A Drop in the Night: The Life & Secret Mission of a World War ll Airman

A Drop in the Night: The Life & Secret Mission of a World War ll Airman

by Thea Rademacher, Royce Fulmer


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"A Drop in the Night provides a fascinating glimpse into an era that is passing from living memory into history every day. Stories like these, by the people who lived through World War II, are a gift to future generations made possible by the people devoted to collecting and recording them." Holly Barber

A Drop in the Night is the story of a World War II Airman sworn to secrecy by the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA. Not de-classified until 1987, the work of this young soldier and his fellow airmen can finally be revealed. Code named "Operation Carpetbagger," the missions put young airmen in uniquely dangerous circumstances.

Trained as bomber crews, these Airmen didn't drop bombs. They dropped spies, both men and women, who had volunteered to parachute deep into Nazi-occupied territories. They also dropped supplies critically important to Resistance fighters. Flying only at night and at altitudes so low they could skim the tops of trees; these crews flew in conditions requiring extraordinary skill and guts.

Very few accounts have been written about these important missions that helped bring a successful conclusion to the War.

A Drop in the Night brings to life the true story of Royce Fulmer, a poor boy from the backwoods of South Carolina who made his way to flight engineer on a B-24 Liberator.

Based on interviews with Royce, and extensive research from previously unavailable sources, A Drop in the Night chronicles how he survived childhood poverty growing up in the rural south in the 1920s and '30s. You will learn about the early origins of NASCAR when Royce describes his dangerous time as a teenage bootlegger.

With rich details provided in his own words, read about this man's fascinating life as a fatherless son, a World War II Airman, and a successful real estate developer that lost as many fortunes as he made.

Royce's storytelling makes A Drop in the Night a unique book that captures what it meant to be a 20th century hero.

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