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American Candidate Whispering: A Grassroots Alternative to Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party

American Candidate Whispering: A Grassroots Alternative to Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party

by Patricia Janenko


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What is true grassroots political marketing? Getting people to vote is not. The biggest grassroots challenge: How can constituents influence in a timely fashion what elected officials do-before, during and after the election? Constituents need a feedback loop to their elected officials that is free and easy to use. Free? If local media created "candidate whisperer" sections on their web sites for constituents to express their priorities for legislative and executive action, reporters would 1) have unique content for interviewing elected officials and candidates and 2) the local media could generate advertising revenue from their "candidate whisperer" web site page(s). Continuous news stories through constituent self-polling and a new revenue stream for LOCAL media. (All politics is local, many say.) Of course, elected officials and candidates could just create a "candidate whisperer" section on their own web sites also... When was the last time an incumbent or candidate asked constituents for input outside of a poll? The American public has a marketing problem in getting the attention of incumbents and candidates alike. The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street also had marketing problems. How can the public not make the same mistakes and gain some competitive edge over big money and any political organizations in influencing the political system?
This book provides one solution: candidate whispering. True grassroots political marketing-with the local media in a public relations role.

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