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Adventures of Ted and Ed: Book One of the Science Fiction Series: The Great Oil Wars

Adventures of Ted and Ed: Book One of the Science Fiction Series: The Great Oil Wars

by Garland Parsley


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Being the first in "The Great Oil Wars" series, "The Adventures of Ted and Ed" describes the antics of a couple of underprivileged Appalachian inventors that just happened to develop a different mode of transportation. Their vehicles were faster and could travel further than a typical combustion engine type of vehicle before refueling was required, yet they required about the same amount of time to refuel. Nevertheless, their vehicle costs less than half the price of a combustion engine vehicle and was safer, as well. Incidentally, their superior vehicle could be refueled for the equivalence of fifty cents per gallon in comparison to fossil fuels.

Needless to say, oil companies were outraged. You see; oil companies were busy conspiring to raise the price of gasoline and diesel fuels to more than five dollars per gallon so that the public would "go hydrogen". Therefore, the oil companies could maintain their energy monopoly. How could they continue to scam US citizens out of trillions of dollars in future revenues if a superior mode of transportation was available that only costs the equivalence of fifty cents per gallon to refuel and didn't use fossil fuel derivatives or hydrogen, which only the oil companies could provide? Indeed, what would you do if you owned an oil company?

Thus, one possible path to a tragic future of endeavors is revealed within the remainder of the books comprising "The Great Oil Wars", a science fiction series. However, "The Adventures of Ted and Ed" is about the past, present, and a future that is what we make of it. What will we do?

Originally intended to make everyone angry with greedy oil companies, the author (Garland Parsley) soon found that skyrocketing fuel prices for no apparent reason had already served this purpose. Thus, a splash of comedy was added. Perhaps you could use a barrel of laughs rather than yet another barrel of toxic oil.

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