A Really Unique Timeshare

A Really Unique Timeshare

by Frank O'Neill


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Professor Raymond Barger was awarded a grant from the English Department at Northwestern University. He and his wife were going to England for a year so he could study. They left the management of their apartment to the landlady, Mrs. O'Hara, with instructions to rent it if she could but only if the tenant was respectable and understood it would only be until they were scheduled to return.
Dick Monahan owns and operates a very successful business in Los Angeles selling and installing various safety devices for the protection of small children. He is doing so well he decides to expand to Chicago. He sets up a schedule to spend the first week of each month staying in a hotel. Johnnie Shore, the manager he hired, put him in touch with Mrs. O?Hara suggesting it would be more economical to rent an apartment by the month, even using it just one week, than the cost of daily hotel stays.
Anne Marie, Mrs. O'Hara's beautiful granddaughter, was delighted to learn the apartment would be empty most of the time. Employed by a public relations firm from Washington, D.C. she provides very discrete relaxation and entertainment to various candidates from the campaign trail in Iowa. The location of the apartment was ideal and the activities would be beyond all suspicion.
Richie Barger, Raymond's younger brother had also earned a PhD. but when he became involved in riotous doings at Berkley, lost his job and wound up back in Chicago living in a an alley behind a bar with two homeless characters. He has a very poor relationship with his brother but when his two friends learned about the vacant apartment they could see no reason to be sleeping in an open alley.
Raymond Barger, happily studying in England, had no idea his apartment had been converted into a TIMEHARE without his or Mrs. O'Hara's knowledge nor, in fact, did any of those who were sharing the place.

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About the Author

The author first voted in the Truman/Dewey election and over the years he has devloped a disdain for the political selection process. Some of it shows it in a satirical tale when an upscale apartment becomes a Timeshare without any management or schedule. No one in authority is aware the facility is being shared nor, for the most part, are the partiipants. Then it is complicated futher when primary candidates, seeking activities other than pursuing votes, are offered discrete R&R at the apartment.

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