A New Cosmic Concept About The Universe # 1

A New Cosmic Concept About The Universe # 1

by Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte


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This book holds information that are going to shock you as it is going to make you hate me but what I show is everything about science that science never wants you to know. You don't have to believe me but science is built on fraud. Science will never admit this. Moreover science will never agree to this. Science will forever discourage any thoughts I propose and so they hide the truth. However I use nature and how nature has been applying physics since time and space began. Nature at this present moment uses the same principles I started with and those principles scientist ignore flat because it makes their science seem to be a joke. You don't have to accept this and you don't have to read this but in honesty read the first six pages and then do what you have to do ... think about the science you have read and if that does not shock you into reality then die in slumber and ignorance and utter brainwashed stupidity you live in... There are building blocks in nature that forms the Universe but because these building blocks contradict Newton and because science can't explain these building blocks science hides the knowledge about it as deep as possible. This building blocks form a Universe and you don't know about them! Then ask yourself why have you never heard of specific building blocks in nature known to science and you are unaware they exist. If you're not shocked, then you are dead so then stay dead, it is better that way for persons with your mindset.

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