Week in a Day

Week in a Day

by Rachael Ray

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Wondering what to make for dinner tonight—and for the rest of the week? Here’s an easy way to prepare a week’s worth of meals, for yourself or the whole family, in just one day.

Relax with a tasty meal after a busy day. Enjoy your evenings around the dinner table with your friends and family. Sound too good to be true? Not if you plan your Week in a Day. Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day, the companion book to her hit cooking show of the same name, offers more than two hundred recipes that will help you prepare five nights’ worth of meals in a single day. The woman who taught America how to make a meal in 30 minutes is sharing more of her practical and easy tips that will have you eating well for days to come!

Each week features its own theme, including From a Taco to Morocco, A Chicken in Every Pot, and Stew on This, allowing your taste buds to travel around the world with dishes such as Chicken and Chorizo Spanish Enchiladas, Argentine Chili with Chimichurri, and Zinfully Delicious Short Ribs.

In addition, Rachael shows you how to fit all the groceries you need for three fabulous meals into a single bag with her special section, 1 Grocery Bag, 3 Meals. And you can enjoy bonus content and extra recipes for side dishes by scanning the QR codes displayed throughout. When the weekend rolls around, this book has everything you need to get ready for your Week in a Day. Come Monday night, you’ll be glad you did!

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ISBN-13: 9781451659764
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication date: 10/22/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 368
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About the Author

Rachael Ray is a New York Times bestselling author of more than twenty cookbooks. She is the host of the Food Network’s 30 Minute Meals and Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off, as well as the Cooking Channel’s and the Food Network’s Week in a Day. She is also the star of the syndicated talk show Rachael Ray; founder and editorial director of her own lifestyle magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray; and founder of the Yum-o! organization.


Read an Excerpt

Week in a Day is a concept for busy

foodies with impossible schedules.

Like most of my friends and family, I

have one day off a week—if I’m lucky. I shop early

in the day and then I go home, get organized,

separate ingredients, put on some comfy jeans

or jammies, open some wine, and then I cook.

Sometimes I’ll spend fi ve or six hours straight

chopping, roasting, and stirring simmering pots.

But when I’m done, we have enough food for as

many as fi ve nights—a whole workweek—right in

the fridge and freezer. When the day is especially

long or you’re feeling extra exhausted, imagine

how comforting it is to know that dinner—your

own homemade delicious food—is waiting for you

as soon as you walk in. Pop a pot on the stove or

throw that casserole into the oven, and by the

time you have changed your clothes and checked

your e-mails, dinner is served.

Whether you cook two meals or fi ve, the idea

of Week in a Day is that you get a leg up on the

long week ahead so any night you don’t feel like

cooking, you already have!

In addition, I have created a special section

that makes another fun promise for busy

foodies: 1 Grocery Bag, 3 Meals. With a basic

pantry and one bag of groceries, you can cook

up three delicious, simple suppers. Also, check

out the QR codes and bring this book to life

with additional content, recipes, tips, and tricks

from me to you.

Table of Contents

Introduction x

From a Taco to Morocco 1

The World in a Day 9

What's Cooking 17

You Learn Something New Every Day 24

Holi-Week 32

Thanksgiving Anytime 39

Something for Everyone 47

A Week of Comforts 55

One for All 63

Stick to Your Ribs 71

One-Pot Week 78

Hearty Classics 85

Stew on This 92

Mix & Match 99

Make a Double Batch! 107

Slow Ride 114

It's a Breeze 123

Bold Thinking 130

Multinational Make-Ahead 138

Fresh Start 146

Better Yet 153

Prepare Yourself 160

Meatlovers' Lane 168

Souperstar Suppers 175

Border Bonanza 183

Fall in Love with Fall 190

A Chicken in Every Pot 198

Back to the Grind 205

Double Take 212

Two for One 219

Season's Servings 226

Five Fiesta Favorites 234

Cold Weather Comforts 241

Wintry Mix 248

Noodle This 256

Get Saucy 263

Italian Comfort 270

Amazing Grains 279

Soupercharged 286

Tricks & Treats 293

Game On! 300

Count Your Chickens 307

Thanksgiving Before & After 314

Foundation Recipes 321

1 Grocery Bag, 3 Meals 325

Acknowledgments 343

Index 344

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