A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life

by Lara Fabian

CD(Canadian Import)

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Product Details

Release Date: 06/29/2004
Label: Sony
UPC: 0696998625525
catalogNumber: 86255
Rank: 4431

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lara Fabian   Primary Artist,Vocals,Background Vocals
Rick Allison   Guitar
Chris Braide   Piano,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Doug Emery   Keyboards
Eliot Kennedy   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Multi Instruments
Lee Levin   Drums
Lance Morrison   Bass
Bernard Paganotti   Bass
Eric Seva   Soprano Saxophone
Brooks Wackerman   Drums
Dan Warner   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Leland Sklar   Bass
Jean-Félix Lalanne   Acoustic Guitar,Conductor,Electric Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Gary Barlow   Keyboards,Multi Instruments
Chris Glansdorp   Cello
Andreas Carlsson   Background Vocals
Wayne Hector   Background Vocals
Jim Gasior   Piano
Tim Woodcock   Background Vocals
Corky James   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Marquito   Percussion,Drums,Darbouka
Storm Lee   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Desmond Child   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Rick Allison   Composer
Steve Churchyard   Engineer
Doug Emery   Programming,String Arrangements
Eliot Kennedy   Programming,Instrumentation
Bob Rosa   Engineer
Stuart Bruce   Engineer
Kara DioGuardi   Composer
Colin Vearncombe   Composer
Robbie Adams   Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Christopher Austopchuk   Art Direction
Jean-Félix Lalanne   Programming,Producer,String Arrangements
Gary Barlow   Programming,Instrumentation
Anders "Bag" Bagge   Composer,Producer
Lara Fabian   Composer
Bernard Löhr   Engineer
Jules Gondar   Engineer
Craig Lozowick   Engineer
Mark Valentine   Engineer
Tim Woodcock   Instrumentation
Ethan Mates   Engineer
Peer Astrom   Composer
Vincent Chevalet   Engineer
Greg Landon   Engineer
Sean Samaroo   Engineer
Andres Saavedra   Engineer
Carlos Alvarez   Engineer

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A Wonderful Life 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you Are A fan of such divas like Celine and Mariah You will love this brand new english cd from Lara. Lara has amazing voice of 5-7 octaves like Mariah Carey she also writes her own materials and on this album she writes only few of the 12 tracks. Collaborators as Anders Bagge(Celine Dion,Janet Jackson,JLO among others)Desmond Child(Leann Rimes, Ricky Martin among others)Gary Barlow from (The New Kids On The Block)Rick Allison Lara´s longtime co-writer and Walter Afanasieff former writing partner of Mariah Carey but still works with Celine Dion Kenny G and others.This album is wonderful and Is better than her english debut 5 years ago.I recommend this album to all fans of Celine And Mariah you will enjoy Lara´s voice she is great.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a devoted Lara fan, I was disappointed in this album. To begin, two of the songs, "I've Cried Enough" and "Silence," are merely English versions of songs from her latest French album "Nue." That leaves 10 ostensibly "new" selections which are clearly aimed at the American pop audience. Unfortunately, the material here is both trite and weak in construction, forcing Lara into the same monotonous-sounding musical grooves on a number of the offerings. As opposed to the majority of songs in her French albums on which she is a co-writer, for her English albums she enlists the skills of American and English writers with a track record for success. Unfortuantely, the budget for this CD must have been halved from her debut American CD because the quality of those who participated has dipped. I point to the unremarkable contributions of former Take That member, Gary Barlow, as one example. Whatever the reason, with only a few exceptions, most of the results contain what might be termed "catchy hooks," but are so contrived that they have very little substance or depth. Having said that, Lara is such a good singer that she nonetheless does pretty well with what she has been given. "No Big Deal" is one of the catchy tunes to which I just referred, but at least it provides an opportunity for Lara's lively phrasing. Yet, she is forced to swim upstream on much of the rest. In particular and most offensively, "The Last Goodbye" is just too desperate an attempt to include something that has a hint of Nashville (as if she needs to be country-sounding!) Perhaps my favorite out of this not-so astounding bevy of medicority is "Walk Away." It's a tender, rubato ballad where Lara is typically at her best: she sings it with only guitar accompaniment, and, free of elaborate over-production, her superb voice wanders creatively while her classic emotion is allowed to come shining through. Regrettably though, there's little else on this collection worth mentioning. Normally I would unequivocally recommend a Lara album. But this time I'd have to say go back to something she's released before. This CD just isn't up to her usually impeccably high standard and doesn't do her justice. A Wonderful Life it is not.
Fabian_fan_americaine More than 1 year ago
After reading other reviews of this CD, I bought it with low expectations. It is, in fact, a treasure! Each track invites the listener into Lara Fabian's world to experience human emotions through her fabulous vocal interpretations. Ms. Fabian continues to be a huge talent who has been scandalously overlooked in the US. I just don't understand it. Ms Fabian runs the gamut here from bitter ("No Big Deal") to vulnerable ("I've Cried Enough")to hopeful ("Intoxicated"). I would recommend this CD to anyone. Lara Fabian reminds us here that it is indeed a wonderful life, and well worth the bumps we encounter along the way.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Here's the Second English Album of the definite BEST vocal performer/singer/songwriter in the world !!! As gorgeous as her first one, with vocals that'll brush away the rest. As I have all of this multilingual singer/songwriter albums here u are my reviews of each track : No Big Deal 10/10 : ok , it should be a single as as it is for the catching refrain. Go on LARA , U'll be the #1 !!! I am 15/10 : A perfect high-quality pop song. I love it! It's Lara's best pop song IMO. For me this song should be a single too , it's really as greater as "No big deal" ... The Last Goodbye 10/10 : This MUST be a hit in USA. It's a great country-pop song. I love her vocals in this track (The belting out in the end.WOW!) I Guess I loved you 20/10 : I guess I loved this song more than I should. What a dramatic, powerful yet soft song. Her voice and lyrics really touch the deepest depth of one's heart to reveal the softest emotions that one really didn't realize that they ever existed. That was the case for me. This songs shows her powerful as well as as soft voice. She shows how she is influenced by her idol, Barbra, though I don't think Barbra would sing it with the same great way Lara does. A real masterpiece along with "Intoxicated". Conquered 9/10 : Great catching pop track. Great vocals again. Review my kisses 10/10 : A so nice soft song. I didn't listen to Leann's version yet, oh, certainly no one can sing it better huh? It's a real demonstration on one's feelings to his/her beloved. I love her whispering, dueting herself in "So you won't forget that you are mine. I also adore the way she belts out "Don't gooooo ". Another great slow song. Unbreakable 9/10 : A nice mid-tempo track. I love the lyrics too. No need mentioning again the voice ;) Wonderful life 10/10 : A truely great cover of BLACK. The lyrics are great and uplifting. So joyful and optimistic song. Intoxicated 20/10 : This is it ! I really madly adore this song. What a moving, touching, emotional lyrics. Lara's vocals shine in this song. Great wokr Lara! She really makes me cry how vocalizes at the end of the song ("owowovovovayiyambao"). OMG! It's a real masterpiece too. I've cried enough 10/10 : I love the English version as well as the french "J'y crois encore" in NUE too. A nice different intro. I love the way she vocalizes the last "I've cried enough"s each in a different melody. Silence 9/10 : The music based on strings is so nice.I love the arrangements and how the song suddenly ends after the three words, "let it be". Walk away 15/10 : Her definite softest and slowest tempoed song. A similar song to the acoustic version of "Bambina" accompanied only by a solo guitar. It's a really great song for a live performance which is her "specialization". It's so pleasing and contrasty how she sings "save your breath" in an deliberately-out-of-breath way. A unique ballad. So, I think u WILL be obsessed by just listenning her once and be sure that each album u wil get of her will entreasure ur collection and u'll replace it at the top of all the rest. Finally, a warning ;) Prepare to faint by this powerhouse strong heavenly voice !!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
After listening to this album, I cannot understand why Lara Fabian has not received accolades of recognition in North America!? Lara's voice is amazing and exudes emotion like Barbra Streisand. This singer/songwriter deserves to be placed amongst the best and I hope with this album that people will stand up and take notice of her wonderful talent!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago