A Fan's Tribute to the Beatles: Growing up with John, Paul, George and Ringo

A Fan's Tribute to the Beatles: Growing up with John, Paul, George and Ringo

by James M. Lowrance

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{NOTE: When I first published this approx. 12,000 word book, my intention is exactly what is reflected within the title. It is "A Fan's Tribute" and not a biography. Still there a facts within the book that many fellow fans are not aware of. Most of all I give reasons for why The Beatle's songwriting is unmatched and why their songs are timeless.}

This book is my personal tribute to The Beatles - Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

One might think for just a moment, that my subtitle; "Growing up with John, Paul, George and Ringo" would imply that I actually grew up with these men during my childhood. Well, I actually did grow up with them but not in the physical sense of having played with them as boys in the neighborhoods of Liverpool England or having attended school with them (I was only a toddler when they invaded America). No, I grew up with The Beatles in the sense of their being the first musical influence that ever touched my life in a significant way.

At the early age of six years of age I remember hearing my sister play her Beatle's albums and singles and times I listened to them with her at about age seven, hearing albums such as Abbey Road and singles such as "You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)".

I realized that this group had an incredible range of diversity from rock opera type releases to songs with a great deal of humor in them. From that time forward and throughout my life, to-date, this amazing music phenomenon has made me laugh, cry, rejoice and feel romance when courting my wife in the early 1980s.

Do I place The Beatles in the same category as a religious experience or one I could never have survived life without? Certainly not but I can say honestly that their music has brought more to my life than I would have experienced had I never discovered them. It is my hope that this book helps to convey some of that experience to the readers of it and that at the same time they can see in the chapters that follow, the humanity, struggles and events that also impacted the lives of these brilliant music legends.


CHAPTER ONE: The Forever Unrivaled Rock Group
CHAPTER TWO: Was John Lennon a Religious Man?
CHAPTER THREE: John's Search for Happiness
CHAPTER FOUR: My Review of the Beatles First Album
CHAPTER FIVE: My Review of the Beatles Rubber Soul Album
CHAPTER SIX: My Review of the Beatles Revolver Album
CHAPTER SEVEN: My Review of the Beatles Sergeant Pepper's Album
CHAPTER EIGHT: My Review of the Beatles Album & Movie "Let It Be"
CHAPTER NINE: The Intriguing "Paul is Dead" Beatles Hoax-Conspiracy
CHAPTER TEN: The Beatles - Unequaled and Unsurpassed

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About the Author

A husband, father and grandfather, I've been a contract salesman most of my life and of course, I'm a Beatles fan.

I am also a veteran writer and have served as an editor, forum moderator and an author of health article titles (recipient editor's choice awards).

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