Among the Barons (Shadow Children Series #4)

Among the Barons (Shadow Children Series #4)

by Margaret Peterson Haddix


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Smits had nothing left of his brother.
He was gone.
And Luke had taken his name.
How could anyone hear Smits sobbing and think he was merely a foolish, homesick kid? Luke knew what grief was like....What if Oscar suddenly understood, too?
Smits's grief was dangerous. Smits's grief could kill Luke.

As a third child in a society that allows only two children per family, Luke Garner was in hiding for the first twelve years of his life. Then he was given the freedom of an identity card that had belonged to Lee Grant, a Baron (a member of the highest class of society), and was sent to boarding school as Lee. But now, just when things are finally starting to go right, Lee's little brother, Smits, arrives at school, and Luke finds himself caught in a web of lies that gets more complex with every passing day — and possibly even lethal. Can Luke trust the grief-stricken Smits to keep Luke's secret? And can he trust Smits's menacing bodyguard, Oscar?
Luke finds that living among the Barons puts him in the deadliest danger he has ever faced.
As she did in Among the Hidden and the other Shadow Children books, Margaret Peterson Haddix depicts one individual trying to make sense of a world in which nothing is what it seems.

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ISBN-13: 9780756939236
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/28/2004
Series: Shadow Children Series , #4
Pages: 182
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Margaret Peterson Haddix is the author of many critically and popularly acclaimed YA and middle grade novels, including the Children of Exile series, The Missing series, the Under Their Skin series, and the Shadow Children series. A graduate of Miami University (of Ohio), she worked for several years as a reporter for The Indianapolis News. She also taught at the Danville (Illinois) Area Community College. She lives with her family in Columbus, Ohio. Visit her at

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Chapter One

Hey, L.! Mr. Hendricks wants to see you!"

Such a summons would have terrified Luke Garner only a few months earlier. When he'd first come to Hendricks School for Boys, the thought of having to talk to any grown-up, let alone the headmaster, would have turned him into a stammering, quaking fool desperately longing for a place to hide.

But that was back in April, and this was August. A lot had happened between April and August.

Now Luke just waved off the rising tide of "ooh's" from his friends in math class.

"What'd you do, L.? Have you been sneaking out to the woods again?" his friend John taunted him.

"Settle down, class," the teacher, Mr. Rees, said mildly. "You may be excused, Mr., uh, Mr...."

Luke didn't wait for Mr. Rees to try to remember his name. Names were slippery things at Hendricks School anyway. Luke, like all his friends, was registered under a different name from what he had grown up with. So it was always hard to know what to call people.

Luke edged his way past his classmates' desks and slipped out the door. His friend Trey, who had delivered the message from Mr. Hendricks, was waiting for him.

"What's this about?" Luke asked as the two fell into step together, walking down the hall.

"I don't know. I just do what he tells me," Trey said with a dispirited shrug.

Sometimes Luke wanted to take Trey by the shoulders, shake him, and yell, "Think for yourself! Open your eyes! Live a little!" Twelve years of hiding in a tiny room had turned Trey into a human turtle, always ready to pull back into his shell at the slightest hint of danger.

But Mr. Hendricks had taken a liking to Trey and was working with him privately. That was why Trey was running errands for him today.

Trey looked furtively over at Luke. His dark hair hung down into his eyes. "Do you suppose it's — you know — time?"

Luke didn't have to ask what Trey meant. Sometimes it seemed like everyone at Hendricks School was just holding his breath, waiting. Waiting for a day when none of the boys would be illegal anymore, when they could all reclaim their rightful names, when they could go back to their rightful families without fear that the Population Police would catch them. But both Luke and Trey knew that that day wouldn't come easily. And Luke, at least, had promised to do everything he could to bring it about.

His stomach churned. The fear he thought he'd outgrown reached him at last.

"Did he say...did Mr. Hendricks say...," he stammered. What if Mr. Hendricks had a plan for Luke to help with? What if that plan required more courage than Luke had?

Trey went back to looking down at the polished tile floor.

"Mr. Hendricks didn't say anything except, 'Go get your buddy L. out of math class and tell him to come see me,'" Trey said.

"Oh," Luke said.

They reached the end of the hall, and Luke pushed open the heavy wood door to the outside. Trey winced, as he always did anytime he was exposed to sunshine, fresh air, or anything else outdoors. But Luke breathed in gratefully. Luke had spent his first twelve years on his family's farm; some of his fondest memories involved the feeling of warm dirt on his bare feet, sunshine on the back of his neck, a hoe in his hand — and his parents and brothers around him.

But it didn't do to think much about his parents and brothers anymore. When he'd accepted his fake identity, he'd had to leave them and the farm behind. And even when he'd been with them, he'd had to live like a shadow or a ghost, something no one else outside the family knew about.

Once when his middle brother, Mark, was in first grade, he'd accidentally slipped and mentioned Luke's name at school.

"I had to tell the teacher that Mark just had an imaginary friend named Luke," Luke's mother had told him. "But I worried about that for months afterward. I was so scared the teacher would report you, and the Population Police would come and take you away. I'm just glad that a lot of little kids do have imaginary friends."

She'd bitten her lip telling Luke that story. Luke could still see the strained expression on her face. She hadn't even told him about that episode until the day before he left the farm and his family for good. By then she'd meant the story as assurance, he knew — assurance that he was doing the right thing by leaving.

At the time, Luke hadn't known what to make of that story. It just added to the jumble of confused thoughts and fears in his head. But now — now that story made him angry. It wasn't fair that he'd had to be invisible. It wasn't fair that his brother couldn't talk about him. It wasn't fair that the Government had made him illegal simply because he was a third child and the Government thought families should have no more than two.

Luke stepped out into the sunshine feeling strangely happy to be so angry. It felt good to be so sure about what he thought, so totally convinced that he was right and the Government was wrong. And if Mr. Hendricks really did have a plan for Luke, it'd be good to hang on to this righteous anger.

The two boys climbed down an imposing number of marble steps. Luke noticed that Trey glanced back longingly at the school more than once. Not Luke. Hendricks had no windows — to accommodate the fears of kids like Trey — and Luke always felt slightly caged anytime he was inside.

They walked on down the lane to a house half hidden in bushes. Mr. Hendricks was waiting for them at the door.

"Come on in," he said heartily to Luke. "Trey, you can go on back to school and see about learning something for once." That was a joke — Trey had done nothing but read while he'd been in hiding, so he knew as much about some subjects as the teachers did.

Luke opened the door, and Mr. Hendricks rolled back in his wheelchair to give Luke room to pass. When he'd first met Mr. Hendricks, Luke had been awkward around him, particularly because of the wheelchair. But now Luke practically forgot that Mr. Hendricks's lower legs were missing. Going into the living room, Luke automatically stepped out of the way of Mr. Hendricks's wheels.

"The other boys will find this out soon enough," Mr. Hendricks said. "But I wanted to tell you first, to give you time to adjust."

"Adjust to what?" Luke asked, sitting down on a couch.

"Having your brother here at school with you."

"My brother?" Luke repeated. "You mean Matthew or Mark..." He tried to picture either of his rough, wild older brothers in their faded jeans and flannel shirts walking up the marble stairs at Hendricks. If he felt caged at the windowless school, his brothers would feel handcuffed, pinned down, thoroughly imprisoned. And how could Mother and Dad possibly afford to send them here? Why would they want to?

"No, Lee," Mr. Hendricks said, stressing the fake name that Luke had adopted when he'd come out of hiding. Luke knew that he should be grateful that the parents of a boy named Lee Grant had donated his name and identity after the real Lee died in a skiing accident. The Grants were Barons — really rich people — so Luke's new identity was an impressive one indeed. But Luke didn't like to be called Lee, didn't like even to be reminded that he was supposed to be somebody else.

Mr. Hendricks was peering straight at Luke, waiting for Luke to catch on.

"I said your brother," Mr. Hendricks repeated. "Smithfield William Grant. You call him Smits. And he's coming here tomorrow."

Copyright © 2003 by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Reading Group Guide


Among the Hidden

Among the Impostors

Among the Betrayed

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

A Guide for Reading Groups

About the Books

Sometimes in this world it's hard to know who is telling the truth, who isn't, and what can be done about all the things that are wrong. The government claims that there isn't enough food for everyone in the world, and so they have made it illegal for any family to have more than two children. Yet hundreds of these illegal shadow children exist, and they want desperately to find a place for themselves in society. But these are children who have been forced to hide their entire lives, and who are only allowed to venture out with fake IDs in their hands and fear in their hearts. How can they sort through the conflicting information about shadow children and find out where they belong? And will they be able to find the courage to defy the government and stop hiding?

Discussion Topics

  • What are some of the ways in which having more than two children would be a burden in this society? Why do some families decide to have illegal shadow children in spite of this added strain? Do you think that the benefits of having another child outweigh the sacrifices that must be made?
  • Luke often feels hurt by the way his father treats him, especially when he is making his decision to leave the family farm. Do you think Mr. Garner means to be cruel? Jen's father, Mr. Talbot, can also seem cruel to the casual observer. Is this image justified? How are their reactions to the children different from the reactions of their wives?
  • How does the government enforce its rules and regulations? Do you think their plan for dealing with the waning food supply is a good one? Do you think it is justified?
  • Nina is reluctant to take on her false identity because she fears she will lose her past and cease to be the same person. Are her fears warranted? How do other shadow children feel about their identities, both old and new?
  • When shadow children stop hiding, they often have difficulty adjusting to their newly expanded world. In what ways would this be a hard adjustment to make? How do the different children react to their new freedoms? What has been done to help make it easier for the children?
  • Luke is a devoted friend to Jen even after her death. Why does he feel such loyalty toward her? Do you think his concept of friendship—as well as his devotion to Jen—would have been different if he hadn't been in hiding all his life? How are Nina's concepts of friendship and love affected by the fact that she is a shadow child?
  • Discuss how each character chooses to fight for the freedom of shadow children. How effective was Jen's rally? Is Mr. Talbot in a better position than the children to fight for change? How do Luke's actions fit into the movement?
  • Many of the characters find they have the potential to lead others. What are the different ways they assume leadership roles? Whose leadership is the most effective? Why?


  • The world's population grows larger every day. Write a report on population: how it has changed over the years, how it affects our society, and ways of dealing with it.
  • How do we deal with hunger and famine in our modern world? Research the policies that different countries have for dealing with hunger both at home and abroad. Stage a debate, with each person advocating a different approach, and see if you can reach a consensus about which methods are the most effective.
  • Luke's family lives on a farm, and he is very interested in gardening and hydroponics, the growing of plants in a nutrient-rich water rather than soil. Learn more about these disciplines by trying to grow some vegetables of your own. Perhaps you can plant a small garden, or try your hand at hydroponics.

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Among the Barons 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 153 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Among the Barons is the fourth novel in the shadow children series. This novel is my favorite of all the shadow children series. There is never a dull moment; it is filled with many surprises and a great deal of suspense. In this novel Luke, the main character, is a third child and is forced to hide from the outside world, because being a third child is illegal. The only people he had ever talked to were his mother, father, and two brothers. In this novel Luke gets the chance to live a real life and to break away from the shadows. He gets a fake identity of a boy named Lee Grant, who was killed in a skiing accident outside of the United States. Luke is sent to the Hendrix School for boys. At first Luke is very shy and unaware of how to act around other boys in the school. After a few months Luke becomes more and more comfortable with his surroundings and comes to find that almost all of the children at the Hendrix School were shadow children with fake identities. Luke did not stay comfortable for long. He was informed later that year that Smits, his new brother, was coming to Hendrix. After Smits arrived a chain of events is set off and Luke finds out that the boy he has been pretending to be is no ordinary boy. Luke's new name is one of the biggest names in the United States. Luke is told he must return to the Grant's house. When Luke arrives he is greeted with smiles and laughter, but little does he know the Grants are hiding something under all the glamour. He uncovers the real reason he was given Lee Grants identity and finds himself face to face with the shadows once again.
Brittany5704 More than 1 year ago
I began this series when I was in grade school and when I found it again, I had to finish it. They are good books for kids and adults alike. They get you thinking and they help you see the world from a different perspective. Most of all, this series is something that is entirely possible. The series is about a world in which it is illegal for families to have more than two children due to alleged "food shortages". The series is told from the perspective of several different so-called "shadow children," which are the illegal children unlucky enough to be born third, fourth, or even fifth in their family. Their lives consist hiding and a deep fear of the population police. It might be frightening for some children to read (I know that it scared me a little bit when I was younger--and I'm not even a third child in my family!). It is a scary thought for a child to imagine these kinds of things to be possible. I still recommend it for children to read--and their parents too!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this series is so cool and it gets even more awesome and intense with the series! I think everyone should read this!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love these books. Even though I'm only one thr thrird book I still like it. I liked how the secong book was boring at first but when you get going it gets better. But so far my favoite is the third. When Nina went to save Percy, Matthias, and Alia from prison that is so far my favorite part. I wonder if they will get cought. I also wonder if they are going to find Lee Grant. My best guess is that they will find Lee and ask to use his garden. I bet the three kids are third children. But the fourth book looks like it might be better then the third. All I know is I am going to keep reading the series. It has been amazing reading these first three books. I was'nt sure if the first book would be good. But I guess it is. If I could get my sister to read this book and she likes it I will be amazed. Because she has read th hobbit and she likes it. So I'm not even sure if she will like the first second book. She read the first book and liked it. So I'm wondering if she will like the second book. But the point is that I like the book and I'm still going to read the books. Got to run see you people who like these seires
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is so cool
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Full of mysteries. cant wait to read what happens next!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The first time i read this i was in my 4th grade reading class!!! I fell in love with it!!!! I started reading all of the other books in the series!!!!!
Paula Corbett More than 1 year ago
This series from haddix is amazing she can really think
ashtonn More than 1 year ago
Among the Barons, is the fourth book about the shadow children, with the main character named Luke. Luke is the third child in his family, but third children are illegal during those times.Luke attends Hendricks school for boys, with other boys who are illegal third children. He receives the I.D. of a dead boy named Lee Grant. While away at school, Luke's (Lee) brother "Smits" Grant comes to school with him,. Smits is one of the real Grant family members. After a dangerous happening at the school, the boys are taken away to the Grants homestead. Luke doesn't understand why the Grants want him to come home, after being ignored by them for so long. Luke finds out he is just a pawn for the Grants power and money, and they want to stage his death. Smits bodyguard "Oscar", knows the secret that Luke is not Lee and what had happened to the real Lee. Luke is stuck between choosing to help the Grants or Oscar.This is one of the most interesting books, I have ever read. If you haven't read it, I strongly suggest you do. It is good for children of all ages.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book is filled with nonstop action and what will luke do with his idenity
Guest More than 1 year ago
these shadow children books are soooo AWESOME i just read the 5th and cant wait for the 6th!!! i love how there is no boring just cant put the book down!!!!
Anonymous 10 months ago
hmm I have so much to say but so little time. great book
MissBoyer3 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Smits had nothing left of his brother.He was gone.And Luke had taken his name.How could anyone hear Smits sobbing and think he was merely a foolish, homesick kid? Luke knew what grief was like....What if Oscar suddenly understood, too?Smits's grief was dangerous. Smits's grief could kill Luke.As a third child in a society that allows only two children per family, Luke Garner was in hiding for the first twelve years of his life. Then he was given the freedom of an identity card that had belonged to Lee Grant, a Baron (a member of the highest class of society), and was sent to boarding school as Lee. But now, just when things are finally starting to go right, Lee's little brother, Smits, arrives at school, and Luke finds himself caught in a web of lies that gets more complex with every passing day ¿ and possibly even lethal. Can Luke trust the grief-stricken Smits to keep Luke's secret? And can he trust Smits's menacing bodyguard, Oscar?
mm.fall07.jmenodza on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book is about a third illegal child,named Luke Garner. All his life he has been living in hidding but when he meet this courages little girl, he started to understand what being free meant!
t1bclasslibrary on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Luke is suddenly forced to take on his identity of Lee Grant for real- he has to go to the Grants and avoid being forced into hiding, being killed, or having his new found younger brother killed. He manages to escape with the help of his friends, and to give his new younger brother a home with his own family.
wiggy on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
very interesting and nerve wreking never knew what was coming up or what would happen, if it was good or bad or what.
AngelaHanf on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Quick read. Is book 4 in a series I heard about from a friend of my hubby.
jreams10 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book is about Luke who finds Lee's brother coming to Hendricks. When Luke meets Smits, later on there is a fire at the school. Smits' parents call in and they want him home ASAP, and they want Luke with them. Later on when they're at the house, they have a party and the president. If you want to know what happens at the party, READ THE BOOK.
ERMSMediaCenter on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In a future world of false identities, government lies and death threats, Luke feels drawn to the younger brother of the boy whose name Luke has taken.
PaulWW on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Who do you trust? Is it all a lie? More Shadow Children goodness from Ms Haddix.
sandrabrazier More than 1 year ago
What a surprise it is for Luke, aka Lee, when he is told that his little brother would be joining him at Hendricks! He has never met this ‘brother’, as his false identity had been taken from a deceased boy he’d never met. If you had not yet read this series, Luke is a third child in a society in which third children are illegal. Anyway, after a near-tragedy, both boys are sent ‘home’. Now, in his ‘home’ surrounded by ‘family’, Luke must work even harder to be Lee. He discovers so many lies that he can no longer distinguish the truth from fiction. This is the fourth book in the SHADOW CHILDREN series, and it is one of the best. As with all the books in the series, the characters are well-developed and the action is nonstop. But this one has lots of twists and surprises.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love the shadow children series i am now on the 4th book Among the Barons i just got done with Among the Betrayed. I cant belive what mr. Talbot does to nina. Apparently it was a couple of tests but i dont think so. Jason i cant belive tryed to betray all of them that made me so sad.
Grace8411 More than 1 year ago
The book Among the Barons is a very good book and is the 4th book in the shadow children sequence. It tells of a young boy named Luke who hid from the outside world and couldn’t be seen. Luke was born as a third child and having 3 kids was considered illegal. But in this book Luke got a fake identification card of a kid who was rich but died skiing outside the U.S. The child who died was named Lee Grant and was loved by everyone in his family. Luke with his fake identification card got sent to Hendrix School for boys. After a few days of his stay Smith came to visit him, he was the son of the Baron family came to visit him. The identification card that Luke free from being a third child had originally been a son of the Baron family, which made Smith and him brothers. Smith had arrived with a body guard and was often quarreling with the body guard. They caused so much trouble that they were sent back to the Baron home, but this time Luke came them. That night Luke found out that the real reason that the Baron’s took him in was not for love but to use him and then return in to where he came from. Which means that Luke has to go back into hiding after the Baron’s were done with him. Luke was angry and frustrated, they didn’t understand what it was like to go back into hiding. Where there was no one to talk to or play with, all he could do was hid and not let others know his presence. So he came up with different plans. Read to find out what happened and if he succeeds or not!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago