American Youth Report

American Youth Report


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Chronicling the first years of the L.A. hardcore punk scene, American Youth Report features a solid lineup of both the survivors and forgotten names of Southland punk. Bands like Bad Religion, the Minutemen, T.S.O.L., Redd Kross, the Adolescents, and the Descendents all transcended the music's early-'80s hotbed by either becoming icons (due to death or a breakup) or by continuing to slog away in the music industry. And while standouts include more high-profile sides like Bad Religion's "Only Gonna Die" and T.S.O.L.'s "Sounds of Laughter," relatively obscure cuts like Legal Weapon's X-Ray Spex-style "Pow Wow" and the Flesheaters' dramatically delivered "Pony Dress" offer nice surprises. Further complimenting the "hits" are fine tracks by M.I.A., Rhino 39, and Shattered Faith. From a varied mix featuring plenty of wobbly bass licks and breakneck-speed guitar riffs -- not to mention some electric piano and even some vocal harmonizing -- the 17 tracks here presaged future and myriad post-punk styles like speed metal, grunge, industrial, goth, and nu metal. Take notes and enjoy.

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Release Date: 11/03/1994
Label: Bomp Records
UPC: 0095081403727
catalogNumber: 4037


  1. One for All
  2. Only Gonna Die
  3. Catholic Boy
  4. Losing Battle
  5. Born Dead
  6. Pow Pow
  7. Pony Dress
  8. J. Alfred
  9. Weird People
  10. I'm Not a Loser
  11. Tell Me Why
  12. Sounds of Laughter
  13. Reagan Country
  14. Working Men Are Pissed
  15. Jesus Loves You
  16. Notes and Chords Mean Nothing to Me

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Steve Young   Guitar,Vocals
Adolescents   Track Performer
Bad Religion   Track Performer
Descendents   Track Performer
Minutemen   Track Performer
Redd Kross   Track Performer
Channel 3   Track Performer
Legal Weapon   Track Performer
Lost Cause   Track Performer
M.I.A.   Track Performer
Rhino 39   Track Performer
T.S.O.L.   Track Performer
Frank Agnew   Guitar
Felix Alanis   Vocals
Robert Armstrong   Bass,Vocals
Kat Arthur   Vocals
Jay Bentley   Bass Guitar
Mike Burton   Drums
Pete Finestone   Drums,Timpani
Tim Gaines   Bass
Kim Gardener   Guitar,Vocals
Greg Graffin   Piano,Vocals
Brian Hansen   Guitar
Larry Kelly   Bass
Tracy Lea   Rhythm Guitar
Mike Magrann   Guitar,Vocals
Adam Maples   Drums
Jeff McDonald   Guitar
Steven McDonald   Bass
Steve Roberts   Guitar
Casey Royer   Drums
Steve Soto   Bass
Bill Stevenson   Drums
Hypnotics   Track Performer
RF7   Track Performer
Frank Navetta   Guitar
Tony Lombardo   Bass
Jimmy Bemis   Guitar,Vocals
Marky de Sade   Vocals
Stephen Goldsmith   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Ron Gowdy   Guitar
Nick Lamagna   Guitar,Vocals
Walt Phelan   Drums,Vocals
Richard Van Skelly   Drums,Vocals
Doug Would   Guitar
Helmut Willi Zarth   Bass
Marvin Wilson   Keyboards,Spoons
Milo   Vocals
Shattered Faith   Track Performer
Modern Warfare   Track Performer
Randy Scott   Drums
Scott Mitchell   Rhythm Guitar
Cadena   Vocals
Larry ?   Guitar

Technical Credits

Bad Religion   Producer
Mike Smith   Engineer
Spot   Contributor
Felix Alanis   Producer
Pat Burnett   Engineer
Chris D.   Producer
Robbie Fields   Producer
Mike Watt   Composer
Bob Clifford   Executive Producer
Steve Sinclair   Producer
Diane Zincavage   Contributor
Victoria Byers   Contributor
Marky de Sade   Contributor
Stephen Goldsmith   Producer
Kenny Kaine   Producer
Bruce Pavitt   Liner Notes
Brian Webster   Engineer

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