Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Conference on Application of X-Ray Analysis Held August 8-10, 1962

Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Conference on Application of X-Ray Analysis Held August 8-10, 1962

by William M. Mueller, Marie Fay

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1963)

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The torrential flow of technical information appearing in the world sources of literature is creating concern and apprehension among scientific people at all levels. It is extremely difficult to keep abreast of information flowing into a specific field. It is nearly impossible to transcend traditional confines of individual disciplines and put to effective use all pertinent information which stems from continuously increased trans­ disciplinary research. At the same time the researcher is faced with problems of in­ creasing complexity, with the requirement for new knowledge and new techniques, and must frequently, with little time, bridge the gap between his own sphere of experience and a sometimes apparently unrelated new interest. This is readily observed with X-ray analysis, where the chemist, physicist, metallurgist, and engineer are each faced with the solution of problems peculiar to specific disciplines but where solutions frequently correlate with the particular needs of the others. The Annual Conference on Applications of X-Ray Analysis and the subsequent Advances in X-Ray Analysis contribute to better understanding of multidisciplinary accomplishments; they are a ready source of information for the researcher who must undertake an abrupt change in emphasis for new objectives. The scope of this conference is broad--concerning itself, as it does, with latest developments in high-temperature and cryogenic techniques, phase equilibria, crystal structures, polymers, microprobes, and new developments in instrumentation.

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ISBN-13: 9781468487855
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 06/02/2012
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1963
Pages: 480
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Indexing of Powder Diffraction Patterns.- On the Use of a Modified Radial Distribution Analysis for Indexing Powder Patterns.- The X-Ray Investigation of Preprecipitation in Supersaturated Solid Solutions.- Factors Governing the Structure of Intermetallic Phases.- The Zirconium-Iron System.- X-Ray Diffraction Studies on the Titanium-Nickel System.- Helium Path Diffractometry and its Application to Determination of Retained Austenite and Macrostress in Steel.- The Crystal Structure of ThPd4.- The Effect of Cold-Work on the X-Ray Diffraction Pattern of a Copper-Silicon-Manganese Alloy.- Lattice Spacings in Some Transition Metal Terminal Solid Solutions.- X-Ray Measurement of the Static Lattice Distortion in the Solid Solution of Oxygen in Titanium.- Precision X-Ray Diffractometry Using Powder Specimens.- The Characterization of Large Single Crystals by High-Voltage X-Ray Laue Photographs.- Diffraction Effects from Irradiated Aluminum Single Crystals.- Oriented Single Crystals of Aluminum for X-Ray Analysis.- An X-Ray Determination of Debye-Waller Factors for Cu2O and UO2 and the Atomic Scattering Factor for Cu in Cu2O.- An X-Ray Study of the Structure of the Alkaline Earth Oxide Cathode.- Applicability of Routine Methods of Crystallite Size Analysis.- Low-Temperature Transitions of Some Ammonium Salts.- X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Aerosols from Exploding Wires.- The Preparation of Pole Figures for Polymers by Computer Techniques.- Recent Developments in the Measurement of Orientation in Polymers by X-Ray Diffraction.- Measurement of the Lattice Constants of Neon Isotopes in the Temperature Range 4–24°K.- A High-Temperature X-Ray Diffractometer Furnace Utilizing High-Frequency Heating.- Some X-Ray Generator Characteristics to Consider in Order to Realize the Optimum Stability and Reproducibility of Intensity Measurements.- Specifications and Performance Data for the ARL Electron Microprobe X-Ray Analyzer.- Recent Advances in Electron-Probe Analysis.- Oscilloscope Readout of Electron Microprobe Data.- Practical Applications of Filters in X-Ray Spectrography.- The Daily Use of a Basic Norelco X-Ray Spectrograph in an Aluminum Reduction Laboratory.- Experiences of X-Ray Analyses in Steel and Ferro-Alloy Production.- Determination of Aluminum in Iron-Aluminum Alloys by Vacuum X-Ray Fluorescence.- Continuous Determination of Zinc Coating Weights on Steel by X-Ray Fluorescence.- Some Aspects of Nondestructive X-Ray Spectrochemical Analysis of Alloys.- Sodium and Magnesium Fluorescence Analysis—Part I: Method.- Sodium and Magnesium Fluorescence Analysis—Part II: Application to Silicates.- X-Ray Spectrographic Analysis of Rare Earths in Yttrium-Iron Garnet Powders.- The Use of X-Ray Emission Spectrography for Petroleum Product Quality and Process Control.- Absorption Effects in X-Ray Fluorescence Measurement of Elements in Oil.- Determination of Catalyst Residues in Polyolefins by X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy.- Iron Oxide Determination by X-Ray Fluorescence for In-Process Control of Solid Propellant and Premixes.- Design Considerations for On-Stream X-Ray Analysis.- Particle Size and Mineralogical Effects in Mining Applications.- X-Ray Analysis of Mining and Mineral Processing Material.- Author Index.

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