After London: Or, Wild England - A Victorian Classic of Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

After London: Or, Wild England - A Victorian Classic of Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

by Richard Jefferies


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This sci-fi classic depicts a London destroyed by a cataclysmic event, with the remnants of England's population beginning a primitive society in the countryside.

With a background in studying the rural regions of England, professional naturalist turned novelist Richard Jefferies took to authoring a story that imagined a world in which nature emerges victorious over the encroaching industrialized world. London - the epicentre of urban activity and industrial progress - undergoes a disaster which wipes its human population, and much of England's, from existence.

Jefferies investigates the aftermath of the disaster, as communities of people begin to form anew. The traces of London are gradually subsumed by nature, its ruined buildings worn away by water, plants and trees rising to reclaim the land upon which the metropolis sat. By contrast nature and man flourish anew in a mostly harmonious partnership.

Today, After London is considered an early example of apocalyptic science fiction, a novelization of the author's own distrust and distaste for the cramped, polluted conditions that rapid industrialization brought upon England. It is his want of a world reborn that produces the most evocative passages, with many such descriptions serving as a philosophic forerunner to modern, environmentalist and conservationist movements.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781789870114
Publisher: Triangle Circle Square
Publication date: 12/18/2018
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

Table of Contents

Part I - The Relapse into Barbarism... 4

Chapter One - The Great Forest. 4

Chapter Two - Wild Animals. 9

Chapter Three - Men of The Woods. 13

Chapter Four - The Invaders. 19

Chapter V - The Lake. 25

Part II - Wild England. 32

Chapter One - Sir Felix. 32

Chapter Two - The House of Aquila. 36

Chapter Three - The Stockade. 41

Chapter Four - The Canoe. 46

Chapter Five - Baron Aquila. 51

Chapter Six - The Forest Track.. 56

Chapter Seven - The Forest Track Continued.. 61

Chapter Eight - Thyma Castle. 65

Chapter Nine – Superstitions. 71

Chapter Ten - The Feast. 76

Chapter Eleven – Aurora. 79

Chapter Twelve - Night in The Forest. 83

Chapter Thirteen - Sailing Away.. 87

Chapter Fourteen - The Straits. 91

Chapter Fifteen - Sailing Onwards. 95

Chapter Sixteen - The City.. 100

Chapter Seventeen - The Camp.. 104

Chapter Eighteen - The King's Levy.. 109

Chapter Nineteen – Fighting. 113

Chapter Twenty - In Danger. 118

Chapter Twenty-One - A Voyage. 123

Chapter Twenty-Two – Discoveries. 128

Chapter Twenty-Three - Strange Things. 132

Chapter Twenty-Four - Fiery Vapours. 135

Chapter Twenty-Five - The Shepherds. 140

Chapter Twenty-Six - Bow and Arrow... 144

Chapter Twenty-Seven – Surprised.. 148

Chapter Twenty-Eight - For Aurora. 152

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