A Truth to Tell, Novels About the Holocaust for Young Readers

A Truth to Tell, Novels About the Holocaust for Young Readers

by Eve Tal


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Exploring the historical treatment of the subject and literary devices authors use to effectively convey difficult truths, Eve Tal examines the ways in which the Holocaust is portrayed in selected English-Language and Hebrew fiction for young readers.

What others are saying:

Tal's focus on the heart of darkness - the ghettos and camps - draws attention to some of the most pressing challenges of children's literature: how to represent suffering and death in texts for young readers.

Of particular interest is the comparison of English-language and Hebrew-language books. This is a topic that has been missing from discussions of children's literature and the Holocaust. Tal indicates how representations of the Holocaust in fiction and memoir have been culture specific; while American writers more often emphasize hope, Israeli stories have emphasized resistance.

Professor Naomi Sokoloff University of Washington

This comparative approach to Holocaust literature is sorely needed and Tal is a knowledgeable guide. The way in which she situates works of Shoah fiction within the historical context of the Eichmann trial, Kibbutzim and the political thinking of David Ben Gurion exposes the culturally specific nature of these works and the political role of children's literature... A valuable contribution to the study of Holocaust literature by a critic I hope we shall be hearing more from."

Professor Lydia Kokkola The University of Turku, Finland.

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ISBN-13: 9780980111330
Publisher: Look Again Press, LLC
Publication date: 03/01/2012
Pages: 240
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About the Author

Eve grew up in the United States, but now lives on Kibbutz in Israel. She obtained her undergraduate degree in English and Literature from Oberlin College, and her MFA from Hollins University. She is both a published author of children's books and an independent scholar presenting papers and publishing journal articles about children's literature. Her published books include two award winning novels for young readers, Cursing Columbus and Double Crossing. As an independent scholar, she explores the issues that touch her deeply and responds to them with passion. Foremost among these issues is the representation of the Holocaust in children’s literature, both English-language and Hebrew. She has also written and presented papers on the topics of folktales, fantasy, and the representation of disabilities in children's literature. More information at www.EveTal.com.

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