An Anthology of Big Band Swing (1930-1955)

An Anthology of Big Band Swing (1930-1955)




This two-CD set is an unusually successful sampler. Although there are a few hits among the 40 selections, many obscurities are also included, and not all of the big bands represented are major names, such as Tiny Bradshaw, Noble Sissle, Spud Murphy, Teddy Powell and Jan Savitt. The emphasis is very much on jazz, and this worthy reissue is overflowing with forgotten classics. The music is programmed in chronological order, so one can experience the evolution of big bands from Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson and Luis Russell to postwar recordings from Artie Shaw, Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/26/1993
Label: Verve
UPC: 0011105062923
catalogNumber: 629

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tiny Bradshaw   Bass,Track Performer
Henry "Red" Allen   Trumpet
Cat Anderson   Trumpet
Buster Bailey   Reeds
Paul Barbarin   Drums
Charlie Barnet   Reeds,Track Performer
Count Basie   Piano,Track Performer
Eddie Bert   Trombone
Milt Buckner   Piano
Buck Clayton   Trumpet
Arnett Cobb   Reeds
Bill Coleman   Trumpet
Bob Crosby   Leader,Track Performer
Sidney DeParis   Trumpet
Allen Eager   Reeds
Harry Edison   Trumpet
Roy Eldridge   Trumpet,Track Performer
Stan Getz   Reeds
Benny Goodman   Clarinet,Reeds,Track Performer
Glen Gray   Reeds,Leader
Freddie Green   Guitar
Urbie Green   Trombone
Lionel Hampton   Vibes,Track Performer
Erskine Hawkins   Trumpet,Track Performer
Woody Herman   Clarinet,Reeds,Track Performer
Earl Hines   Piano,Track Performer
Johnny Hodges   Reeds
Claude Hopkins   Piano,Track Performer
Franz Jackson   Reeds
Jo Jones   Drums
Louis Jordan   Reeds
Stan Kenton   Leader,Track Performer
Barney Kessel   Guitar
John Kirby   Tuba
Andy Kirk   Leader,Track Performer
Gene Krupa   Drums
Yank Lawson   Trumpet
Jimmie Lunceford   Track Performer
Jay McShann   Piano,Track Performer
Lucky Millinder   Leader,Track Performer
Ray Nance   Trumpet
Albert Nicholas   Reeds
Jimmy Raney   Guitar
Howard Rumsey   Bass
Jan Savitt   Leader,Track Performer
Sears   Reeds
Artie Shaw   Clarinet,Track Performer
Willie Smith   Reeds
Muggsy Spanier   Cornet,Track Performer
Charlie Spivak   Trumpet
Rex Stewart   Cornet
Jack Teagarden   Trombone,Vocals,Track Performer
Ben Webster   Reeds
Teddy Wilson   Piano
Cootie Williams   Trumpet
Luis Russell   Piano,Track Performer
Lester Young   Tenor Saxophone
Ray Bauduc   Drums
Gus Bivona   Reeds
Johnny Bothwell   Reeds
Lawrence Brown   Trombone
Ralph Burns   Piano
Billy Butterfield   Trumpet
Jimmy Campbell   Trumpet
Lee Castle   Trumpet
Cozy Cole   Drums
Julian Dash   Reeds
Irving Fazola   Clarinet
Bob Haggart   Bass
Edmond Hall   Reeds
Horace Henderson   Piano
Pee Wee Hunt   Trombone
Chubby Jackson   Bass
Taft Jordan   Trumpet
Don Lanphere   Reeds
Matty Matlock   Reeds
Hal McIntyre   Reeds
Ray McKinley   Drums
Benny Morton   Trombone
Jimmy Mundy   Reeds
Sy Oliver   Trumpet
Babe Russin   Reeds
Edgar Sampson   Reeds,Violin
Hal Singer   Reeds
Warren Smith   Trombone
Joe Thomas   Reeds
Nick Travis   Trumpet
Chick Webb   Drums,Track Performer
Dorsey Brothers   Track Performer
Jimmy Henderson   Trombone
Lyle "Spud" Murphy   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Don Redman   Reeds,Track Performer
Bob Zurke   Piano
Paul Collins   Drums
Harold Smith   Piano
George Siravo   Reeds
Coleman Hawkins   Reeds
Norman Greene   Trombone
Russell Procope   Reeds
Mary Lou Williams   Piano
Mills Blue Rhythm Band   Track Performer
Noble Sissle   Leader,Track Performer
Trummy Young   Trombone
Teddy Kotick   Bass
Freddy Webster   Trumpet
Gene Ramey   Bass
Wellman Braud   Bass
Sonny Greer   Drums
Walter Page   Bass
George Duvivier   Bass
Moses Allen   Bass
Ovie Alston   Trumpet
Hayes Alvis   Bass
Johnny Amoroso   Trumpet
Fernando Arbello   Trombone
Louis Armstrong   Trumpet,Vocals,Track Performer
Mario Bauzá   Trumpet
Frank Beach   Trumpet
Sidney Bechet   Reeds
Benny Carter   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Track Performer
John Best   Trumpet
Barney Bigard   Reeds
Wallace Bishop   Drums
Albert Block   Reeds
Kurt Bloom   Reeds
Bill Bowen   Reeds
Russell Bowles   Trombone
Dave Bowman   Piano
Teddy Brannon   Piano
Stanley Brauner   Reeds
Tony Briglia   Drums
Ted Brinson   Guitar
Joe Britton   Trombone
Vernon Brown   Trombone
Garvin Bushell   Reeds
Nick Caiazza   Reeds
Happy Caldwell   Reeds
Wayman Carver   Reeds
John Carlson   Trumpet
Harry Carney   Reeds
Earl Caruthers   Reeds
Don Carter   Drums
Big Sid Catlett   Drums
Henderson Chambers   Trombone
Paul Cohen   Trumpet
Porky Cohen   Trombone
Rupert Cole   Reeds
Booker Collins   Bass
Shad Collins   Trumpet
Conrad Gozzo   Trumpet
Bill Covey   Reeds
Sonny Craven   Trombone
Jimmy Crawford   Drums
Elmer Crumbley   Trombone
Wendell Culley   Trumpet
Cutty Cutshall   Trombone
Leonard Davis   Trumpet
Gene DePaul   Piano
Demas Dean   Trumpet
Charlie DiMaggio   Reeds
Vic Dickenson   Trombone
George Dixon   Trumpet
Lawrence Dixon   Guitar
Ted Donnelly   Trombone
George Dorsey   Reeds
Jimmy Dorsey   Clarinet,Reeds,Alto Saxophone,Track Performer
Tommy Dorsey   Trombone,Track Performer
Duke Ellington   Piano,Track Performer
Allen Durham   Trombone
Eddie Durham   Guitar,Trombone
George Esposito   Trumpet
Herschel Evans   Reeds
Fletcher Henderson   Piano,Track Performer
Pops Foster   Bass
Charlie Fowlkes   Reeds
Panama Francis   Drums
Charlie Frazier   Reeds
Carl Frye   Reeds
Tommy Fulford   Piano
Walter Fuller   Trumpet
Frank Galbreath   Trumpet
Joe Garland   Reeds
Bob Gioga   Reeds
Irving Goodman   Trumpet
Chris Griffin   Trumpet
Dan Grissom   Reeds
Jose Gutierrez   Trombone
Fred Guy   Banjo,Guitar
Harold Hahn   Drums
Joe Hall   Piano
Jimmy Hamilton   Reeds
Don Hammond   Reeds
John Harrington   Reeds
Clyde Hart   Piano
Edgar Hayes   Piano
Haywood Henry   Reeds
Benny Heller   Guitar
Shelton Hemphill   Trumpet
Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt   Reeds
Sam Herman   Guitar
Henry Hicks   Trombone
J.C. Higginbotham   Trombone
Howard Hill   Guitar
Roc Hillman   Guitar
Cliff Hoff   Reeds
Clarence Holiday   Guitar
Peanuts Holland   Trumpet
Charlie Holmes   Reeds
Darnell Howard   Reeds
Ernie Hughes   Piano
George Hunt   Trombone
Edward Inge   Reeds
Cecil Irwin   Reeds
Pete Jacobs   Drums
George James   Reeds
Hilton Jefferson   Reeds
Freddie Jenkins   Trumpet
Jerry Jerome   Reeds
Archie Johnson   Trumpet
Bob Johnson   Guitar,Trumpet
Keg Johnson   Trombone
Manzie Johnson   Drums
Otis Johnson   Trumpet
Walter Johnson   Drums
Claude Jones   Trombone
Isham Jones   Leader,Track Performer
Walter Jones   Guitar
Nate Kazebier   Trumpet
Manny Klein   Trumpet
George Koenig   Reeds
Nappy Lamare   Guitar
Frank Langone   Reeds
Harry Lawson   Trumpet
Cliff Leeman   Drums
Leroy Kirkland   Guitar
Cappy Lewis   Trumpet
Edward Lewis   Trumpet
Sylvester Lewis   Trumpet
Ulysses Livingston   Guitar
Don Lodice   Reeds
Sam Lowe   Trumpet
Lawrence Lucie   Guitar
Willie Lynch   Drums,Leader
Billy Mackel   Guitar
Dodo Marmarosa   Piano
Johnny Martel   Trumpet
George Matthews   Trombone
Don Mattison   Trombone
Castor McCord   Reeds
Ted McCord   Reeds
Murray McEachern   Trombone
Dave McRae   Reeds
Teddy McRae   Reeds
Joe Meyer   Trumpet
Glenn Miller   Trombone,Track Performer
Earl Miller   Reeds
Eddie Miller   Reeds
Dan Minor   Trombone
Jimmy Mitchelle   Reeds
Pete Mondello   Reeds
Joe Morris   Trumpet
Spud Murphy   Track Performer
Ralph Muzillo   Trumpet
Joe "Tricky Sam" Nanton   Trombone
Jerry Neary   Trumpet
Fred Norman   Trombone
Norris   Guitar
David Page   Trumpet
Charlie Parker   Reeds
Sonny Payne   Drums
Beverly Peer   Bass
Andrew Penn   Trombone
Bob Poland   Reeds
Danny Polo   Reeds
Jimmy Priddy   Trombone
Ernest Purce   Reeds
Keg Purnell   Drums
Irving "Mouse" Randolph   Trumpet
Robert Range   Trombone
Talcott Reeves   Banjo
Allan Reuss   Guitar
Blake Reynolds   Reeds
Harry Rodgers   Trombone
Gil Rodin   Reeds
Sonny Russo   Trombone
Jack Ryan   Bass
Bobby Sands   Reeds
Kenny Sargent   Reeds
Hymie Schertzer   Reeds
Buddy Schutz   Drums
Omer Simeon   Reeds
Stafford Simon   Reeds
Ted Sinclair   Bass
Bob Smith   Trombone
Guy Smith   Guitar
John Smith   Reeds
Russell Smith   Trumpet
Albert Snaer   Trumpet
Shorty Solomson   Trumpet
Jack Stacey   Reeds
Leemie Stanfield   Bass
Bob Stark   Trumpet
Eddie Stone   Violin
Nat Story   Trombone
Kenneth Stuart   Trombone
Tak Takvorian   Trombone
Louis Taylor   Trombone
Ben Thigpen   Drums
Earl Thompson   Trumpet
George Thow   Trumpet
Eddie Tompkins   Trumpet
Clarence Trice   Trumpet
Henry Turner   Bass
Ramón "Moncho" Usera   Reeds,Violin
Bobby Van Eps   Piano
Lyman Vunk   Trumpet
Greely Walton   Reeds
Earle Warren   Reeds
Phil Washburn   Trombone
George Washington   Trombone
Jack Washington   Reeds
Paul Webster   Trumpet
Dicky Wells   Trombone
Henry Wells   Trombone
Crawford Wethington   Reeds
Ray Wetzel   Trumpet
Arthur Whetsol   Trumpet
Hy White   Guitar
Sonny White   Piano
Edwin Wilcox   Piano
Clarence Willard   Trumpet
Ernest Williamson   Bass
Dick Wilson   Reeds
Quinn Wilson   Bass
Lammar Wright   Trumpet
Milt Yaner   Reeds
Walter Yoder   Bass
Snooky Young   Trumpet
Bob Ysaguirre   Tuba
Wilbur De Paris   Trombone
Jackie Mills   Drums
Sterling Bose   Trumpet
Benny James   Banjo
Dick McDonough   Guitar
George Bohn   Reeds
Claude Lakey   Reeds
Chelsea Quealey   Trumpet
Little Sammy Davis   Reeds
Frank Bruno   Trumpet
Tom Macey   Reeds
Casa Loma Orchestra   Track Performer
Elmer James   Bass
Teddy Powell   Leader,Track Performer
Curby Alexander   Reeds
Bernard Anderson   Trumpet
Joe Baird   Trombone
Arthur Beck   Reeds
Dan d'Andrea   Reeds
Pat Davis   Reeds
Bill DePew   Reeds
Skippy de Sair   Reeds
Stanley Dennis   Bass
Laforest Dent   Reeds
Joe Eldridge   Reeds
Dave Hallett   Trombone
Jack Hansen   Trumpet
Bobby Holmes   Reeds
Clarence Hutchenrider   Reeds
Will Johnson   Guitar
Wardell Jones   Trumpet
Delmar Kaplan   Bass
Ed Kiefer   Trombone
Bob Lessey   Guitar
Mastren   Trombone
Art Ralston   Reeds
Billy Rauch   Trombone
Fred Robinson   Trombone
Michael Robinson   Trombone
Prince Robinson   Reeds
Pinky Savitt   Trumpet
Bill Shine   Reeds
George Stevenson   Trombone
Harry White   Trombone
Sandy Williams   Trombone
Ed Anderson   Trumpet
Charlie Allen   Trumpet
John Williams   Reeds
Junior Raglin   Bass
Joe Lipman   Piano
Ward Silloway   Trombone
Zeke Zarchy   Trumpet
Billy Taylor   Bass
Chico Alvarez   Trumpet
Bobby Guyer   Trumpet
Tony Antonelli   Reeds
Johnny Austin   Trumpet
Daryl Campbell   Trumpet
Pokey Carriere   Trumpet
Billy Cronk   Bass
Joe Ferrall   Trombone
Arnold Fishkind   Bass
Seymour Goldfinger   Trombone
Joe Herde   Reeds
Grady Watts   Trumpet
Fred Beckett   Trombone
Hillard Brown   Drums
Ace Harris   Piano
George Simon   Drums
Eddie Wasserman   Reeds
Clarence Brereton   Trumpet
Harry Brooks   Piano
Harry Forbes   Trombone
Joe Kearns   Reeds
Saxie Mansfield   Reeds
Mark Bennett   Trombone
Bobby Stark   Trumpet
Harvey Boone   Reeds
Jack Ferrier   Reeds
Otto Hardwick   Reeds
Gerald Foster   Trombone
Jack Mootz   Trumpet
Jake "Vernon" Porter   Trombone
Ken Broadhurst   Guitar
Woody Buchell   Bass
Ed Clausen   Reeds
Edgar Courance   Reeds
Frank Cudwib   Reeds
Charles French   Drums
Sam Genuso   Trombone
Felix Giobbe   Bass
Victor Hauprich   Reeds
Fritz Hummel   Trombone
Russ Jenner   Trombone
Jack Kelleher   Bass
Ted Kotsoftis   Bass
Max Maddox   Trumpet
Jack Moola   Trumpet
Joe Pamelia   Reeds
Eddie Pripps   Reeds
Oliver Suderman   Trumpet
George Wartner   Guitar
Frank Zullo   Trumpet
Trevor Bacon   Guitar,Vocals
Charles Coolidge   Trombone
Joe Ferdinando   Reeds
Burt Johnson   Trombone
Bob Mabane   Reeds
Orville Minor   Trumpet
Fred Radcliffe   Drums
Jesse Ralph   Trombone
Ted Repay   Piano
Ted Romersa   Reeds
Truman Quigley   Trumpet
Snags Allen   Guitar
Harold Bruce   Trumpet
Nelson Bryant   Trumpet
Chester Burrill   Trombone
Red Dorris   Reeds
Gus Evans   Reeds
Harry Ferguson   Reeds
Ted Lee   Reeds
Oscar Madera   Violin
Joe Meisner   Reeds
Art Moore   Reeds
Joe Harris   Trombone
Lorin Aaron   Trombone
Carl Biesacker   Reeds
Lincoln Mills   Trumpet
Gil Barrios   Piano
Sherman   Trombone
Costi   Guitar
Jordan   Trombone
Leopold   Trombone
Arnold Bolden   Drums
Milton Raksin   Piano
Bobby Green   Reeds
Jack Carter   Drums
Sam Hyster   Trombone
Ralph Galluccio   Reeds
Vic Ford   Trumpet
Bob Moore   Trumpet
Eugène Green   Trombone
Ben Stabler   Trumpet
Jimmy Harris   Trumpet
Clarence Johnson   Piano
Dave Williams   Drums
John Jackson   Reeds
Walter Smith   Trumpet
Dick Cole   Trombone
Vincent Allotta   Violin
Robert Carroll   Reeds
Jack Ordean   Reeds
Bob Carter   Piano
Fred Simon   Reeds
Chuck Edwards   Piano
Charlie Harris   Bass
Gene Johnson   Reeds
Sonny Lee   Trombone
Martin George   Drums
Jack Burdette   Guitar
Gene Price   Trumpet
Robert Mason   Trumpet
James Toliver   Reeds
Léon Schwartz   Trumpet

Technical Credits

Loren Schoenberg   Liner Notes,Annotation
Irving Mills   Composer
Benny Carter   Composer
Dave Grusin   Executive Producer
Diane Dragonette   Assistant Production Coordination
Fletcher Henderson   Composer
Sharon Franklin   Assistant Production Coordination
Orrin Keepnews   Producer,Liner Notes
Sonny Mediana   Production Director
Larry Rosen   Executive Producer
Elmer Schoebel   Composer
Dan Serrano   Art Direction
Jackie Salway   Graphic Design
Alba Acevedo   Graphic Design
Sam Theard   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Scott Johnson   Art Direction
James Toliver   Composer
Billy Meyers   Composer

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