A Maze of Moments Every Day a New Beginning

A Maze of Moments Every Day a New Beginning

by Lee Ann Corbett

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Dont say a word. We have never needed them to communicate with one another. Whether its an energy or an ancient kinship between our souls, I dont know. But whatever we have goes beyond language. Between us, even the silence is extraordinary. Even the stillness speaks (Beau Taplin, Silence).

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ISBN-13: 9781504361736
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 07/25/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 105
File size: 9 MB

About the Author

My hope is that writing this book will be my antidote for my fears and will enable me to dismiss my ego. Do I care what people think about me? I guess I do. Some say “Who cares what people think?” “Who cares if they believe what we believe?” But deep down inside, everyone worries about others’ perception of themselves. I don’t know how this book will be welcomed, but for those that know, you will understand. People ask me all the time why I don’t go on vacation, why I don’t travel. My response is always the same. I have too many animals to care for. While writing this book, I realized the true answer. I’ve been traveling for the past sixty-three years. I am on a journey, as we all are. While on this journey, I realized I am happy with my life just the way it is. There is no reason I should be looking for happiness anywhere else. I have found the quiet within myself. One day, the time will come for me to end my travels and return home, and maybe someday, you will find me in one of your thoughts, smiling in one of your dreams or floating on an unexpected breeze. I want you to know that the spirits of our loved ones never leave us. They stay with us for as long as we want and need them; they are just a whisper away. There will be rolling of eyes and some disbelief. But if you quiet yourself and look back into your life, I bet you will find that one moment where you cocked your head and asked yourself, “What was that?” There was a time when you knew something was going to happen, and it did. Or you thought of someone, and they called. Those are the whispers. The question I have for you is “Are you listening?” Because if you’re not, you’ll miss them. So the next time you have that aha moment, just smile and say thank-you because you do believe, you have to believe. And when that happens, the feeling is like no other. This book is not written as a guide in any way. This book is solely based on my experiences and nothing else. It is to let you know that we all possess the ability to communicate with our loved ones—animals or humans, alive or passed. If we so believe, we can. My hope is that my experiences will enable you to touch on your own. If nothing else, maybe it will leave you with a smile.

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