Advances in Global Optimization

Advances in Global Optimization


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This proceedings volume addresses advances in global optimization—a multidisciplinary research field that deals with the analysis, characterization and computation of global minima and/or maxima of nonlinear, non-convex and nonsmooth functions in continuous or discrete forms. The volume contains selected papers from the third biannual World Congress on Global Optimization in Engineering & Science (WCGO), held in the Yellow Mountains, Anhui, China on July 8-12, 2013. The papers fall into eight topical sections: mathematical programming; combinatorial optimization; duality theory; topology optimization; variational inequalities and complementarity problems; numerical optimization; shastic models and simulation and complex simulation and supply chain analysis.

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ISBN-13: 9783319083766
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Publication date: 11/13/2014
Series: Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics , #95
Edition description: 2015
Pages: 537
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Table of Contents

Part I: Mathematical Programming.
On a Reformulation of Mathematical Programs with Cardinality Constraints.
The Orthogonal Complement of Faces for Cones Associated with the Cone of Positive Semidefinite Matrices.
Optimality of Bilevel Programming Problems Through Multiobjective Reformulations.
Global sufficient conditions for nonconvex cubic minimization problem with box constraints.
An Outcome Space Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for a Class of Linear Multiplicative Programming Problems.
A Modified Cut-peak Function Method for Global Optimization.
Modified filled function method for global discrete optimization.
Constrained global optimization using a new exact penalty function.

Part II: Combinatorial Optimization.
Model Modification in Scheduling of Batch Chemical Processes.
A Multiobjective State Transition Algorithm for Single Machine Scheduling.
An approximation algorithm for the two-stage distributionally robust facility location problem.
Rainbow connection numbers for undirected double-loop networks.
A Survey on Approximation Mechanism Design without Money for Facility Games.
Approximation algorithms for the robust facility location problem with penalties.
A Discrete State Transition Algorithm for Generalized Traveling Salesman Problem.
Part III: Duality Theory.
Global Solutions of Quadratic Problems with A Sphere Constraint via Canonical Dual Approach.
Application of Canonical Duality theory to Fixed Point Problem.
Solving Facility Location Problem Based on Duality Approach.
Duality method in the exact controllability of hyperbolic electromagnetic equations.
Conceptual Study of Inter-duality Optimization.
Part IV: Topology Optimization.
The interval uncertain optimization strategy based on Chebyshev meta-model.
Topology optimization of compliant mechanisms using element-free methods.
A Level Set based Method for the Optimization of 3D Structures with the Extrusion Constraint.
Topology optimization of structures using an adaptive element-free Galerkin method.
Modeling and Multi-Objective Optimization of Double Suction Centrifugal Pump Based on Kriging Metamodels.
Topology optimization for human proximal femur considering bi-modulus behavior of cortical bones.
Topology optimization of microstructures for multi-functional graded composites.
Part V: Variational Inequalities and Complementarity Problems.
Evolution Inclusions in Nonsmooth Systems with Applications for Earth Data Processing Uniform Trajectory Attractors for Non-autonomous Evolution Inclusions Solutions with Pointwise Pseudomonotone Mappings.
A contact problem with normal compliance, finite penetration and nonmonotone slip dependent friction.
A Class of Mixed Variational Problems with Applications in Contact Mechanics.
A Canonical Duality Approach for the Solution of Affine Quasi-Variational Inequalities.
Numerical analysis for a class of non clamped contact problems.
Part VI: Numerical Optimization.
A Newton-CG Augmented Lagrangian method for Convex Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Semidefinite Programming.
A Novel Hybrid SP-QPSO Algorithm Using CVT for High Dimensional Problems.
Filter-Genetic Algorithms for Solving Constrained Optimization Problems.
A Modified Neural Network for Solving General Singular Convex Optimization Problems with Bounded Variables.
A Teaching-learning-based Cuckoo Search for Constrained Engineering Design Problems.
Leader-following consensus of second-order multi-agent systems with switching topologies.
A semismooth Newton multigrid method for constrained elliptic optimal control problems.
Robust DIRECT algorithm for global optimization problems.
A fast Tabu search algorithm for the reliable p-median problem.
Part VII: Shastic Models and Simulation.
On the Implementation of A Class of Shastic Search Algorithms.
Uncertainty Relationship Analysis for Multi-Parametric Programming in Optimization.
DCBA-MPI: A Simulation Based Technique in Optimizing an Accurate Malmquist Productivity Index.
On Robust Constant and its Applications in Global Optimization.
Part VIII: Complex Simulation and Supply Chain Analysis.
Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Equilibrium with Environmental Indicators.
Dynamic Impacts of Social Expectation and Macroeconomic Factor on Shanghai Sk Market: an Application of Vector Error Correction Model.
Comparative Research of Financial Model in Supply Chain.
Intuitive Haptics Interface with Accurate Force Estimation and Reflection at Nanoscale.
Research on Eliminating Harmonic in Power System based on Wavelet Theory.
Synchronization of hyperchaotic memristor-based Chua’s circuits.
Complex Simulation of Skyard Mining Operations.

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