Advice to Sunday School Children (Illustrated)

Advice to Sunday School Children (Illustrated)

by Anonymous

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My Dear Children;
When our blessed Saviour was upon earth, little children were brought to him, and he kindly took them in his arms, laid his hands upon them, and blessed them. You have read this pleasing account in the New Testament, and you have been taught that this kind Saviour came down from heaven, and was called Jesus, because he should save his people from their sins; you have learned that God Almighty will punish all wicked people after death, by sending them into a dreadful place. Now, consider, children, that you are all sinners, and though you are young, be sure, that unless you repent, and put your trust in Jesus Christ, God will cast you off for ever, and then you must be miserable. But Jesus Christ loves little children who come to him; he was nailed to the cross, and died to save them; and he will bless them, while they[Pg 4] live; and when they die, he will take their souls up to heaven to himself, where they will be happy with the blessed angels for ever. Now, if you love him, my dear children, you will try and do what he says, and that is what we mean by your duty. Out of love, therefore, to you, we give you this little book, which sets before you some of the good instructions which are so kindly given you by your friends in the Sunday School: you must take care to keep in mind these things, if you would behave like children who love their Saviour, and hope to go to heaven. Read, therefore, this affectionate admonition, consider it well, and pray to God for grace, that you may profit by it.

Children reading
1. Be early and constant in your attendance at School. Many naughty children[Pg 5] come perhaps on one Sunday, and then are absent for two or three following ones; this shows that they have no desire to learn; if they loved our Saviour, they would not do so. Let not trifles keep you away; do not mind a little cold or a little rain, but hasten to school, and if you are there before your teachers, they will be pleased with you, and welcome you with a smile; they will also be encouraged to take pains with such good children, and you will go on regularly, and will not forget your former lessons, and be obliged to learn them over again, as foolish and idle children must often do. Such early attendance will prevent your class being thrown into confusion; and your teachers will be delighted to find that you are always ready for them as soon as they are ready for you.

2. Be very attentive to instruction. If instead of minding what is said to you, you gaze about the school, and look at the other children, you will still remain ignorant. When your teachers are explaining what you have been reading, listen, and try to understand them. When you are learning your lesson, keep your eyes fixed upon your book, and take as much pains as you can, that you may repeat it quite perfectly.

3. Be silent in your Class. Do not[Pg 6] whisper and talk with those who sit next you; you have much to learn, and little time for the purpose; make it not less by your own carelessness.

4. Be thankful to your Teachers. They seek your welfare; you hear them pray for you, and they often do so when you are not with them. Their hearts' desire and prayer to God for you, is, that you may be saved; they would bring you to Jesus Christ, that you may be delivered from the wrath of God and endless misery, through his precious blood shed for you; that you may be saved from your sins, by repentance and faith in him; that you may be taught to pray to God through him; and that, by his grace, you may learn and obey his holy commandments, forsake all sin, do his will all the days of your life, and when you die, may inherit the kingdom of heaven. Whenever, therefore, they admonish, take heed to their words, fix your eyes upon them, and your thoughts on what they say; it is for your good that they take pains with you; they are seeking your salvation, and your endless happiness. How unkind will it be if you do not love them! How insensible must you be, if you do not profit by their instruction! How dreadful will your case be, if, in the day of judgment, they should[Pg 7] be obliged to bear witness against you, that they taught you, and laboured to bring you to salvation, but you would not! On the contrary, how joyful will it be for both, if you are placed together at the right hand of our blessed Saviour, and hear him say, "Come, ye blessed children of my Father, receive the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world."

5. Honour and obey your parents. Remember, this is God's commandment. Consider this when you repeat the fifth commandment; grieve them not by impertinence and obstinacy; dare not to answer them with passion or disrespect; never speak evil of them, nor let others do so in your hearing; be always gentle, humble, and dutiful, in your manner; never frown, or be perverse, or idle, when they require you to work, but show that you are willing and industrious;

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