Angels Protect Giraffes

Angels Protect Giraffes

by Kathy Barnes




Five-year-old Lily loves God, Giraffes, Angels and her Grandma. Grandma comes to town to take care of Lily because her mom has moved out. Lily loves to play with her ten giraffes. When they get into trouble or are in danger, she prays to God and His Angels to keep them safe. She and Grandma color pictures together, play pretend giraffe games and go to the bookstore.

At night, she urges Grandma to read her favorite book, "Jonah and the Whale." Grandma asks her if it scares her. "No, I'm brave and God makes the whale spit up Jonah."

One night, Lily has bad dreams. She dreams that the whale is gobbling up her giraffes. The dream has a happy ending. Angels come and make the whale spit up the giraffes. They are safe. Lily wakes up saying, "Thank you, God." She climbs in her Grandma's lap and says, "I love you Grandma. You help keep me safe."

Kathy has a PhD in family counseling. She says that children have a deep need to be loved and feel safe. A caring parent or grandparent can give that. Children know in their heart that God and His Angels keep them safe.

Kathy also ran and taught a preschool program for handicapped children. She teaches Sunday School in her church. Her husband is a retired Methodist minister.

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