A Hint of Diamond: Two Weeks in the Obama Campaign for President

A Hint of Diamond: Two Weeks in the Obama Campaign for President

by Linda McCone


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For eighteen years the Linda McCone struggled with depression and alcohol abuse. It was a text book roller coaster ride punctuated by periods of sobriety, during which she was prodded by the relentlessness of a still small voice that kept reminding her to tap into her natural talents.

A Hint of Diamond: Two Weeks In The Obama Campaign for President is a highly personal account of the author's experiences in Panama City and Tallahassee Florida during the last two weeks of Obama's campaign for president. The account is interspersed with vignettes of the author's personal relationships with family and friends and also with her struggles with addiction and its consequences.

The main character is the narrator/author. Through the voice in which the story is told, the reader sees a clear picture of her struggle to find expression and build a life of creativity as a woman, a veteran and a minority.

Other characters appear in vignettes in relation to the author. The many different personalities of the cast make for a lively read. The author uses both humor and pathos to bring these characters to life.

A Hint of Diamond: Two Weeks In Obama's Campaign for President is an engaging read.

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ISBN-13: 9781478216667
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/03/2013
Pages: 234
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