All the Way: A Decade of Song

All the Way: A Decade of Song

by Céline Dion


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There's a reason Celine Dion's most famous hit comes from the most momentous film epic of our time. Grand statements and performances are what she does best. More than Whitney, Bette, Patti or any other modern vocalist, the northern queen of balladic boom invests her material with so much scope, reach, and power that every song becomes an incredible emotional outpouring. And when she turns her glow on us, the effect can be mesmerizing. "Don't give up on your faith/Love comes to those who believe it/And that's the way it is," she sings on "That's the Way It Is," the radiant Max Martin-produced first single from ALL THE WAY. Translation: I'm here to lift up you where you belong. In that vein, ALL THE WAY is a Celine dream. You get nine massive hits, such as "The Power of Love," "Because You Loved Me (Theme from Up Close and Personal)," "I'm Your Angel," and the Grammy- and Academy Award-winning "My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from Titanic)," plus seven brand new songs -- including an eerily powerful duet with the late Frank Sinatra, a revelatory version of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," and collaborations with Dianne Warren, Shania Twain producer John "Mutt" Lange, and the aforementioned Martin. Of course, each of these formidable figures knows that his or her duty is to stand back and let Dion do her thing, and so many of the productions are simply sonic white walls on which the diva extraordinaire paints her vision with magnificent gestures. And that's all she needs. The world of music rarely produces art this sweeping, and Dion's many fans will welcome this long, lush parade of hits and new performances with joy and enrapt awe. --Peter Rutter

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Release Date: 10/26/1999
Label: Columbia Europe
UPC: 5099749609426
catalogNumber: 4960942
Rank: 31027

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Céline Dion   Primary Artist,Vocals
Frank Sinatra   Track Performer
Peabo Bryson   Track Performer
Todd Rundgren   Background Vocals
David Foster   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Glen Burtnik   Background Vocals
Yvonne Gage   Background Vocals
Michael Thompson   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Jeanie Tracy   Background Vocals
Sue Ann Carwell   Background Vocals
Kasim Sulton   Background Vocals
Shania Twain   Background Vocals
Tawatha Agee   Background Vocals
Kenny Aronoff   Drums
Bashiri Johnson   Percussion
Roy Bittan   Piano,Piano (Grand)
Jeff Bova   Keyboards
Terry Bradford   Background Vocals
Jimmy Bralower   Percussion,Drums
Alex Brown   Background Vocals
Steve Buslowe   Bass
Lafayette Carthon   Keyboards,Background Vocals,Choir Conductor
Carl Carwell   Background Vocals
Luis Conte   Percussion
Rory Dodd   Background Vocals
Simon Franglen   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Synclavier
Humberto Gatica   Vocals
John Gilutin   Piano,Keyboards
Diva Gray   Background Vocals
Tony Hinnigan   Penny Whistle
Loris Holland   Keyboards,Hammond Organ,Background Vocals,Choir Conductor
Dann Huff   Guitar
Phillip Ingram   Background Vocals
Nancy Jackson   Background Vocals
Larry Jacobs   Background Vocals
Skyler Jett   Background Vocals
Ren Klyce   Sampling,Synclavier
Kofi   Background Vocals
Robert John "Mutt" Lange   Background Vocals
Maxayn Lewis   Background Vocals
Paulette McWilliams   Background Vocals
Eddie Martinez   Guitar
Rob Mathes   Conductor
Jean McClain   Background Vocals
Jeffrey Morrow   Background Vocals
Dean Parks   Acoustic Guitar
Paul Peabody   Irish Fiddle
Joel Peskin   Oboe
Tim Pierce   Guitar
Anthony Ransom   Background Vocals
Claytoven Richardson   Background Vocals
John "J.R." Robinson   Drums
Guy Roche   Synthesizer
Johnny Rutledge   Background Vocals
Dan Shea   Drums,Keyboards
Steve Skinner   Keyboards
Fonzi Thornton   Background Vocals
Jeannie Tracey   Background Vocals
Rob Trow   Background Vocals
Eric Troyer   Background Vocals
Joan Walton   Background Vocals
Spencer Washington   Background Vocals
Wil Wheaton   Background Vocals
Cheryl Wilson   Background Vocals
Elisabeth Withers   Background Vocals
Terry Wood   Background Vocals
Robert Moe   Background Vocals
Michael Hart Thompson   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Lisa Lougheed   Background Vocals
Suzie Katayama   Conductor
Walter Afanasieff   Organ,Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Drums,Keyboards,Hammond Organ,Synclavier,Synthesizer Bass,Synclavier Guitar
Leland Sklar   Bass
William Ross   Conductor
Stevie Robinson   Background Vocals
Nancey Jackson   Background Vocals
Max Martin   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Bridgette Bryant-Fiddmont   Background Vocals
Nana Hedin   Background Vocals
Esbjörn Öhrwall   Guitar
Tomas Lindberg   Bass
Taro Hakase   Violin
Alanna Capps   Background Vocals
Andreas Carlsson   Background Vocals
Ayuana George   Background Vocals
Konesha Owens   Background Vocals
Tsuneyoshi Saito   Synthesizer
Yoshinobu Takeshita   Bass
Leslie Ellis   Background Vocals
Robert Bowker   Background Vocals
Troy Bright   Background Vocals
Cathy Richardson   Background Vocals
Kristian Lundin   Keyboards
Leah Haywood   Background Vocals
Jacques Saugy   Guitar
Latasha Jordon   Background Vocals
Joel Peskins   Oboe
Robin Robinson   Background Vocals
Dennis Collins   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Richard Meyer   Programming
Céline Dion   Liner Notes
Todd Rundgren   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Jennifer Rush   Composer
Jeremy Lubbock   String Arrangements
David Foster   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Tony Black   Programming
Jim Steinman   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Track Arrangement
Sue Ann Carwell   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Riccardo Cocciante   Composer
Will Rogers   Assistant Vocal Engineer
James Horner   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Orchestration
R. Kelly   Arranger,Producer
Howard Ashman   Composer
Jon Avnet   Executive Producer
Roy Bittan   Arranger,Producer,Piano Arrangement
Jeff Bova   Arranger,Programming,Track Arrangement
Jimmy Bralower   Arranger,drum programming,Track Arrangement
Robbie Buchanan   Arranger
Bob Cadway   Engineer
Sammy Cahn   Composer
Carl Carwell   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Dana Jon Chappelle   Engineer
Felipe Elgueta   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Frank Filipetti   Engineer
Simon Franglen   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,Synclavier Programming
Humberto Gatica   Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Claude Gaudette   Programming
David Gleeson   Engineer
Will Jennings   Composer
Ren Klyce   Programming,Synclavier Programming
Robert John "Mutt" Lange   Producer
Mario Lucy   Engineer
Vito Luprano   Executive Producer
Patrick MacDougall   Engineer
Rob Mathes   Arranger,Orchestral Arrangements
Alan Menken   Composer
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Steve Rinkoff   Producer,Engineer
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Steve Skinner   Engineer,drum programming
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David Thoener   Engineer
James Van Heusen   Composer
Rick Wake   Arranger,Producer
Diane Warren   Composer
Frank Wolf   Engineer
John Doelp   Executive Producer
John Herman   Engineer,Engineering Consultant
Gunther Mende   Composer
Stephen George   Programming,Engineer
Walter Afanasieff   Arranger,Programming,Producer,drum programming,Orchestral Arrangements
Nancy Donald   Art Direction
Simon Rhodes   Engineer
William Ross   Arranger,String Arrangements,Orchestral Arrangements
Mark Dobson   Pro-Tools
Matt Serletic   Arranger,Producer,Orchestration
Jack Hersca   Assistant Vocal Engineer
Max Martin   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Candy Derouge   Composer
David Shackney   Engineer
Chris Brooke   Assistant Vocal Engineer
Ron Last   Assistant Vocal Engineer
Mary Susan Applegate   Composer
Andy Haller   Engineer
Kryzler & Kompany   Arranger
Yoshinobu Takeshita   Programming
Kristian Lundin   Programming,Producer,Engineer
David Ashton   Engineer
René Angélil   Producer
Michel Gallone   Assistant Vocal Engineer
Jon Newman   Packaging Manager
Stephen Saper   Author
Luc Plamondon   Composer
Jeff Taylor   Remixing
Junior Miles   Composer

Customer Reviews

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All the Way: A Decade of Song 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 52 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Celine is the best. Real down home
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I recieved this cd for a chrismas gift. It is the best cd she has put out. I just love it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I haven't gotten this CD yet, but I will have it soon. I have listened to it and it's great! I especially like her new song, That's the way it is.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ten years ago who would have known that this beautiful voice would still be making us smile and cry and feel good all over. Celine has consitently made good career choices. I'll bet more of us wish we had the insight into gold that Celine seems to have. From Beauty and the Beast to Titanic and beyond she continues to warm our hearts with her joyous melodies. I recommend her greatest hits CD in particular because it highlights her best and offers us 7 new titles making this choice very enticing. We'll miss you my dear but everyone needs to take a break now and again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I wish the best for this talented woman! Her music is extremely inspiring! She needs to come up with some new stuff SOON! I hope and wish the best for her. Deidra Casida
Guest More than 1 year ago
it was a great cd
Guest More than 1 year ago
Celine Dion again does what she does best Sing her Booty off. Her new title ranks as one of her best.The songs are crisp and clear. Not full of weak lyrics or embroidey to get lost in. Like so many other pop diva's use. She sings the songs we adults wnat to hear and the way we want to near them sung. She is the pavarotti or greatest in her field of singing. May she continue to pull out all the stops , keep hitting the high c's d's e's and so forth.
Guest More than 1 year ago
she really has a good voice, personality, and the best heart anyone could have...i'm a bit jealous!!!lol
Guest More than 1 year ago
Celine Dion is one of the world's greatest female singers. She is so good at ballads and this collection shows it. Because You Loved Me, My Heart Will Go On, To Love You More, It's All Coming Back to Me Now and others are fabulous showcases and performances. But she breaks out of it for a minute for the very funky Love Can Move Mountains, one of my favorites of her danceable, fun numbers. I'm Your Angel with R. Kelly is yet another highlight. The newer songs are sharp, especially If Walls Could Talk, Live, I Want You to Need Me and others. One of the standouts of the 1999 songs is the also funky That's the Way It Is, where that Max Martin sound so great on Backstreet Boys' songs fits so perfect for her here. It's so consistent for 72 minutes with these pop songs and a true testament of the first phase of Celine's music career. Long before her successful 700+ shows at Las Vegas' Caesar's Palace from 2003-2008. If you missed out on her in recent times, this collection of her best '90s hits is a good start for you!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Celine Dion's new cd is so good! I listen to it all the time. I especially like her new music. She is a very good singer!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
When the angels in Heaven sing, it has to sound just like this.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Celine is nothing less than a great singer. This compilation of most of her best work proves it beyond doubt. One merely has to measure her against the other "superstars" with whom she is compared: the fading Whitney and egomaniac Barbra come to mind.There are others but none are in Celine's class. One has to turn to earlier female singers to find any anyone who deserves mention with Celine. Most notably, in my opinion, is Patsy Cline who, while a "country singer," had crossover hits and undoubtedly would have had many more, and who was, like Celine, a truly great singer.My only reservation re Celine is that many of her songs allude to her love affair and marriage with her manager. While the emotions in them I'm sure are genuine, and can apply to others, her personalization of these love songs has always been, to me, obtrusive. That does not detract much from the superlative and enjoyable interpretations she gives to these songs.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love every one of the Celine's Greatest hits, and the new songs, particularly ''Live'', ''all the way'', and ''the first time ever I saw your face'' are so brilliant! I felt touched by this album, and you probably will, too. That is if you are an adult contemporary fan or romantic teen girl. It's not quite ''guy music'' but I do love it! My only gripe is that she only included an edit of ''It's all coming back to me now'', my all-time fave. But I have ''Falling into you'' so I guess it's okay!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It is hard to describe Celine Dion. Her voice is incredibly powerful and her emotions behind her voice. Gosh! it is like humm, may need help here..:-) I would say Celine is like Pavoratti and Withney Huston combine..:-) She is a phenomenon and I wish her all the best in her future.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love her voice so much she rocks? Hey do you guys know where to find her cd where she sings God Bless America.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Celine Dion is just great... I lovvvveeee so many of her songs, maybe because I love her voice and the lyrics too. My favorite song is My Heart Will Go On...I loved it in Titanic and I love it when I'm sad... or just when I'm singing along w/ it in my car. Anyway, every thing Celine Dion sings is beautiful.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This recent release of Celine Dion's...All the Way: A Decade of Song...brings a lot of emotions to those who have become lovers...and who are old time lovers...The song I liked the most is; I Want You to Need Me. It has brought the emotional detail of one who is truely in love with someone else who may or may not feel the same.... Also, Celine has continued the quality of uniqueness throughout this CD...Thank you Celine for choosing wonderful writers and keeping the world rich with music for those who are in love and are in search of love.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
What amazing album I Love this one On this album are all Celine´s best songs as Beauty and The Beast,Because You Loved Me,My Heart Will Go On from Titanic,It´s All Coming Back To Me Now,The Power Of Love,Think Twice,To Love You More, and some new songs as Then You Look At Me from Bicentennialman. and That´s The Way It Is. Celine rocks she has the greatest voice of all time in history i always get goosebumbs when she sings on the high notes she is amazing and she is the new generation of Barbra Streisand i think they sounds exacly the same so does Tina Arena and Lara Fabian but they haven,t got the chance jet to proof their talents as Celine Dion hopefully they will someday.Celine´s producers on this wonderful collection of her hits and the 7 new songs are as Walter Afanasieff(Mariah Carey,Michael Bolton,Kenny G, Barbra Streisand,Lara Fabian,Tina Arena among others)David Foster(Whitney Houston,Chigago,Toni Braxton,Mariah Carey among others)Jim Steinman(Meatloaf,Tina Arena among others) Max Martin&Kristian Lundin(Britney Spears,N-Sync,Backstreet Boys)Robert Mutt Lange(Shania Twain,Michael Bolton & others)And More. Celine Dion rules she is the best of all female artist today no other female artist has conquered the world as her except for miss Streisand.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved it, it was the best!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Celine holds so much talent and has found a way to release it with spirit--Her voice is unique and there is a Celine song for each and every mood. A must for all Dion fans!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
She is the best artist I have ever heard! She gives me chills! I wanna go see her in concert!!! I have every one of her CD's!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is great. it features celines hits and all the new songs are soooooooooooo great.They are powerful and beautiful.the last song "live" is a english translation of "vivre" on the Notre Dame De Paris cd. she does it well.