Alternative Cancer Treatments: The Essential Source of Self-Empowering Information

Alternative Cancer Treatments: The Essential Source of Self-Empowering Information

by David Reavely


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If you (or someone you know) has been diagnosed with cancer, you're likely to be feeling frightened and maybe somewhat confused about what options are open to you. This book was written for people like you in order to provide the information you need in order to make a truly informed decision about your treatment options. So, at a time when you may feel somewhat disempowered, the intention is to give you back some control of your destiny, because knowledge can be truly empowering.
This book gives you just enough information about each treatment or treatment facility, giving you the opportunity to discover more about any that you resonate with, hence the reason for including lots of contact information.
The author does not endorse any particular treatment or facility, but merely conveys information so that the reader can arrive at their own conclusions. Regardless of your leanings, whether towards an orthodox treatment approach or whether you may embrace more natural methods, what is clear is that this book is full of inspiring people, their methodologies and their stories.

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ISBN-13: 9781542627092
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/19/2017
Pages: 98
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About the Author

Dave Reavely became interested in natural medicine from a young age. At just 9 years of age he was diagnosed with a form of arthritis in his left knee, a problem which seemed to resolve itself after his leg was immobilised in a plaster cast for 6 weeks. However, the arthritic symptoms re-surfaced when he was in his teens and this led him to research into nutrition and how it can influence health and disease. After changing his way of eating to a mainly plant based diet, his arthritic symptoms miraculously disappeared. This was a very enlightening time which inspired Dave to research more about natural approaches to disease. Dave later qualified as a teacher of physical education, but he never lost his interest in nutrition. In 2006 he qualified as a Nutritional Therapist having gained a diploma in nutrition at the Plaskett College of Nutritional Medicine, which later merged with Thames Valley University in London, England.
Dave went on to write a number of books on health subjects, including The Big Fat Mystery: How Hidden Food Intolerance Can Sabotage Your Attempts to Lose Weight; and Healthy Eating and Pollution Protection for Kids: A Parents' Guide.
Throughout his early career, Dave was supported by world-renowned Naturopath and Herbalist, Jan de Vries, who had authored over 30 books on natural health. Jan was a well-known and immensely popular health expert on British TV. He wrote two of the forewords for Dave's books and appeared more than once on Dave Radio Show on My Spirit Radio.
Sadly, Jan passed away in 2015.
Dave is currently still active as a Nutritional Therapist and continues to write books and freelance articles for magazines.

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