Anchovy to Zabaione: Food Museums Real and Imagined: Why They Matter

Anchovy to Zabaione: Food Museums Real and Imagined: Why They Matter

by Tom Hughes


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Food Museums matter because they:---explore how our species has sustained itself, ---examine artifacts as diverse as spearheads and petrified remains of meals, to the foods designed for space, ---teach about the world's food resources (animal, vegetable and mineral), their identities, origins and travels around the globe, ---display innovative exhibits that depict hunting, gathering, fishing, herding, growing, marketing, cooking, processing and eating, ---invite us to learn about the planet's diversity of diets, agriculture and culinary techniques,---celebrate food through art, music and literature,---entertain us with food-related art, film, musical programs.In museums the past and future meet like few other places. Objects and explanations of the past are preserved to be observed by us all, but especially our youth who will exist in a future the adults among them won't experience. Some of these now young people will collect, preserve and display artifacts in the museum displays of the future.Some of these future exhibits will relate the history of our late 20th and early 21st-centuries' industrialized food system which fed so many while at the same time contributed, more than any other factor, to the compromised health of our planet and its people.

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About the Author

Tom Hughes and his wife, Meredith Sayles Hughes, are the couple behind the world's first Potato Museum, the Food Museum Online, and the Food Heritage Center. The museums research, collect, preserve, exhibit and explain the history and social significance of the world's foods, and bring artifacts and programs to audiences of all ages.

The Hugheses are pioneers in exhibiting food history, as curators of major exhibitions at the Smithsonian, the United States Botanic Garden in Washington, DC and Canada's National Museum of Science and Industry. They also are innovators in "pop up" exhibits, including a series of three-foot square kiosk displays in supermarkets on 15 different food topics. Tom and Meredith are the authors of many books including "Gastronomie! Food Museums and Heritage Sites of France." This was the first book to define and explain the concept of food historic sites.

Author of several articles on food history, Meredith created the award-winning 10 book series, "Plants We Eat," published by Lerner Publishing, Minneapolis. Tom, a teacher, did two nationwide educational tours, speaking to civic groups and as a guest on radio and tv talk shows, both national and local, including "Late Night with David Letterman, "NBC Nightly News" and "Charlie Rose." Tom's most recent book is Your Food Memories Matter.

Meredith and Tom have collaborated on a wide range of public programs and lectures, both here and abroad, as well as teacher workshops, school presentations, panels and served as consultants on a wide- range of documentary film and publishing projects.

Next to accomplish: establish a permanent base for their Food Heritage Center and its proposed global network of food-themed museums and historic sites while continuing to advocate for a National Museum of Food in Washington, DC.

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