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Susana Baca's seventh album for David Byrne's Luaka Bop imprint is an ambitious affair with Baca bringing her instantly recognizable and elegant vocal style to the table in an attempt to show the pervasive influence of African rhythms and song forms on South American and Caribbean music. It's not that she hasn't been doing this all along on her releases, but the title of this one, Afrodiaspora, clearly states the case, and there is an astounding variety of styles blended together here, from tango, salsa, and flamenco to New Orleans-styled brass band blues and dance numbers, and everything comes out sounding distinctly Afro-Peruvian no matter how many regional variations are tossed into the mix. But Baca isn't about fusion so much as she is about shining a light on how much folk traditions continually soak up new wrinkles and rhythms as part of the natural human approach to making and playing music, and if the Afro-Andean elements on display here are relatively new, they're fully in line with what folk music always does: take what works and run with it. There are some gems here, including an Afro-Peruvian remake of the Meters' "Hey Pocky Way," complete with a brass band, that suggests that the blues and salsa might just be cut from the same cloth. If there's a misstep on this fine album, it's the closing cut, which features Carlos Mosquera singing Victor Merino's song for and about Baca, "Canta Susana." Yeah, it would have been odd to have Baca sing her own praises, but it's only slightly less odd to have a guest singer do it. Not that it's a bad song or a poor performance -- it isn't -- but it just doesn't somehow seem to fit with the rest of this impressive outing.

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Release Date: 05/10/2011
Label: Luaka Bop
UPC: 0680899007726
catalogNumber: 77
Rank: 159153


  1. Detras De La Puerta
  2. Bendiceme
  3. Yana Runa
  4. Plena Y Bomba
  5. Reina De Africa
  6. Baho Kende + Palo Mayimbe
  7. Coco Y Forro
  8. Taki Ti Taki
  9. Que Bonito Tu Vestido [Huapango/Son Jaro
  10. Hey Pocky Way
  11. Canta Susana

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Susana Baca   Primary Artist
Billy Branch   Harmonica,Guest Appearance
Michael Shrieve   Drums,Guest Appearance
Wayne Wallace   Trombone,Guest Appearance
Quetzal Flores   Jarana,Guest Appearance
Alejandro Ramirez   Background Vocals
Pedro Gonzalez   Background Vocals
Martha Gonzales   Vocals,Zapateo,Guest Appearance
Russell Rodriguez   Jarana,Requinto,Guest Appearance
Hugo Bravo   Balafon,Cajon,Tumbadora
Sergio Valdeos   Guitar,Guest Appearance
Celso Duarte   Harp,Guest Appearance
Bryan Dyer   Vocals,Foot Stomping,Guest Appearance
Jhon Santos   Bongos,Maracas,Guest Appearance
Carlos Mosquera   Vocals,Background Vocals,Guest Appearance
Wagner Profeta   Triangle,Zabumba,Guest Appearance
Ernesto Hermoza   Acoustic Guitar,Charango
David Pinto   Bass,Guest Appearance
Linda Gonzalez   Background Vocals
Oscar Huaranga   Contrabass (Vocal)
Residente   Vocals,Guest Appearance

Technical Credits

Ned Sublette   Liner Notes
Yale Evelev   Executive Producer
Amparo Ochoa   Composer
Susana Baca   Arranger,Concept
Miguel Ballumbrosio   Composer
Javier Ruibál   Composer
Margarita Rivera   Composer
Alberto Zayas   Composer
Iván Benavides   Composer
Greg Landau   Additional Production
Javier Lazo   Composer,Lyricist
Ricardo Pereira   Producer
Baho Kende   Composer
Fernando Hoyle   Engineer
Dara Phan   Graphic Design
Palo Mayimbe   Composer
Víctor Merino   Composer

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