And Then There Were Four

And Then There Were Four

by Nancy Werlin

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New York Times bestselling author Nancy Werlin returns to YA suspense with this page-turner mystery for fans of Lauren Oliver, Neal Shusterman, and Lois Duncan
Let’s not die today. Not even to make things easier for our parents.
When a building collapses around five teenagers—and they just barely escape—they know something strange is going on. Little by little, the group pieces together a theory: Their parents are working together to kill them all. Is it true? And if so, how did their parents come together—and why? And, most importantly, how can the five of them work together to save themselves? With an unlikely group of heroes, sky-high stakes, and two budding romances, this gripping murder mystery will keep readers guessing until the last page.

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ISBN-13: 9781101634608
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
Publication date: 06/06/2017
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 1,093,424
File size: 1 MB
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Nancy Werlin is the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of The Killer’s Cousin, Rules of Survival, Black Mirror, Impossible, and a host of other young adult novels. She lives in Massachusetts.

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Chapter 1: Caleb

It is your new nightly ritual, as automatic as showering or brushing your teeth or thinking about her. You feed innocent paper into the teeth of the shredder. Then you put the scraps on the floor. 

You shape them into a circle or a square or—you did this once, whimsically—a hand holding a cane. The pattern can be anything, as long as you position it in front of your dorm room door. That way, if you leave the room that night, in the morning you will know you did it.

Whatever it is.

The paper shreds have never been disturbed yet, not once, which is surprising and interesting. You’re uncertain what to make of this. 

One thing is true. You are not a little boy anymore. You are seventeen, and you don’t believe in Mommy keeping you safe or in friends having your back or in anybody, including you, understanding the difference between good and evil. 

You do, however, believe in the indifference of humanity and the absolute inevitability of your own destruction.

You never asked to be what you are. Why you? At this point, you rarely bother to ask that question. Why is a child’s question, and there’s never a good answer, not from him, not for you. 

Because. That’s the answer. His answer, and now also yours. 

Because you are a monster. 

Because you are too damn fucking tired. 

One day soon, maybe tomorrow, you will stop fighting. You will go down. You will be done. 

For tonight, though, you shape the hand and cane again, working the confetti to represent her small, determined fingers. You haven’t bothered to learn her name, and you don’t plan to. She’s nothing to do with you.

But her world is a good place, you felt sure of that from the first time you saw her. You’re glad for her, that she lives there and not where you do. 

She’s alive in the world. It is enough for you.

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