A RUSSIAN GRANDMOTHER'S WONDER TALES - 50 Children's Bedtime Stories: More folklore from Mother Russia

A RUSSIAN GRANDMOTHER'S WONDER TALES - 50 Children's Bedtime Stories: More folklore from Mother Russia

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An ancient Hopi parable states “He who tells stories, rules the world.” The stories which this Russian grandmother tells can be found, with many others, in a collection of “Tales and Legends of South Slavonia.” Here they have been sketched with the background of Russian peasant village life as it existed in some parts of Southern Russia. Because of this, the narrator has been careful to clothe them as nearly as possible in the simple language in which they are retold to-day by many a village fireside in South Slavonia.
The 50 children’s stories in this volume are arranged into 24 chapters. Here you will find stories like: The Little Boy and the Grandmother, The Wolf as a Roman, The Sick Lion, Saturday Afternoon, The Fire of Shavings, The Man, the Hare, the Fox, and the Bear, The Bird, the Fox, and the Dog, A Pleasant Surprise, The Patient Little Boy, The Seven Stars, The Wonderful Story, The Bridge, The Korowai, The Basil-Plant, Steelpacha and many, many more.
Just as the Hopi’s of North America told their children stories to teach morals and the lessons of life, so did the Russians, the Vikings, the Greeks, the ancient Egyptians as well as the Chinese, Japanese and Zulus. In fact you will find folklore and fairytales in every nation on earth. Without exception, all have a simple message, good always wins and the evil protagonist will lose and be, at least exiled, or worse.
So download this book and make yourself comfortable with a mug full of something hot and steaming and be prepared to be entertained for hours.
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