Ancient UFO Prophecy

Ancient UFO Prophecy


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'Tis the time to take a hard look at ancient UFO prophecy that's recently been uncovered. And as any reader shall see thousands of years ago the current UFO explosion was prophesied. Even modern Bible codes warn of these events; For these are some of the predictions 2012 - rising judgements: large tongue like sun flares – whole earth – smitten with fear – planetary panic – stricken – UFO increase – fragmentary – terrifying signs in the heavens - annihilation of disbelief - alien contacts – death – lethal – disasters – calamity – no contact invasion – days of trumpets – times of terror – cattle mutilation- watchmen on the walls – alien abductions – solar storms – great apostasy – Jesus saves – rest in him alone. And for doubters of the accuracy of past Bible codes they have previously kicked out the following clusters: Iraq war – Saddam Hussein hung- World Terrorism – casualties – World Trade Centre – Japan disaster – Obama – war on terrorism - Osama bin Laden killed - Afghanistan - Matthew 24 – global depression – unrest – Mideast revolution - end of days. And at the end of the day any reader of Ancient UFO prophecy shall have to admit that this is by far the one extraterrestrial book that's much farther out of this world than any others ever written since nuch of it has been written by people like Leonardo Davinci, who only prophesied on paper alone. Read therefore the Davenci secret and come into the light of true spiritual enlightenment concerning our visitors from our great beyond.

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Publication date: 03/15/2012
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