Agatha Hattie: Queen of the Night

Agatha Hattie: Queen of the Night


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There once was a village far, far away.
Where the nights were all black, and the days mostly gray.
Where the men were slicked-back, rich and fatty.
The women were thin, proper and catty.
The boys and the girls were spoiled and bratty.
That's where she lived, little Agatha Hattie.

Agatha Hattie was not like the rest,
although prim, proper, and always well dressed.
Her parents were rich and owned half the town.
Only one family richer and they wore the crown.

Agatha Hattie was the envy of all,
with raven-black hair and the face of a doll.
Her skin was so fair, like milky rich cream.
She floated like clouds in a marshmallow dream...

but then something happened that might make you scream!

Agatha Hattie was due home at quarter to four,
her parents expected her and paced round the floor.
When she had not come home on that gray, rainy night,
her Mother collapsed from a spell of pure fright!

What could it be that has waylaid young Agatha Hattie? Could she have lost track of time, or been grabbed by some baddie? No, silly goose, nothing as mundane as all that. Agatha's been lured deep into the fog by a!

On her way home from school, Agatha Hattie is entranced by the dancing, twirling, whirling canine, but before she knows it, their dancing gives way to Agatha waking up in a different kind of fog in her bedroom-with a strange bite on her neck. Her parents are worried, but not about Agatha. How embarrassing-a vampire in their family! What shame! With worries set on their social status and standing, poor Agatha's family shuns her. So off she runs on a journey into the unknown world of the village of monsters.

But reunited with that black dog that turned her into a child of the night, Agatha finally learns her strange, true, and very special Queen of the Night! She accepts her new life with determination, and Agatha gets down to work teaching all the other monsters what's scary and what's not.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781481072878
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/14/2013
Pages: 34
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.09(d)

About the Author

Jacquelyn Fedyk is an independently published author, photographer, artist, and musician whose passion for the arts inspires a shared creative lifestyle with her family and close friends. She plays ukulele, sings and writes for the horror/sci-fi influenced rock band The Little Black Bottles alongside her husband Myke Fedyk, and often participates in community art happenings. Transcending genres, she dabbles in many different mediums in a never-ending quest to learn and grow. Fedyk currently lives in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state with her husband and son. Her work can be seen and heard at

Illustrator Leslie Nan Moon received her BFA in printmaking and book arts from the University of the Arts and continues to work as a fine art printmaker with a narrative style to this day. Her life now is largely taken up with the raising of her eleven-year-old twins, Elly and Trevor, with her husband Scott. Leslie's work can be seen at

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