Aggressive Faith Volume 2: The Mandates of the Kingdom

Aggressive Faith Volume 2: The Mandates of the Kingdom

by Ollie B Fobbs Jr


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Aggressive Faith, Volume 2, The Mandates of the Kingdom, this is a book about the full authority in Christ the Lord, that he has established with us, His People, to be exactly as He was when he was here on the earth. It is a wonderful thought to have that, Jesus, the Master of the Universe, has set up a standard that is so great, that we, who reject him still to this day, can turn life around, and become as He is, not was. Jesus is alive and well, and He lives within my Spirit, and Heart.The point that we miss most of the time is this, Jesus is alive, period, the Kingdom of God is alive, period, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit, are both alive, so then, we whom are dead, should raise up and become as He is, alive, alive in Christ.Jesus said that we should do what he did, how can we do that? Through using the God kind of Faith, what does that look like? The opposite of unbelief is Faith, and the Bible teaches that God has given us all, the measure of Faith, but then, there is the gift of faith, there is the authority of faith, and then there is the anointing of faith, each of these have to do with where are we maturely? The powers of God cannot be given to anyone that will not choose to follow in His example. Aggressive Faith is just that, it teaches us that in which we have forgotten, so that we can turn our lives around and come back into that in which God said is ours, not was ours. God the Father, truly wants to be a Blessing to us, but how many of us are like me, and want to be Blessed, so that I can become a Blessing to others, even hundreds to thousands of others, not that i get the credit, but that God gets the Glory... Here is a scripture reference for you; Matthew 7:40-44, speaks on the terms that, many will come to Jesus saying the magic words, Lord, Lord, look what we have done, and all of this, and he will say unto them; get out of my face, I never knew you, everything you did was for your Glory, salvation does not come through the efforts of humanism, it only comes through Christ the Lord.

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ISBN-13: 9781539001126
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/27/2016
Series: Aggressive Faith , #2
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

I was born in a home in Halifax county of North Carolina, many years ago, I make that sound old right? There were many things about this that I didn't learn until I was in my forties, I knew my Grand mother was a great woman, to me, she was the closest thing to a real prophet of God that ever walked the earth, I loved her, she passed away at 71 years old, in 1971, odd right? I cried my heart out when she passed away, I was about 9 years old then, my mother and father planned my birth, which does not mean that my sister and my brothers were all mistakes, it just means that I was the one that was planned. My dad told my mom, the only name that he knew was his own, so I was named after him. One of my cousins, said to my mom, I think you should name the child after me, being that we were born on the same day, but different years, she then told her, but this is a boy, she was like, oh, okay, so, that is how I got the nickname Dee.
The house that I was born in still stands today, on route 158 in Roanoke Rapids, my current wife and I drove by to get a picture of it, there are people that live there, and the property has been divided up and other homes are now on the property too. Today, my wife and I live in Winston Salem North Carolina, we worship with First Assembly of God on University Parkway, my plan upon moving here was to buy a Church, or build one, but, the money has not materialized to make that happen, several years after my birth, we moved to Richmond Virginia, I remember going to sleep beside my mother's, mother, and waking up next to my father's, mother, it was shocking to me, because I found out that we were not going back to live in North Carolina, I spent 40 years in a city that seemed to hate me, but, I did survive. While there, I attended the Richmond Public School system, started out at George Mason Elementary, then went on to Nathaniel Bacon middle, and East End Middle School, then I moved on to Armstrong High School, where I graduated in 1982, I started working at the age of 8 years old, got my first pay check at 9 years old on my birthday, started a paper route at 12, started another one at 16, started driving at 13, on private roads, while in High School, I won many awards in track and field, but baseball was what I wanted to do.
After getting out of the Army in 1989, I began to look into the ministry for my livelihood, that never really panned out, then i began driving tour buses, and trucks and doing whatever I Could, God is so Good.

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