A Taste of Naples: Neapolitan Culture, Cuisine, and Cooking

A Taste of Naples: Neapolitan Culture, Cuisine, and Cooking

by Marlena Spieler


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In other places, it might seem trite or cliché to say that love is an essential component of cooking, food, and dining. But in the shadow of a still-fuming Vesuvio, the love of everyday life is palpable in Naples: that passion for life is the spirit that guides Neapolitan cuisine. You can taste it in everything.

To truly know Napoli and Neapolitan food, you must not stay within its city limits. The entire region may be called Campania, but it is also: Napoli. The entire region shares similar characteristics, especially in its cuisine, and its surrounding areas also grow so much of what feeds the city, bringing pleasure and sustenance to the table and to life.

In this tantalizing tour of the culture and cuisine of Napoli, Marlena Spieler reveals the tastes, sights, and sounds of the city and surrounding area (including its islands) in gorgeous detail. Using her own experiences and conversations with others, both tourists and residents alike, she offers us the rich history of this unique culture and cuisine, telling the story through recipes, history, and traditions, especially the special dishes and celebrations that follow every Neapolitan throughout the year. Open its pages and step into a sensory tour of this unique city.

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ISBN-13: 9781442251250
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 11/11/2018
Series: Big City Food Biographies Series
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Marlena Spieler broadcasts and writes internationally on her favorite subject: food — its histories and mysteries, the cooking, eating, and sharing of it. With over 70 cookbook titles (including contributions) to her credit, Marlena conjures up flavors and dishes from the Mediterranean to Mexico, California to France to eastern Europe and Asia, with and single subjects such as chili peppers, olive oil, mushrooms, to a book on classic Jewish food from all over the world. The Classic Barbecue and Grill Cookbook was a #1 best-seller in the UK. Marlena has been shortlisted numerous times for various awards including the prestigious James Beard (two books and one newspaper column), the Guild of Food Writers Awards (UK, best radio food broadcaster of the year, twice), and the Association of Food Journalists (USA: Best Column in Newspaper of Over 400,000 circulation — twice) for radio presenting, food writing and books. One of her books, Feeding Friends, won the International Cookbook Award in Perigueux, France in 2000, her Jewish Heritage Cooking was honored in the Loire Valley in 2003 by a Special Jury Award at World Gourmand Book Awards, and she was presented with the Gourmand Family Award in 2016 in Yantai, China.

Table of Contents

Chapter One
Chapter Two
 Lo Storico: Naples Culinary History
Chapter Three
 Sea, Sun, Sky and Volcanic Soil: The Fresh Things that Grow There
Chapter Four
 A Napoli si Mangia Cosi: The Iconic Products of Naples: Cheese, Wines, Oils
Chapter Five
 Pasta and Pizza
Chapter Six
 Festivals and Celebrations with their Special Dishes
Chapter Seven
 Chefs, Cookbooks and Iconic Dishes
Chapter Eight
 How to Eat Like a Neapolitan
Chapter Nine
 Regions and their FoodWays
Chapter Ten
 Bibliography and Online Resources

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