Aggressive Faith: Daniel Chapter 6

Aggressive Faith: Daniel Chapter 6

by Ollie B Fobbs Jr


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What is Aggressive faith? this is not your normal, you have got to get this kind of writing, this series is one that I was Compelled to write. It still is boiling deep down within me right now, the other thing that I will never tell you is that, this book will change your life, because I don't care what you read, the only way that it can change you is by you allowing it to happen, and the devil works against us in the same manner. Have you ever thought about, why things happen, when they happen, as they happen? Like me, you might have thought; WHY ME! WHY ME! When the truth is, WHY NOT ME? There has never ever, been a recorded Miracle that came out of good times, there has never once been a breakthrough that came out of everything was lovely, and there has never been a healing that has come out of, everything is well within me. It is unto these measures that we need to apply greater Faith to our Faith, we all have the measure of the Faith that God has given us, and all of us use it to our own advantages, as for me, for the most part, for many years, it didn't work out to well, so I thought, but looking back, I then realized just how much the Lord had taken me through.Through years of sickness, years of being homeless, years of spending time in people's garbage cans longing for food, through years of sleeping in old abandoned houses, through years of having to fight my way through, through years of fighting against the Church to finally become who God had told me I had become, and so much more, the faith role called Aggressive Faith is all about coming through it all, winding up on the other side, and pointing your face and hands to God saying thank you Jesus for bringing me through.

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I was born in a home in Halifax county of North Carolina, many years ago, I make that sound old right? There were many things about this that I didn't learn until I was in my forties, I knew my Grand mother was a great woman, to me, she was the closest thing to a real prophet of God that ever walked the earth, I loved her, she passed away at 71 years old, in 1971, odd right? I cried my heart out when she passed away, I was about 9 years old then, my mother and father planned my birth, which does not mean that my sister and my brothers were all mistakes, it just means that I was the one that was planned. My dad told my mom, the only name that he knew was his own, so I was named after him. One of my cousins, said to my mom, I think you should name the child after me, being that we were born on the same day, but different years, she then told her, but this is a boy, she was like, oh, okay, so, that is how I got the nickname Dee.
I spent 40 years in a city that seemed to hate me, but, I did survive. While there, I attended the Richmond Public School system, started out at George Mason Elementary, then went on to Nathaniel Bacon middle, and East End Middle School, then I moved on to Armstrong High School, where I graduated in 1982, I started working at the age of 8 years old, got my first pay check at 9 years old on my birthday, started a paper route at 12, started another one at 16, started driving at 13, on private roads, while in High School, I won many awards in track and field, but baseball was what I wanted to do.
After High School, I started driving the school bus, from there, I went to tractor trailers, from there, I started a small business, from there, I started taking mail order schooling while I worked three jobs, from there, I attended a Bible school, where I dropped out because the teachers were atheist, during this time period, many things happened, I got married twice, had a son, graduated from Bible college in India, started taking an online class from Israel, which I graduated in 2006, American schools just did not have the information concerning the Spirit of God and the Kingdom of God that I was looking for.
I currently Live in Winston Salem North Carolina with my wife LaVonia, My move to Winston Salem was based on several dreams that I had, we are constantly looking to start a new Ministry here somewhere, and at the same time, we want to travel the world too. Our son Andy Reid are in Richmond Virginia, so is my Mother, my three brothers.

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