A Little Cook Book for a Little Girl: Large Print

A Little Cook Book for a Little Girl: Large Print

by Caroline French Benton


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A Little Cook Book for a Little Girl by Caroline French Benton

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Margaret, and she wanted to cook, so she went into the kitchen and tried and tried, but she could not understand the cook-books, and she made dreadful messes, and spoiled her frocks and burned her fingers till she just had to cry.

One day she went to her grandmother and her mother and her Pretty Aunt and her Other Aunt, who were all sitting sewing, and asked them to tell here about cooking.

&'grave;What is a roux,'' she said, &'grave;and what's a mousse and what's an entrée? What are timbales and sautés and ingredients, and how do you mix 'em and how long do you bake 'em? Won't somebody please tell me all about it?''

And her Pretty Aunt said, &'grave;See the flour all over that new frock!'' and her mother said, &'grave;Dear child, you are not old enough to cooks yet;'' and her grandmother said, &'grave;Just wait a year or two, and I'll teach you myself;'' and the Other Aunt said, &'grave;Some day you shall go to cooking-school and learn everything; you know little girls can't cook.''

But Margaret said, &'grave;I don't want to wait till I'm big; I want to cook now; and I don't want to do cooking-school cooking, but little girl cooking, all by myself.''

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