Amazing & Extraordinary Facts - Sherlock Holmes

Amazing & Extraordinary Facts - Sherlock Holmes

by Nicholas Utechin


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Amazing & Extraordinary Facts: Sherlock Holmes brings to life the most celebrated fictional character in history, through all of Arthur Conan Doyle's 60 stories, to his transition onto stage, radio, television and the brig screen that continues today, along with the actors who have played him. Every aspect of the pipe-smoking, deer stalkered character is explored, including his relationships with Dr Watson, his long-suffering landlady Mrs Hudson, Scotland Yard detectives, and his nemesis Professor Moriarty, as well as Holmes' literary and musical tastes, bad habits, and his preferred disguises.

There is a full short story breakdown of all the tales from A Study in Scarlet and the early plots to The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes. Nick Utechin, Honorary member of the The Sherlock Holmes Society of London, and distant relation to the great film portrayer of Holmes, Basil Rathbone, presents the most interesting facts that all Holmes fans should know. The numbers and complications in relation to Baker Street, the first great Holmes illustrator, Sidney Paget, the killing of Sherlock Holmes at Reichenbach Falls and the repercussions of his early demise are all explored.

Discover who influenced Conan Doyle, inspiring the creation of Holmes, how much money Conan Doyle earned from each Sherlock story, why William Gillette was pivotal in bringing Holmes to the stage, and learn about Holmes in the 21st century with the more recent portrayals on TV by Benedict Cumberbatch and on the big screen by Robert Downie Jr. Whether you enjoy the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle or the television shows and films that they have inspired, this latest title in the Amazing & Extraordinary Facts series celebrates the timeless detective who will continue to be a firm part of popular culture for generations to come.

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ISBN-13: 9781446302682
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Publication date: 10/31/2012
Pages: 144
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About the Author

Nicholas Utechin is an Honorary member of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London and edited its Journal from 1976–2006. He is also a member of the American Baker Street Irregulars society and is distantly related to the great film portrayer of Holmes, Basil Rathbone. Nick is a freelance journalist and broadcaster and was a senior producer on BBC Radio 4, working on such programmes as Today, Any Questions?, Call Nick Ross, All In The Mind and Feedback. He lives in Oxford.

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