A Firearm Reference for Women

A Firearm Reference for Women

by Michael W. Weissberg


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I have cringed when I read about women and their bad experiences with guns. Many women try to have a boyfriend, uncle, father, brother, or husband teach them about guns, only to meet with frustration, ridicule, temper tantrums, and bad advice.
Some women go to gun shops and are treated as if they are stupid or don't deserve the same gun rights men have.
Ladies, when you go to a gun shop, you are the customer. You are entitled to the right product at a fair price. You will probably be sold something with pink grips marketed to women, at a high price, and shown items that will do nothing to enhance your experience, but make profits for the shop.
I intend to prove that any woman can know as much as any man, can shoot the same guns as any man, and can be an educated consumer. I am here to help you make your gun experience a positive one.

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