A New Career in a New Town [1977-1982]

A New Career in a New Town [1977-1982]

by David BowieDavid Bowie


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The third installment in a comprehensive deluxe reissue series of David Bowie's entire catalog, A New Career in a New Town (1977-1982) chronicles perhaps the most artistically ambitious phase in Bowie's career -- one that began with 1977's Low and concluded with 1980's Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps). Only two other studio albums arrived in this period -- Heroes, which also came out in 1977, and 1979's Lodger -- which means the remaining seven discs in this 11-CD box are devoted to a variety of odds and ends, including two versions of the 1978 double-live album Stage (the original LP track listing, plus a new remaster of the 2005 expansion), the Heroes EP which contains German versions of the lead track, a brand-new mix of Lodger from producer Tony Visconti, and Re:Call 3, which gathers up B-sides, single edits, and other ephemera from this period. Like on its two predecessors, Five Years and Who Can I Be Now, A New Career in a New Town frustratingly does not include any of the bonus tracks from the '90s Rykodisc expansions of these albums -- a situation that seems especially weird in the case of Low, whose bonus "Some Are" wound up as a section of Philip Glass' 1992 symphonic adaptation of the album -- but the pain is mitigated by the vivid new mix of Lodger. Dense and colorful without changing the feel of the original album, the 2017 mix of Lodger helps focus attention on an excellent record that often gets overshadowed by the three albums accompanying it in this box. It's hard to say if it's enough to warrant a purchase of this hefty box, but in either its CD or LP incarnation, A New Career in a New Town is a handsome, alluring, and exceptional-sounding reissue that earns its price tag.

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Release Date: 09/29/2017
Label: Rhino / Parlophone
UPC: 0190295843014
catalogNumber: 562642
Rank: 42151


Disc 1

  1. Speed of Life
  2. Breaking Glass
  3. What in the World
  4. Sound and Vision
  5. Always Crashing in the Same Car
  6. Be My Wife
  7. A New Career in a New Town
  8. Warszawa
  9. Art Decade
  10. Weeping Wall
  11. Subterraneans

Disc 2

  1. Beauty and the Beast
  2. Joe the Lion
  3. "Heroes"
  4. Sons of the Silent Age
  5. Blackout
  6. V-2 Schneider
  7. Sense of Doubt
  8. Moss Garden
  9. Neuköln
  10. The Secret Life of Arabia

Disc 3

  1. Heroes/Helden
  2. Helden
  3. Heros/Héros
  4. Héros

Disc 4

  1. Hang on To Yourself
  2. Ziggy Stardust
  3. Five Years
  4. Soul Love
  5. Star
  6. Station to Station
  7. Fame
  8. TVC 15

Disc 5

  1. Warszawa
  2. Speed of Life
  3. Art Decade
  4. Sense of Doubt
  5. Breaking Glass
  6. "Heroes"
  7. What in the World
  8. Blackout
  9. Beauty and the Beast

Disc 6

  1. Warszawa
  2. "Heroes"
  3. What in the World
  4. Be My Wife
  5. The Jean Genie
  6. Blackout
  7. Sense of Doubt
  8. Speed of Life
  9. Breaking Glass
  10. Beauty and the Beast
  11. Fame

Disc 7

  1. Five Years
  2. Soul Love
  3. Star
  4. Hang on to Yourself
  5. Ziggy Stardust
  6. Suffragette City
  7. Art Decade
  8. Alabama Song
  9. Station to Station
  10. Stay
  11. TVC 15

Disc 8

  1. Fantastic Voyage
  2. African Night Flight
  3. Move On
  4. Yassassin
  5. Red Sails
  6. D.J
  7. Look Back in Anger
  8. Boys Keep Swinging
  9. Repetition
  10. Red Money

Disc 9

  1. Fantastic Voyage
  2. African Night Flight
  3. Move on
  4. Yassassin
  5. Red Sails
  6. D.J
  7. Look Back in Anger
  8. Boys Keep Swinging
  9. Repetition
  10. Red Money

Disc 10

  1. It's No Game (Part 1)
  2. Up the Hill Backwards
  3. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
  4. Ashes to Ashes
  5. Fashion
  6. Teenage Wildlife
  7. Scream Like a Baby
  8. Kingdom Come
  9. Because You're Young
  10. It's No Game, Pt. 2

Disc 11

  1. "Heroes"
  2. Beauty and the Beast
  3. Breaking Glass
  4. Yassassin
  5. D.J.
  6. Alabama Song
  7. Space Oddity
  8. Ashes to Ashes
  9. Fashion
  10. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
  11. Crystal Japan
  12. Under Pressure
  13. Baal's Hymn
  14. Remembering Marie A.
  15. Ballad of the Adventurers
  16. The Drowned Girl
  17. The Dirty Song
  18. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  19. Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy

Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Bowie   Primary Artist,Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Percussion,Piano,Cello,Horn,Keyboards,Saxophone,Vocals,Background Vocals,Xylophone,Koto,Brass,Vibes,chamberlain,Synthesizer Strings,Pump Bass
Bing Crosby   Vocals
Adrian Belew   Guitar,Mandolin,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Freddie Mercury   Vocals
Iggy Pop   Vocals
Pete Townshend   Guitar
Brian May   Guitar
Keith Forsey   Percussion,Drums
Zaine Griff   Bass
Roger Powell   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Roger Taylor   Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals
Giorgio Moroder   Bass,Guitar
Carlos Alomar   Guitar,Drums,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Brian Banks   Keyboards
Roy Bittan   Piano
Ingo Cramer   Guitar
Dennis Davis   Bass,Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals
John Deacon   Bass Guitar
Andy Duncan   Drums
Brian Eno   Synthesizer,Piano,Trumpet,Horn,Keyboards,Vocals,chamberlain,Drones,Mini Moog
Robert Fripp   Guitar
Ricky Gardiner   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Chuck Hammer   Guitar
Stan Harrison   Saxophone
Michi Hirota   Vocals
Simon House   Mandolin,Violin,Background Vocals,Electric Violin
Charles Judge   Jupiter 8,Prophet 5
Michael Landau   Guitar
Antonia Maass   Background Vocals
Lynn Maitland   Background Vocals
Sean Mayes   Piano,Background Vocals
Dominic Muldowney   Conductor
Axel Glenn Muller   Tenor Saxophone
George Murray   Bass,Electric Bass,Bass Guitar,Background Vocals
Tony Visconti   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Mandolin,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Roy Young   Organ,Piano,farfisa organ
Eduard Meyer   Cello
Mary Visconti   Vocals
Leland Sklar   Bass
Bernardo Machus   Bandoneon
David Richards   Piano
Andy Clark   Synthesizer
Tim May   Guitar
Peter And Paul   Synthesizer,Piano
Joachim Welz   Clarinet
Rolf Becker   Cello
Sylvester Levay   Keyboards
Michael Bucher   Tuba
Thomas Hoffmann   Drums
Erwin Milzkott   Flute
Chris Porter   Background Vocals
David Kreitner   Alto Saxophone
Eckehard Scholl   Piano
René Waintz   Trumpet
Ralf Armbruster   Trombone
Uwe Weniger   Viola
Ulrich Berggold   Contrabass (Vocal)
Hans-Joachim Glas   Concert Master

Technical Credits

Kurt Weill   Composer
David Bowie   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
John Lennon   Composer
Freddie Mercury   Composer
Queen   Producer
Tom Verlaine   Composer
Brian May   Composer
Roger Taylor   Composer
Giorgio Moroder   Composer,Producer
Bertolt Brecht   Composer
Carlos Alomar   Composer
Brian Banks   Synclavier Programming
Barry Bongiovi   Studio Manager
Dennis Davis   Composer
Katherine K. Davis   Composer
John Deacon   Composer
Brian Eno   Arranger,Composer,Acoustic Treatments
Ian Fraser   Composer
Charles Judge   Programming
Sean Mayes   String Ensemble
Hisahi Miura   translation
Dominic Muldowney   Arranger,Composer
George Murray   Composer
Rod O'Brien   Engineer
Henry Onorati   Composer
John Patterson   Advisor
Colin Thurston   Engineer
Tony Visconti   Producer,Engineer
Eduard Meyer   Engineer
Chris Duffy   Cover Photo
David Richards   Engineer
Sukita   Cover Photo
Larry Grossman   Composer
Harry Simone   Composer
Steve Schapiro   Cover Photo
Buford Jones   Live Mixing
Scott Minshall   Cover Design
Chris Hinson   Advisor
Christian Simonpietri   Cover Photo
Derek Boshier   Cover Design
Mark Adams   Photo Scanning,Retouching
Gavin O'Neill   Photo Scanning,Retouching
Edward Bell   Cover Art
Mario McNulty   Pro-Tools
Buzz Kohan   Composer

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