Air Force Basic Training: 1983:

Air Force Basic Training: 1983:

by Brian Scott


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Joining the Air Force and completing basic training during arguably, the best decade ever. Military training was a world of difference than the way it is now. The Air Force was considered the elite of the Armed Forces during the decade of the Eighties. This was how it all began with me being molded into an Airman; serving during the Reagan years.

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ISBN-13: 9781987064889
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 04/24/2019
Pages: 102
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About the Author

Being part of a military family, I suppose that I was destined to join the Armed Forces as well. My father was in the Army Air Corps; my brother served in the Air Force, and I had two Uncles who also served in the Air Force. I wanted to initially join the Marine Corps; because I had a girlfriend at the time that loved how Marines looked in their dress uniform. My father talked me out of it; thank goodness.

I was born and raised in Pontiac Michigan; during the mid-sixties when the car was king. By the time I graduated high school however, the job market had faltered. My generation could no longer come right out of high school; be hired in the auto plants, and begin our lives with steady employment. The choice was either more school; i.e. college, or to join the military. Opting for the military began me on a path of independence and responsibility for which I am grateful for to this day.

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