...and it happened under cover

...and it happened under cover

...and it happened under cover

...and it happened under cover


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...and it happened under cover was compiled as a kind of seduction; a titillating paean to open, honest lovemaking where partners can freely explore without shame or fear. We hope that these poem and prose offerings will entice readers to broaden their sexual horizons. We hope that they will inspire readers to explore shared fantasies where even the deepest, darkest desires can be mutually satisfied without guilt or regret Finally, we hope that they will encourage readers to embrace a new awareness where love can be confidently and joyously exchanged and nourished, brought out from under cover and into the light where love and sexuality belong.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780991450503
Publisher: NightWing Publications
Publication date: 01/07/2014
Pages: 174
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

About the Author

How can one not fall in love with an anthology that begins with a quote by Jim Morrison, quoting Blake? At times whimsical, at times surreal, this collection runs the gamut of human emotions, indulge the senses, beg to be worn like sin, " a hidden treasure, aching to be discovered." Like "a siren ripping through a quiet night," they speak of a "voluptuous Geoid" where your "pineal gland spins freely" in "the eternal weather of almighty passion" and no rules apply. Stripped of the ghosts they wear, they command, demand attention. The reader is "rocked wildly beneath the weight of healing waters" and comes undone, a willful prisoner, exchanging cells and selves with the many poets. Beautifully edited by Alicia Winski and Rich Follett, ... and it happened under cover is meant to be savored with ecstasy.

-- Hélène Cardona, Actress and Author of Dreaming My Animal Selves

"and it happened under cover" is an orgy of art, passion, longing, fulfillment and longing again. It's a gentle kiss good night with a hungry bite, a poetic delight that at times left me almost wordless, perspiring, spent and yet desiring to plunge into its pages again.

-John Burroughs, Author and Editor at Crisis Chronicles Press

"There is a beautiful harmony here. Whether the subject is a cheshire-cat wry smile, or the hollow of the absence of a note on a pillow, it blends, flows, moves. This volume takes human sexuality in all its myriad sacredness and balances it with true spiritual grace, and a untouchableness that cannot be explained.

"This is the collection of poetry that has been needed for a long time. It takes its lead from the wonderful "Candy" (Neopoesis Press), but goes that step further. Some of the most talented poets around at the moment let loose their shackles and share beautiful, erotic, sensual work. My senses were aroused from the first poem to the last. This collection should be on everyone's poetry shelf, or better yet, on the bedside table."
Si Philbrook, Author of Ordinary Words

-Constance Stadler, Author
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