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Adventures with Hood Shortiez

Adventures with Hood Shortiez

by Creola Thomas


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There are secrets in the hood... secrets that lead to strange places through hidden walls and tunnels. No one really knows why these places exist-but they do.There are Secrets in the hood... secrets that lead to strange new worlds through hidden walls, and tunnels. No one really knows why these places exist-but they do. Sassy Salle, and her friends, everyone likes to call Shortiez are no stranger to danger. Like the time they accidentally crashed the old junk car-the old Junker that shouldn't have started in the first place into a funeral home. The massive damage caused to the building combined with the massive flooding of the streets, really made a stir, as the community had an extreme view of caskets parading the streets like decorated holiday floats. However, nothing matched the time Shortiez accidentally burned down the school's newly renovated science lab, which was supposed to be fireproof but wasn't-this was the trouble of all trouble, BIG TROUBLE, they should have known better, and in understanding better, they should have done better.On this dreary and rainy day in Chicago, the kids unenthusiastically walk home to face a family, they didn't want to see, Salle and the crew see an unusually bright light protruding from the wall of an abandoned building. It was strange indeed, so weird they thought they should investigate closer. What they didn't realize is that the closer they got to the light, like a magnet the shortiez were being pulled into the light until one by one they found themselves falling down a hole, which felt like a downward roller coaster. They would wake up, alive in a strange new world. A beautiful place, imaginable only to the traveled mind. Where water was blue like Aitutaki Lagoon, a place Salle had read about and always wanted to go. The sand was multi-colored, spotted with blue flowers which peaked from under the sand as if to surprise you. The sun shined, like the eyes of a first-time mother's pride. A place was indeed much different from life in the hood. A place that will challenge everything they have longed loved and lived for. Salle's mother would always say, sometimes doing everything you think to do, just because you want to do it can have serious consequences, and they all will soon learn, boy was she right.

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ISBN-13: 9781720790082
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/04/2018
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Creola Thomas was born and raised in Chicago. The Adventures of Hood Shorties is the first book in a three book series. Creola's writing gives us a front row seat into the other side of the hood. The side where parents, even in poverty, raised their children with love and sternness. Her characters are deeply real, ripped from the pages of her childhood. They will both charm and captivate you. Creola, in her own simplistic way, finds the joy and humor of growing up hood. She is a mother, minister, teacher, as well as an active advocate for adopted children and foster families. These books were written to not just entertain, but rather to enthusiastically explain, explore, and expose the wonderful imagination of kids who grow up poor, but powerfully creative.

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