Agents of Grace: Fulfilling Our Destiny, Blessing the World

Agents of Grace: Fulfilling Our Destiny, Blessing the World

by Barry Martin Snyder, Karen L. Anderson


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Agents of Grace is for those who are ready to fulfill their soul purpose and destiny.

Each of us has incarnated at this exact time on planet Earth to help our world and humanity through the greatest evolutionary leap in our history. A compelling knowing that now is the time is emerging in those who want to relieve suffering and make life more wonderful for our fellow beings.

Agents of Grace was written for awakening souls who know they have a unique soul purpose and destiny, and want to step into fulfilling it. All of us can be Agents of Grace -- not just a few "special" people with unusual spiritual talents. This book is designed to activate the Agent of Grace within each of us.

Above all, this book is meant to assist you in making your unique contribution as an agent of grace. Nothing could be more important at this critical time on planet Earth. Beneath and beyond the words, Agents of Grace carries a living transmission of grace intended to activate the dormant potentials within you. All you need to do is allow it to happen.

Agents of Grace: Fulfilling our Destiny, Blessing the World includes:

The keys to functioning as an awakened, effective conduit of divine grace;

Guided inner experiences of the soul, oversoul and Source levels of being;

A living immersion in the energy~consciousness of enlightenment, which catalyzes the state of no-self through the "de-clutching" of the mind;

Guided activations of the three Transmissions of Grace -- Ilahinoor, Love~Oneness and Spotless Mind -- which support healing and wholing the human self, God-realization and illumination;

Inner journeys to awaken the three primary soul centers, essential to the process of birthing the Luminous Self;

Tools and information to spark global awakening through planetary gracework with the Christ or Unity Consciousness Grid; and

A vision of a "planetary pentecost" and the rebirth of our world

Barry Martin Snyder and Karen Anderson were brought together to function as agents of grace in 1989. They have been given consciousness technologies, insights and understandings, and Transmissions of Grace to assist other agents of grace to fulfill their soul purpose and destiny.

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ISBN-13: 9780983599029
Publisher: Luminous Self Media
Publication date: 10/19/2011
Pages: 354
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.74(d)
Age Range: 3 Months

About the Author

Barry Martin Snyder and Karen L. Anderson were brought together in 1989 to function as evolutionary catalysts in service to the global awakening now underway. Their offerings are intended to support awakening souls in birthing the Luminous Self that is our true identity and the goal of the human experience. The quality of presence Barry and Karen bring to their writings, sessions, and groups reflects decades of experience in facilitating the journey through and beyond all that arises along the way to full enlightenment, enlovenment, and enlifenment. Their lives are a living laboratory for all that they share. Nothing in their books is theoretical or abstract; every awareness and realization has been lived into, through their own direct experience.
Karen and Barry live simply in a rural environment and work each summer as fire lookouts, where they bask in the endless vistas and enjoy the direct, immediate communion with nature and the elements.

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