Advanced Mathematical And Computational Tools In Metrology And Testing Xi

Advanced Mathematical And Computational Tools In Metrology And Testing Xi

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This volume contains original, refereed contributions by researchers from institutions and laboratories across the world that are involved in metrology and testing. They were adapted from presentations made at the eleventh edition of the Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing conference held at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, in September 2017, organized by IMEKO Technical Committee 21, the National Physical Laboratory, UK, and the University of Strathclyde. The papers present new modeling approaches, algorithms and computational methods for analyzing data from metrology systems and for evaluation of the measurement uncertainty, and describe their applications in a wide range of measurement areas.This volume is useful to all researchers, engineers and practitioners who need to characterize the capabilities of measurement systems and evaluate measurement data. Through the papers written by experts working in leading institutions, it covers the latest computational approaches and describes applications to current measurement challenges in engineering, environment and life sciences.

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ISBN-13: 9789813274310
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/16/2018
Series: Series On Advances In Mathematics For Applied Sciences , #89
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Table of Contents

Foreword v

Analysis of key comparisons with two reference standards: Extended random effects meta-analysis O. Bodnar C. Elster 1

Confirmation of uncertainties declared by KC participants in the presence of an outlier A. G. Chunovkina A. Stepanov 9

Quantity in metrology and mathematics: A general relation and the problem V. A. Granovshi 20

Bayesian analysis of an errors-in-variables regression problem I. Lira D. Grientschnig 38

Triangular Bezier surface: From reconstruction to roughness parameter computation L. Pagani P. J. Scott 48

On the classification into random and systematic effects F. Pavese 58

Measurement models A. Possolo 70

Metrology and mathematics - Survey on a dual pair K. H. Ruhm 85

Fundaments of measurement for computationally-intensive metrology P. J. Scott 119

Study of gear surface texture using Mallat's scattering transform W. Sun S. Chrétien R. Hornby P. Cooper R. Frazer J. Zhang 128

The evaluation of the uncertainty of measurements from an autocorrelated process N. F. Zhang 138

Dynamic measurement errors correction in sliding mode based on a sensor model M. N. Bizyaev A. S. Volosnikov 153

The Wiener degradation model with random effects in reliability metrology E. S. Chelvertakova E. V. Chimitova 162

EIV calibration of gas mixture of ethanol in nitrogen S. Duris Z. Durisová M. Dovica G. Wimmer 170

Models and algorithms for multi-fidelity data A. B. Forbes 178

Uncertainty calculation in the calibration of an infusion pump using the comparison method A. Furtado E. Batista M. C. Ferreira I. Godinho P. Lucas 186

Determination of measurement uncertainty by Monte Carlo simulation D. Heiβelmann M. Franke K. Rost K. Wendt T. Kistner C. Schwehn 192

A generic incremental test data generator for minimax-type fitting in coordinate metrology D. Hutzschenreuter 203

NLLSMH: MCMC software for nonlinear least-squares regression K. Jagan A. B. Forbes 211

Reduced error separating method for pitch calibration on gears F. Keller M. Stein K. Kniel 220

Mathematical and statistical tools for online NMR spectroscopy in chemical processes S. Kern S. Guhl K. Meyer L. Wander A. Paul W. Bremser M. Maiwald 229

A new mathematical model to localize a multi-target modular probe for large-volume metrology applications D. Maisano L. Mastrogiacomo 235

Soft sensors to measure somatic sensations and emotions of a humanoid robot U. Maniscalco I. Infantino 241

Bayesian approach to estimation of impulse-radar signal parameters when applied for monitoring of human movements P. Mazurek R. Z. Morawski 249

Challenging calculations in practical, traceable contact thermometry J. V. Pearce R. L. Rusby 257

Wald optimal two-sample test for right-censored data P. Philonenko S. Postovalov 265

Measurement A. Possolo 273

Sensitivity analysis of a wind measurement filtering technique T. Rieutord L. Rottner 286

The simulation of Coriolis flowmeter tube movements excited by fluid flow and exterior harmonic force V. A. Romanov V. P. Beskachko 294

Indirect light intensity distribution measurement using image merging I. L. Sayanca K. Trampert C. Neumann 307

Towards smart measurement plan using category ontology modeling Q. Qi P. J. Scott X. Jiang 315

Analysis of a regional metrology organization key comparison: Preliminary consistency cheek of the linking-laboratory data with the CIPM key comparison reference value K. Shirono M. G. Cox 324

Stationary increment random functions as a basic model for the Allan variance T. N. Siraya 332

Modelling a quality assurance standard for emission monitoring in order to assess overall uncertainty T. O. M. Smith 341

Integrating hyper-parameter uncertainties in a multi-fidelity Bayesian model for the estimation of a probability of failure R. Stroh J. Bect S. Demeyer N. Fischer E. Vazquez 349

Application of ISO 5725 to evaluate measurement precision of distribution within the lung after intratracheal administration J. Takeshita J. Ono T. Suzuki H. Kano Y. Oshima Y. Morimoto H. Takehara T. Numano K. Fujita N. Shinohara K. Yamamoto K. Honda S. Fukushima M. Gamo 357

Benchmarking rater agreement: Probabilistic versus deterministic approach A. Vanacore M. S. Pellegrino 365

Regularisation of central-difference method when applied for differentiation of measurement data in fall detection systems J. Wagner R. Z. Morawski 375

Polynomial estimation of the measurand parameters for samples from non-Gaussian distributions based on higher order statistics Z. L. Warsza S. V. Zabolotnii 383

EIV calibration model of thermocouples G. Wimmer S. Duris R. Palencár V. Witkovsky 401

Modeling and evaluating the distribution of the output quantity in measurement models with copula dependent input quantities V. Witkovsky G. Wimmer Z. Durisová S. Duris R. Palencár J. Palencár 409

Bayesian estimation of a polynomial calibration function associated to a flow meter C. Yardin S. Amar N. Fischer M. Sancandi M. Keller 417

Dynamic measurement errors correction adaptive to noises of a sensor E. V. Yurasova A. S. Volosnikov 427

Author index 439

Keyword index 441

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