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Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 3 Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Conference on Applications of X-Ray Analysis Held August 12-14, 1959

Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 3 Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Conference on Applications of X-Ray Analysis Held August 12-14, 1959

by William M. MuellerWilliam M. Mueller


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It is interesting to observe the ever increasing versatility of X-ray analysis as evidenced by the wide range of application to the myriads of problems confronting the technological com­ munity, a versatility limited only by the imagination and inge­ nuity of the scientist, the designer of X-ray equipment, and the novice or student. Tomorrow's engineering alloys will undoubt­ edly be influenced by today's extremely low- and very high-tem­ perature X-ray research. New and continued insight into the basic architecture of crystalline materials is being achieved by studies of lattice imperfection, recrystallization habit, and phase transformation. Techniques for identification and analysis of minerals by X-ray diffraction and fluorescence are equally ame­ nable to pathological and physiological diagnosis. The experi­ mental setup of this month may well become an instrument for routine process control next month. And such developments occur so rapidly iIi so many different laboratories that it is difficult to keep abreast of this tidal wave of information. The dictates of this nation's economy and its struggle for technological supremacy demand a full awareness of the ac­ complishments of one's associates. Such awareness is most effectively obtained through personal contact. where the beginner can benefit from the experiences of the expert, the basic re­ searcher and the applied researcher can exchange views, and the creative research of each is nurtured by the sharing of mutual or associated problems.

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Table of Contents

Analysis of Aluminum — Nickel Diffusion Couples by X-Ray Absorption.- Applications of Optical and Electronic Dispersion to X-Ray Absorption-Edge Spectrometry.- A Versatile 19-cm-Diameter Low-Temperature Debye-Scherrer Camera.- The Universal Vacuum Spectrograph and Comparative Data on the Intensities Observed in an Air, Helium, and Vacuum Path.- The Norelco Portable Spectrometer (Portospec).- An X-Ray Camera for Precision Lattice Parameter Measurements.- The Establishment of a Q Rating Factor for Decorative Chromium Plate by X-Ray Fluorescence.- Count Distribution and Precision in X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis.- Intensities of the K, L, and M Spectral Lines for the Elements with Atomic Numbers 16 to 92.- The Direct Determination of Vanadium and Nickel in Crude Oils by X-Ray Fluorescence.- A Highly Simplified Multielement Calibration System for Semiquantitative X-Ray Spectrographic Analysis.- An X-Ray Fluorescence Method of Analysis of Microsamples.- X-Ray Spectrographic Analysis of Manganese Nodules.- Instrumentation for Electron Probe Microanalysis.- Metallurgical Applications of Electron Probe Microanalysis.- An Introduction to Total Reflection X-Ray Microscopy.- Differentiation of Several Related Ceramic Bodies by X-Ray Diffraction.- Integrated X-Ray Diffraction Intensities from Single Crystals.- Some Irradiation Effects in Nonmetallic Crystals.- X-Ray Methods for Detection of Lattice Imperfections in Crystals.- Textures in Extruded Uranium.- Precision X-Ray Stress Analysis of Uranium and Zirconium.- Influence of Goniometrie Arrangement and Absorption in Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Powders by X-Ray Diffractometry.- The Application of X-Ray Diffraction to Medical Problems.- A High-Temperature Study of Phase Precipitation in Superalloys.

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