About Forex Trading Little Known Weird Trick They Are Hiding From You

About Forex Trading Little Known Weird Trick They Are Hiding From You

by Trader X

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Wow what a drag,
have you felt at times, like spinning in the
vicious circle of Forex. I mean you already
went to all the schools and got the dreaded
Isn’t Forex trading, supposed to be something
Easy…just a couple clicks and you are a
millionaire…sitting on a beach in the Caribbean’s,
sipping on something that comes with
a small umbrella on top.
The wind is blowing in the sails of your
yacht and you are charting and exploring new
See, Forex trading, can do that and more for
you. In Forex trading what you know, is as
important as…who have you learned from.
So, you are sick and tired of being sick and
tired. You can’t stand the people in the office
and ….(yah, I am talking about the same guy
that you thought about), for one more day.
You will vomit, if you submit one more report,
and go to one more meeting of the bureaucrats,
that are closely watching every move that
you make and have a choking grip, breathing
in your neck.
See, not too long ago I was in your shoes…
struggling to make my boss happy and singing
hooray with all the fake cheerleaders, in the
company I worked for. Don’t get me wrong,
I made a decent salary and had the car payment,
house payment and all of the other exciting
Forex trading, Forex systems, Forex strategies,
you name it, anything that was remotely concerning
Forex trading, I bought it. Yet I was struggling to make a
dime. In a matter of fact I will tell you a secret, I
was losing to my Forex broker(the previous
was not a misspelling) every time I entered
a trade. All of this continued until, the universe
AKA GOD, finally gave me my a break. I heard of a
guy, in one of the Forex forums, for our purpose
I will call him trader X. The guy was giving a sound
advice, very simple, but effective..that guy was
the reason I could get a grip of Forex, but I will tell
you more later..
I started following the tips and some of my
trades turned profitable.
And then the unbelievable happened…
The broker realized what was going on and closed
the forum tread.
I was devastated…
After I finally started getting my break, my hopes
of living the life of a Forex trader was shattered.
Fortunately I had P.M.ed Mr. X previously, and
had his email contact.
See Mr. X, was not interested in tutoring me, in
a matter of fact, he was living rather comfortably.
Trading was more of a chore for him…like
someone making you wash dishes for example.
His routine was consisting of trading 2 times a week
only, golf, family and friends.
So, he was defying all the “sound” advice of the
brokers “Trade as often as you can, don’t miss any
Finally, I was able to persuade Mr. X in
giving me a couple lessons over the phone,
and eventually we became close friends.
Mr. X ,was pooling close to 30k a month from
Forex trading (I know that sound to good to
be true, but he was not your average trader)
In a matter of fact, he was not allowed with
some of the smaller brokers, since they
ultimately lost money with him.

Now, what I am about to disclose to you in this
book, are the closely guarded secrets of the pros.
In a matter of fact I am sure some of my friends and
traders will be mad at me and even write me
some ugly letters.
But I am tired of seeing good, honest folks like
yourself, getting slaughtered, in the daily Forex
broker guillotine. It is time to give back to others.
I have made my pie of the Forex earnings, now
it is your turn.
I have made it easy for you. I wish I have found
a book like that while back, when I was struggling
to even break even on a trade.
Trust me, read this book and skip the agony of
looking for the golden grail, it doesn’t exist.
You are only of couple of mouse clicks from
receiving the knowledge, that will open the Forex
world to you. Take a click of faith... see you
on the other side!

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Publisher: Trader X
Publication date: 04/12/2012
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About the Author

Trader X is experienced veteran trader. He has earned his badges in the trenches trading Forex as a retail trader. Trader X is self taught hard core down to the ground Forex warrior. He keeps private life, trading Forex form any place a internet is available. In matter of fact Trader X is most likely at a different marine on his private sailboat yacht, most of the time trying to find a favorable spot with a good internet access (not something to take lightly at Islands of the Caribbean, around Tortola in BVI. In a matter of fact trader X is boasting his biggest win around Necker Island in Eur/Usd. Trader X is an avid sailor and a pilot. He considers a break even trade as a win. The believe that to break even in Forex is as hard as winning. It has led Trader X to develop a system that ensures always closing at least some profit and moving the stop to b/e. Trader X is as close you are going to find to a active trader writing a book about trading. Most of his lessons from other famous traders came at the golf course or at sail boat competitions. Trader X is sharing his hard earned knowledge with younger and aspiring traders as a way to give back of the good fortune the Universe AKA GOD has let him experience. Really, there is no fun being a loser in Forex, my material offers you a way out, take the RED PILL of Forex, I have more than 50 titles on the subject of Forex around. Invest in your education, drink from the source. Nutty, details and tails about winning and losing in Forex, learn the truth, don't be stuck with the brokers lies. No matter which pair or currencies you are trading, I offer you easy, step by step, no BS, real solutions. No hard work involved, just work smart, lazy man's solutions to profit with Forex, based on hard knocks in the trenches painful trading experience. Yeah you don't need to find all the wrong ways to trade; I have already done the hard work for you. Just read the material and hit the road running. Bluntly, you have two options, spend countless of hours in front of your monitor, eyes getting so big, you can hang your hat on them. Try all the worthless forex systems, learn about all the evasive gurus in Forex, lose thousands of dollars trying all of the above and may be, you will arrive at a profitable solution. Or there is a easier choice, steal all of my systems and strategies, look over my shoulder as I show you the exact charts and thinking and methods I am using to pull huge moolah from the market.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome book
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