An Outline of Energy Metabolism in Man

An Outline of Energy Metabolism in Man

by Gordon L. Atkins

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An Outline of Energy Metabolism in Man provides an overview of the whole energy metabolic process among humans. The book is comprised of seven chapters that are organized according to the lecture series conducted by the author.
The text first covers the basic principles of metabolism, and then proceeds to covering catabolism and resynthesis of simple units. Next, the book tackles the storage forms and control mechanisms. The remaining chapters detail the integration of pathways within cells and the metabolism of the body as a whole.
The text will be of great use to students of biochemistry and other related fields, such as nutrition and nursing.

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Table of Contents


1. Basic Principles

1.1 General Outline of Metabolism

1.2 Major Fuels and Their Contribution to Energy Production

1.3 High Energy Compounds

1.4 Uses of Atp

1.5 Cell Structure and Energy Metabolism

2. Catabolism of Simple Units

2.1 Overview of Catabolism

2.2 Oxidative Phosphorylation

2.3 The Citric Acid Cycle

2.4 A-Oxidation of Free Fatty Acids

2.5 Glycolysis

2.6 Anaerobic Glycolysis

2.7 Amino Acid Catabolism

3. Resynthesis of Simple Units

3.1 Gluconeogenesis

3.2 Free Fatty Acid Synthesis

3.3 Sources of Nadph for Free Fatty Acid Synthesis

3.4 Ketone Body Metabolism

3.5 Lipoprotein Metabolism

4. Storage Forms

4.1 Triacylglycerols

4.2 Glycogen

4.3 Protein

5. Control Mechanisms

5.1 Control by Hormones

5.2 Control by Key Enzymes

5.3 Control by Enzyme Concentration

6. Integration of Pathways within Cells

6.1 Metabolism by Different Tissues

6.2 Oxidation of Free Fatty Acids

6.3 Formation of Ketone Bodies

6.4 Oxidation of Ketone Bodies

6.5 Oxidation of Amino Acids

6.6 Gluconeogenesis from Amino Acids

6.7 Oxidation of Glucose

6.8 Conversion of Glucose into Free Fatty Acids

6.9 Glycogen Metabolism

7. Whole Body Metabolism

7.1 Whole Body Metabolism

7.2 The Fasted State: 6 to 24 Hours

7.3 The Fasted State: 2 to 4 Days

7.4 The Fasted State: Over 2 Weeks

7.5 Fasted and Exercised

7.6 The Fed State


A.L Some Essential Compounds for Energy Metabolism

Some Suggestions for Further Reading


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