this ability too much, because it has spoiled many surprises for me, and I have known about too many illnesses and deaths that were going to come to pass.

It also shows me the truth. And when others are trying to put one over on me I know I'm getting lied to and this is very insulting.

I have come to terms with the fact that I have this ability, and sometimes I just play along with someone, all the while knowing what the outcome of whatever is planned is going to be. If you tell me you are coming to visit, yep, I know already that instant if it is going to happen or not. It's kind of funny actually, but I just go with the flow, because there may be something the other person needs to experience or learn on their path before they cancel or come up with an excuse. If I tell them up front, it isn't going to play out the way they say it is, they may not learn a lesson they are meant to, or myself either for that matter. I'm sure my friends sometimes get sick of hearing me say ... Ya, I know, it's ok no worries. It's all good.


This is the ability to have clear vision, sometimes in dreams and visions and at other times by using the third eye. I have aspects of this ability. Actually what am I saying? I have actually seen Angels!

What I am trying to say is I can't control my Clairvoyance. I often have visions in full colour while I'm still awake, but trying to fall asleep. They are like watching a video. I get snippets of a mini movie, which never makes sense. In the beginning I used to see images of objects, like doors for example or buildings or scenery and then down the road I would actually come across them in real life somewhere else.

Also and quite often I see eyes and faces, with the knowing that if I ever saw these people I would remember them as a vision first.

Sometimes I see myself as I'm leaving my body, as I'm falling asleep, and I'm already across the street, or somewhere up in the clouds, and I startle myself when I realize I'm astral travelling and then I open my eyes. There is actually quite a lot I see, and I also dream in colour.


This is the ability to hear from the other side of the veil. Well I clearly do have that ability because I hear my Angel talk to me sometimes. She sounds like a transistor radio and she is always in my left ear. The first thing I ever heard her say to me was in answer to a question I asked her. At the time, I was lying in bed in the dark one night trying to connect to my Guides and Angel. I was living way out in the country in a secluded location and it was very dark outside. All this made it so much spookier for me.

This was the way it went down, I asked her "How do I actually hear you speak to me?"

Her answer really caught me off guard, because that was my first time ever hearing anything from the other side of the veil.

My Angel plainly said to me, clear as a bell, in her transistor radio sounding voice, "You just have to listen!"

As you can imagine, I almost jumped out of my skin. Like I said I was alone on our farm, in bed and in the dark. I heard this creepy sounding voice right beside my head saying, "You just have to listen!"

I no longer think of her voice as creepy anymore. As my own vibration rises her voice becomes smoother sounding and clearer and sounds somewhat similar to my own. I do love my Angel, but back then, I was absolutely freaked out and scared and I think I turned the light on for the rest of the night.

There are other things I hear as well, I have also heard some amazing melodies in the far distance, and I have used one or two of the melodies to write songs. Those songs are usually my best ones. I have also heard full blown orchestras on the other side; they are always in that transistor radio sound. I am also able to hear when I am dreaming, and I hear my Angel call my name sometimes, when she is trying to give me a message.

I remember one time, as I was coming out of my dream and waking up, I heard the voices of what sounded like at least a dozen people saying,

"Bye Suzaaaaaane"

I woke up with a big smile on my face as I heard their voices fade away; I had such a warm fuzzy feeling as I felt like a kid who had been outside playing with her friends.

Up to this point as I'm writing now, the last time I heard my Angel she asked me flat out, "Are you ready??"

Well that was only about a month before I started writing this book, so I'm assuming now she was asking me if I was ready to let go of one or two fears and start to write this book. But I'm not sure.


This is the ability to smell beyond the scope of time and distance. Sometimes out of the blue we may smell something that reminds us of a person or place and it can take us back years to a time long ago that holds either good or not so good memories.

I quite often smell my Grandma around me. She used to wear a very flowery perfume called Chantilly Lace, or Cote'. It is very potent, so when all of a sudden I smell that, I know she is around checking in on how I am doing.

Sometimes a medium or an intuitive person will smell something around them, or in a building or during a reading like perhaps smoke from a fire, or cigars or something that will alert them to a spirit being in their presence.

I also believe when two souls are strongly connected, that it is possible for the scent of one person's cologne, soap or perfume to cross the barrier of the veil and grab the attention of their partner if they are not together.

I remember one time I had to run to the grocery store, and as I walked into the entrance, I walked right into what smelled like a cloud of my husband's cologne.

I was totally taken back, because he was miles away from me at that time. It was so strong I turned around when I realized it was his cologne and I walked back in the same direction. I got back to the same spot which had only taken seconds really, and the smell had totally dissipated.

I'm sure there are other guys out there who use the same product; but there were no men in sight, and Robert's choice is one that I had never even heard of before I met him. It is not common cologne. It has a very unique smell and believe me, I had never experienced it before I met him or even since.

At that point in time, although I wasn't as strong with my abilities as I feel I am now, I knew right then and there that if he was thinking of me at that time, that thought was strong enough to break through the veil and so was the smell of his cologne to alert my spirit to remember him.

By the time I did talk with him about this, too much time had lapsed and we couldn't really pin point the exact moment in time to verify it.


This is the ability to feel the energy of situations and the people and events going on around you. People who have this ability are also usually Empaths, which I am. Feelings at times can be very uncomfortable, especially if you tend to pick up on any negative vibrations around you.

You may find you feel the energy of other people's moods and can quickly be transformed to follow their lead so to speak. If they are angry or agitated, anxious, happy, sad or high strung you may automatically sync up with those vibrations. This can without a doubt, send you on an upward or downward spiral that you are not prepared for. If you are an Empath, you also tend to pick up on the collective conscious energy.

Collective conscious energy is quite a popular topic at the moment as people are waking up to things going on around the world. They understand the power of mass positive thinking and meditation. They are starting to understand how it can shift a large negative mass of energy towards a more loving positive mass of energy and vibration worldwide

The flip side of that however is if there is a natural disaster, and thousands of people end up dying, you may pick up on the collective grief from the people around the world who are aware of the disaster.

As an Empath that can be almost too much to bear at times. This is why; I don't get too caught up in watching the news which is excellent at spreading fear and grief to all the people viewing. Watching television in general can be uncomfortable for an Empath, who can also pick up on the vibrations in movies, or commercials, or anything really that is being televised.

I'm happier quite simply if the television isn't even on. I really don't like being on the energetic roller coaster of how the media feels I should be feeling at any given moment. I would prefer to sit and read or write, or play my guitar, because I have total control of what I am feeding into my energy field.

I feel this is why so many organized groups of very normal individuals who are very aware of the devastation on our planet, are constantly organizing worldwide meditations to help shift our energy field and counter balance all the negative.

These are just brief descriptions of the abilities we are all capable of tapping into. By making you aware and by letting you know which ones I am open too as you read along in my book, it may make some things I talk about make more sense.

When you are able to tune in to your extra senses more easily, I believe that is when all the interesting things start to happen.

If anyone is fortunate enough to see their Angels, It will be at this point that you may realize what your life purpose is and what path you may need to follow. I feel this will happen if you are receptive enough to understand what is being presented to you.


Learning Who You Are

This is just a little bit of information about Reiki; I will go into greater detail later in the book.

I feel this is an important part to read before I introduce you to my Angel and get too deep into this story. Without Reiki becoming a way of life for me, I feel I would still be blocked in many ways, hindering some of the gifts I can now tap into.

I have always felt I was a bit different from the majority of people I know, not as grounded, but a true free spirit, a get up and go kind of girl. I like adventure and if it involves nature, travel or helping others that is even better.

I have been told many times through my life, prior to getting involved with Reiki that people felt I was a healer.

There are many types of healers in the world, apart from the obvious doctors and those in the medical profession.

Anyone who feels a true passion for anything they put an effort into, and then shares it with the world in my opinion is a healer. Pets can be healers. Also a sunset, starry night or a beautiful flower has the ability to heal the soul. A new born baby or anything that grabs a hold of your heart to open it just a little bit wider also has a healing effect on the spirit.

I feel when people are living their passion they are happy. This in turn raises their vibration. I feel this is what other people are attracted to so quite often; you are drawn more to a positive feeling energy emanating from another person, animal or thing.

People generally feel better after being around someone who is living their passion and is portraying a peaceful and happy energy field around them. This is true for most people but not all.

Some people, if they are in the presence of positive energy from happy people, may still have conflicts or issues that surface in regards to unprocessed feelings of negativity and jealousy.

In my experience most people are happy to be around someone else who is happy. It is kind of contagious, like smiling at someone, or laughing uncontrollably, and then others can't help but start laughing also.

I feel good that I have been able to help people this way, through my music, writing and artwork, and just being a friend in general.

However, for years I always felt drained after being around some people who were struggling with personal issues and I couldn't understand why I seemed to always have this problem.

I tried hard to figure it out for a long time; I did my research on the topic, and had numerous discussions with other people about feeling drained. I really didn't get too far in finding out the answer to my dilemma until I met another local business woman.

Candace is an amazing spirit who owns and operates her business Soaring Spirits. She is a Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master and a Karuna Reiki Master. She also teaches different kinds of healing modalities and other spiritual courses in our downtown core, and she has recently become mobile around southwestern Ontario.

As it turned out this wonderful lady was going to come into my life in a big way, but to start she would just be a friendly face Robert and I would see in the mornings for coffee in our little café.

As I became more comfortable around her, I started to open up in a big way. I really felt comfortable and found it very surprising that I would spill all of my spiritual information to her so easily. What I saw, how I felt, how my dreams are, and so on. I do tend to really talk a lot when I find someone who listens to me without thinking I am a weirdo.

Candace as is turns out is one of those non-judgmental types of people. She will be mentioned throughout the book quite often, because she has been involved with my personal spiritual growth over the last few years. I feel it is important to mention certain things that transpired with her.

I explained my situation to her about how drained I get and she flat out said,

"Because of the line of business you are in, you needed to protect your solar plexus chakra with a crystal."

Wow that was easy. Buy myself a crystal and protect my solar plexus chakra.

What the heck is a solar plexus chakra? I had absolutely no idea. I had heard about chakras before, but didn't really understand what they were all about.

She quite simply explained to me that this chakra is right about where the ribs connect on the bra line and where women tend to absorb energy from others.

I knew that was going to be the beginning of a good friendship. She had the answer I had been searching for and she offered it up without hesitation. The more I got to know Candace, the more comfortable and familiar I was feeling with myself, and the path I was on.

Soon after meeting her, I felt it was an appropriate time, and I was definitely being guided to learn about and get my Reiki qualifications so I talked with her about it. I had met other Reiki Masters throughout my life that may have sensed I should take my training and it was suggested, but my Spirit can be pretty adamant when it does not feel comfortable around certain energies, so I always declined from taking any courses.

Not every Reiki Master and student is suited for each other, and I believe the Universe presents the perfect match when the time is right. I did take my training with Candace, so I am now a full-fledged Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master. I really want to explain about the experience I had during my training because there were some life altering very profound moments that I went through which heightened my psychic senses. So I will add that information near the end of the book.


Excerpted from Angels-They Say It's Time by Suzanne Bertolas. Copyright © 2015 Suzanne Bertolas. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents


Preface, xi,
Dedication, xv,
Introduction, xvii,
Acknowledgements, xxi,
Chapter 1 Special Gifts We are All Born With, 1,
Chapter 2 Learning Who You Are, 9,
Chapter 3 Understanding Energetic Shifts for Your Life Purpose, 35,
Chapter 4 Meeting My Angel, 44,
Chapter 5 Angel Intervention, 64,
Chapter 6 Understanding Your Higher Guidance, 84,
Chapter 7 It's all in a Dream, 100,
Chapter 8 Family Visions & Visits, 125,
Chapter 9 God in My Eyes, 152,
Chapter 10 Give From the Heart!, 171,
Chapter 11 Spiritual Awareness Alteration, 191,
Chapter 12 Colours, Energy and Mists, 223,
Chapter 13 The Next Step to Spiritual Awakening, 235,
Chapter 14 Sitting in Silence and Taking it All In, 242,
Words Form my Music Angel ~ Elijah, 253,
About the Author, 255,
How to Contact Suzanne Bertolas, 257,

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