A Rainbow Of Tales: Stories And Poems To Feel, Laugh, Think, Learn And Dream For Children Between Three And One Hundred Three

A Rainbow Of Tales: Stories And Poems To Feel, Laugh, Think, Learn And Dream For Children Between Three And One Hundred Three


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I wrote this book of short stories with love, for children, and adults of all ages who still remember to laugh, play and dream because their inner child is still alive in their hearts. These stories blend reality and fantasy, as they are two important ingredients of our daily life. The separation line between them is so subtle that they are often confused and impossible to determine. Who can say when a dream stops being a castle in the sky to become a real experience, or when a fact seems fiction and hides a poem among its details?

The Green Star tells us about a dream become true, while Letter From A Tiger warns about the hazards that our planet is suffering. Suzie explains what it means to be a Guide Dog, and the mischievous Gino invites us to travel in outer space. The Grammarian's lesson shows how funny can be to play with words, and tomorrow is a story based on a poem.

Stories to read, laugh, sing, think and tell, remind us that life is a surprising book, a play in many acts, a sweet melody, a riddle to decipher, a joke to chuckle and a truth worth to share with our dear ones. The purpose of these stories is to entertain and teach, to discover secrets and to inspire, to expand horizons, open doors and show you that the limit of your dreams is the sky.

By all means, this is a book for the entire family, where everybody regardless of age can find something of interest because this book is versatile and flexible. Parents and children can learn together. Mom and Dad can read to the entire family and explain to their kids what they don't understand, and older siblings can read to the little ones.

Grace Franchi, the author of Dear Suzie, a memoir, Rivers Of Light, a book of prayers, Annie's Journal, the story of her second Guide Dog, The Fruit Contest, a book for children, Alphazoo, The Learning Lesson, a children's book, The Hidden Path, a collection of short stories for aduld, and Suzie Forever, the life of a guide dog from her perspective, is a woman of great inspiration as a poet, writer and religious thinker. Assiduous in her writing activity, as well as in the field of natural healing and diverse cultural interests, writes poetry, short stories for adults and children, and non-fiction about natural healing and vegetarianism. She was born in a family of writers and painters, and has been writing since childhood. She advocates for human rights, animal rights, natural healing ways, vegetarianism and the environment. Grace lives in Florida with her two dogs, Darla, a loving black Labrador Seeing Eye, and Kristian, a mischievous white toy Poodle.

Grace speaks several languages, likes to play domino and other games, grows plants and is interested in animals, the environment, music, books, arts, computers and volunteer work. In addition to the above, the author is a competent nutritionist who has helped many people strengthens their health and living closer to nature. She is also an enthusiastic Esperanto-speaker for many years.

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ISBN-13: 9781979415392
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/21/2018
Pages: 140
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