All the Cats Join In, Vol. 3

All the Cats Join In, Vol. 3

by Benny Goodman



A really cool CD, and one of the better Goodman volumes, despite its 16 songs being drawn from across five years (1941-1946). Most of the material is instrumental (although Peggy Lee and Goodman himself sing on six numbers), and the arrangements are among the best Goodman ever had to work with, certainly in the '40s, by Fletcher Henderson ("Fascinating Rhythm"), Mel Powell ("Darktown Strutters Ball," "Clarinade," "Mission to Moscow," "Why Don't You Do Right?" "Oh, Baby"), Buck Clayton ("Swing Angel," "All the Cats Join In"), and Eddie Sauter ("Not Mine," "Lucky"). Powell's arrangement of "Oh, Baby" (seven minutes-plus of pure swinging excitement, originally issued on two sides of a 78 disc) is a showcase for Goodman's sextet and the full band in its two sections (joined together for the CD), and is a slightly more sophisticated follow-up to his epic swing instrumental of the late '30s, "Sing Sing Sing." Johnny Thompson's arrangement on the title track -- originally cut by Goodman for the Disney cartoon Make Mine Music -- also showcases the contrast between the core sextet and the band. The notes don't really explain the logic of the song selection, except to say that these are really good tracks -- which they are -- spiced with some rarities: the Goodman band's version of Irving Berlin's "You're Easy to Dance With" (sung by Lee) was locked in the vaults until the end of the '70s; "Fly by Night" is a previously unissued recording; and "Lucky," featuring Buddy Rich on drums during the brief period between his quitting Tommy Dorsey and forming his own band, has only previously been out in a limited-edition LP release (Rich gets an even better showcase on the accompanying "Rattle and Roll," a bluesy number co-written by Goodman, Count Basie, and Clayton that sounds a lot like a sequel to "One O'Clock Jump"). One wishes Columbia would put out a complete Goodman box, but in its absence releases like this delight and whet the appetite for more. The sound is unusually crisp for a late-'80s Columbia CD.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/25/1990
Label: Sony
UPC: 0074644415827
catalogNumber: 44158


  1. Not Mine
  2. Darktown Strutters' Ball
  3. You're Easy to Dance With
  4. Six Flats Unfurnished
  5. Why Don't You Do Right?
  6. After You've Gone
  7. Mission to Moscow
  8. Clarinade
  9. Fascinating Rhythm
  10. Lucky (You're Right, I'm Wrong)
  11. Rattle and Roll
  12. Swing Angel
  13. All the Cats Join In
  14. Oh Baby!
  15. Fly by Night
  16. Put That Kiss Back Where You Found It

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Benny Goodman   Primary Artist,Clarinet,Leader,Vocals
Peggy Lee   Vocals
Louie Bellson   Drums
Stan Getz   Tenor Saxophone
Mel Powell   Piano
Buddy Rich   Drums
Dave Barbour   Guitar
Joe Bushkin   Piano
Billy Butterfield   Trumpet
Peanuts Hucko   Tenor Saxophone
Klink   Baritone Saxophone
Lou McGarity   Trombone
Vido Musso   Tenor Saxophone
Aaron Sachs   Alto Saxophone
Mike Bryan   Guitar
Trummy Young   Trombone
Danny Bank   Baritone Saxophone
Ray Beller   Tenor Saxophone
Eddie Benson   Trombone
George Berg   Tenor Saxophone
John Best   Trumpet
Hoyt Bohannon   Trombone
Ralph Collier   Drums
Conrad Gozzo   Trumpet
Cutty Cutshall   Trombone
Morey Feld   Drums
Chuck Gentry   Baritone Saxophone
Cliff Hills   Bass,Upright Bass
Nate Kazebier   Trumpet
Manny Klein   Trumpet
Jack Lesberg   Bass,Upright Bass
Clyde Lombardi   Bass,Upright Bass
Jimmy Maxwell   Trumpet
Liza Morrow   Vocals
Louis Mucci   Trumpet
Johnny Napton   Trumpet
John Pepper   Baritone Saxophone
Bob Poland   Baritone Saxophone
Bernie Privin   Trumpet
Hymie Schertzer   Trombone,Alto Saxophone
Alvin Stoller   Drums
Tom Morgan   Guitar
Jon Walton   Tenor Saxophone
Sid Weiss   Bass,Upright Bass
Chauncey Welsch   Trombone
Kai Winding   Trombone
Alvin Davis   Trumpet
Jimmy Blake   Trumpet
Leon Cox   Trombone
Barney Spieler   Bass,Upright Bass
Addison Collins   French Horn
Tony Faso   Trumpet
Frank LePinto   Trumpet
Clint Neagley   Alto Saxophone
Charlie Queener   Piano
Alfred Ralston   Baritone Saxophone
Eddie Aulino   Trombone
Vince Badale   Trumpet
Emmet Carl   Tenor Saxophone
Charlie Castaldo   Trombone
Cuozzo   Trumpet
Hud David   Drums
Gish Gilbertson   Tenor Saxophone
Sol Kane   Alto Saxophone
Stan Koslow   Tenor Saxophone
Dick La Fave   Trombone
Dick Mains   Trumpet
Larry Molinelli   Alto Saxophone
John Prager   Alto Saxophone
Art Ralston   Baritone Saxophone
Gerry Safiono   Alto Saxophone
Brody Schroff   Trumpet
Bud Shiffman   Alto Saxophone
Bill Shine   Alto Saxophone
Leonard Sims   Tenor Saxophone
Lawrence Stearns   Trumpet
Cliff Strickland   Tenor Saxophone
Johnny White   Vibes
Mickey McMickle   Trumpet
Gerald Sanfino   Alto Saxophone
Albert Davis   Trumpet
Cliff Hill   Bass

Technical Credits

Buck Clayton   Arranger
Mel Powell   Arranger,Composer
Buddy DeSylva   Composer
Walter Donaldson   Composer
Fletcher Henderson   Arranger
Tim Geelan   Engineer
Eddie Sauter   Arranger,Composer
Michael Brooks   Producer
Bruce Mishkit   Artwork
Bob Altshuler   Producer
Brian Peerless   Liner Notes
Johnny Thompson   Arranger
Owen Murphy   Composer
Richard Maltby   Arranger,Composer

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