A Quiet Revolution: 30 Years of Windham Hill

A Quiet Revolution: 30 Years of Windham Hill

CD(4-disc set)


Celebrate 30 years of the soothing sounds of Windham Hill with this deluxe box set! Back in the '70s, label founder Will Ackerman distributed vinyl copies of his recordings by hand, yet those humble beginnings grew into enormous success. With a catalog of albums offering tasteful, folk-inspired programming and adorned with photos of beautiful natural vistas, the independent label set the gold standard for new age music and inspired a host of imitators. This four-disc box set, A Quiet Revolution: 30 Years of Windham Hill, hits the highlights from that three-decade run, opening with Ackerman's own "The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter" -- the first track on the label's inaugural release -- and continuing with numbers from such WH mainstays as George Winston, Michael Hedges, Liz Story, and others. Offering 67 tracks in all -- divided into the themes "elements," "peace," "artistry," and "excursions" -- the set includes 4 previously unreleased live performances from Jim Brickman, Alex de Grassi, Barbara Higbie, and David Arckenstone, while a 48-page booklet details the history of the label and its music, complete with color photos.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/08/2005
Label: Rca Victor
UPC: 0828766955729
catalogNumber: 69557

Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Gorka   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Patty Larkin   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Darol Anger   Synthesizer,Mandolin,Violin,Cello,Viola,Octave Violin
David Arkenstone   Flute,Electric Guitar
Scott Cossu   Piano
Chuck Greenberg   Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Wood Flute,Lyricon,Double Ocarina
Barbara Higbie   Piano
Mark Isham   Synthesizer,Piano,Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Soprano Saxophone,electronic percussion
Michael Manring   Bass,Percussion,Piano,Fretless Bass Guitar
Liz Story   Piano
Tim Story   Synthesizer,Piano
Shawn Colvin   Vocal Harmony
Janis Ian   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Carly Simon   Vocals
Tuck Andress   Guitar
Steve Erquiaga   Synthesizer Guitar,Guitar (Nylon String)
Bobby McFerrin   Vocals
Andy Narell   Keyboards,Steel Pan
Kit Walker   Keyboards
Bruce Dukov   Violin
Kenneth Nash   Percussion,Bongos,Conga
Todd Phillips   Acoustic Bass,String Bass
Ray Obiedo   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Keyboards
Martina McBride   Vocals
Ronn Huff   Conductor
Adam Rudolph   Percussion
Ira Stein   Synthesizer,Piano
Cesaria Evora   Vocals
Lucy Kaplansky   Vocal Harmony
Philip Aaberg   Piano,Sampled Bass
Will Ackerman   Guitar
Steve Amedee   Percussion,Tambourine,Vocals
Joy Askew   Vocals
Cyro Baptista   Percussion
Charlie Bisharat   Violin,Electric Violin
Gregg Bissonette   Drums
Steve Bloom   Percussion
Chris Botti   Trumpet,Keyboards
Jim Brickman   Piano
Mike Brignardello   Bass
Jonatha Brooke   Background Vocals
John Burr   Piano
Patti Cathcart   Vocals
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Cross   Percussion,Drums,Linn Drum
Johnny Cunningham   Fiddle
Morris Dollison   Guitar
Brian Dunning   Synthesizer,Flute,Alto Flute,Human Whistle,Pan Pipes
Stefanie Fife   Cello
Richard Gates   Bass
Peter Horvath   Keyboards
Dann Huff   Guitar
Rob Ickes   Guitar (Resonator)
Joan Jeanrenaud   Cello
Derek Jones   Upright Bass
Keith Jones   Bass
William Kennedy   Drums
Randy Kerber   Piano
John Leventhal   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Slide Guitar
David Low   Cello
John Magnie   Accordion,Keyboards,Vocals
Mike Marshall   Synthesizer,Mandolin,Chimes,Steel Guitar,Classical Guitar,Mandocello
Rebeca Mauleón   Piano
Paul McCandless   Keyboards,Oboe
Dennis McDermott   Percussion,Drums
Ken Myhr   Guitar,Percus
Nashville String Machine   Track Performer
Stuart Nevitt   Percussion,Drums,Marimbas
Billy Oskay   Violin
Simon Oswell   Viola
Sandra Park   Violin
Dean Parks   Guitar
Shawn Pelton   Drums
Karl Perazzo   Percussion,Conga,Timbales
David Piltch   Upright Bass
Martha Reikow   Cello
Bennett Salvay   Conductor
Marc Shulman   Guitar
Andy Snitzer   Bass
Michael Spiro   Caxixi,Crotale,Bata Drums
Norbert Stachel   Flute,Alto Flute,Bass Flute
G.E. Stinson   Guitar,Marimbas,12-string Guitar,Tamboura
John Switzer   Bass,Percussion
Jamil Szmadzinski   Violin
Peter Van Hooke   Snare Drums,electronic percussion
Marc van Wageningen   Bass
John Wakefield   Percussion
Russel Walder   Oboe
Jimmy Waldo   Mellotron
Chad Watson   Electric Bass
Doug Wilde   Keyboards
George Winston   Piano
Rob Yale   fairlight
Andrea Zonn   Viola
Alex de Grassi   Guitar
Paul van Wageningen   Drums
Kevin Breit   national steel guitar
Bobby Read   Synthesizer,Clarinet,Flute,Percussion,Piano,Saxophone
George Tortorelli   Percussion
Robin Bonnell   Cello
Tommy Malone   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Slide Guitar
Doyle Dykes   Guitar
Sean Harkness   Acoustic Guitar
Carol Tatum   Acoustic Guitar,Bouzouki,Mandolin,Hammered Dulcimer,celtic harp,Synthesizer Bass
Peggy Baldwin   Cello
Laura Halladay   Flute,Recorder
Pete Huttlinger   Guitar
Thea Suits-Silverman   Flute
Toy Vieira   Background Vocals
Lisbeth Scott   Vocals
Lisa Lynne   celtic harp
Delia Park   Violin
Jacinto Pereira   Background Vocals,Cavaquinho
Luis Ramos   Background Vocals,Slide Guitar
Rachel Purkin   Violin
Joanne Paratore   Piano,Keyboards
Christopher Pellani   Percussion,Doumbek,Udu
José Paris   Background Vocals,Acoustic Bass
Nando Andrade   Piano,Background Vocals
Keola Beamer   Guitar
Valerie Tribord   Background Vocals
Marie-Paule Tribord   Background Vocals
Tey Santos   Percussion
John Goldsmith   Keyboards
Seth Osburn   Keyboards
Uncle Dave Lewis   Memory Moog,Piano (Grand),Yamaha Keyboards
Arnold   Vocals
Valérie Beinga   Background Vocals
Calu   Drums
Steve Buckingham   Dulcimer
Richard Schönherz   Piano,Vocals,oberheim
Johnny Ray Allen   Bass

Technical Credits

John Gorka   Composer
Patty Larkin   Composer
Jane Siberry   Composer
Darol Anger   Producer
David Arkenstone   Composer
Scott Cossu   Composer,Producer,Memorabilia
Chuck Greenberg   Composer,Producer
Barbara Higbie   Composer,Producer
Mark Isham   Composer,Memorabilia
Brian Keane   Composer
Michael Manring   Composer
Liz Story   Composer
Tim Story   Arranger,Producer
Janis Ian   Composer,Producer
Cyndi Lauper   Composer
Subdudes   Composer
Tuck Andress   Producer
Tom Coster   Composer
Steve Erquiaga   Arranger
Bobby McFerrin   Composer,Producer
Andy Narell   Composer,Producer
Ray Obiedo   Composer
Ronn Huff   String Arrangements
Ira Stein   Composer
Bob Telson   Composer
Philip Aaberg   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Atmosphere
Will Ackerman   Composer,Producer
Dawn Atkinson   Producer,Executive Producer
Johann Sebastian Bach   Composer
Jeff Balding   Producer
Chris Botti   Arranger,drum programming
Jim Brickman   Composer,Producer
Patti Cathcart   Producer
Paul Cooper   Composer
Kerry Crawford   Producer
Jim Cregan   Producer
Johnny Cunningham   Composer
Oliver di Cicco   Producer
Jose Da Silva   Producer
Mícheál Ó Domhnaill   Composer
Brian Dunning   Composer,Vocal Drone
Rick Epping   Arranger
Glyn Johns   Producer,Engineer
Claire Hamill   Composer
Rob Hyman   Composer
Howard Johnston   Producer
Keith Keller   Producer
Jack Kugell   Composer
Peter Mann   Producer
Mike Marshall   Producer
Elliot Mazer   Producer
Paul McCandless   Arranger,Producer
Billy Oskay   Producer
Gary Paczosa   Producer
Scott Saxon   Producer
Paul Schwartz   Composer,Producer
Peter Scott   Composer
Dan Shea   Producer
Tracy Silverman   Composer,Producer
Andy Snitzer   drum programming
John Switzer   Producer
Russel Walder   Composer
George Winston   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Memorabilia
Ben Wisch   Producer
Alex de Grassi   Composer,Producer,Memorabilia
Steven Miller   Producer
John Dillberto   Producer
Bobby Read   Producer
W.G. Snuffy Walden   Composer
Carlos Santana   Composer
Howard Fritzson   Art Direction
Doyle Dykes   Composer,Producer
Carol Tatum   Composer,Producer
Pete Huttlinger   Arranger,Composer
Thea Suits-Silverman   Composer
Tom Bradshaw   Producer
Cathy Econom   Producer
Lisa Lynne   Arranger,Composer,Producer
David Pringle   Producer
Keola Beamer   Arranger,Producer
Traditional   Composer
John Goldsmith   Producer
Uncle Dave Lewis   Programming
Dianne Spoto   Packaging Manager
Steve Buckingham   Producer
David Lewis   Composer
Richard Schönherz   Arranger,Composer,Producer

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