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A Cultish Side Of Calvinism

A Cultish Side Of Calvinism

by Micah Coate


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ABOUT THE BOOK: A Cultish Side of Calvinism was first written for the purpose of clarifying Calvinistic theology, but Coate's research led him to the conclusion that it shares significant similarities to unorthodox Christian faiths. Coate's scrutiny will prove to be biblically balanced and practically engaging for anyone remotely interested in Christian theology. As a pastor, speaker, and hospital chaplain, Micah has experienced firsthand Calvinism's effect in Christian culture. He clearly writes how you can beware the pitfalls of Calvinism's overly systematized theology. If the rise of a cultish theology grows within Christendom, so must a true discernment of its claims and consequences. The same standard that has placed Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Scientologists outside the Christian camp of orthodoxy has now, for the first time, placed the theology of Calvinism as being too cultish for comfort. Unlike any other book on the market, A Cultish Side of Calvinism not only shows that the theology of Calvinism is more systematic than biblical, but that it is comparable to almost any classic Christian cult. Most people know that Evangelical Christianity has rightly denounced theologies that differ in the essentials of the faith. Yet, due to its foothold on Christian 'orthodoxy', the theology of Calvinism has mainly gone unnoticed, leaving many young Christians unaware of the veiled and yet essential claims of their newly found theology. The September 2006 issue of Christianity Today sums up the previous claims that Calvinism is growing among a new generation of Christians. The story's title says it all: "Young, Restless, Reformed. Calvinism is making a comeback-and shaking up the church." If the claims of this book go unchecked and Calvinism is indeed "shaking up the church", we should fear that it will tragically break up the body of Christ even further. **** ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Whether in a classroom or a church setting, Micah desires to present the claims of the Bible in relevant and honest ways. He makes the study of theology and religion practical and freshly engaging. Other than speaking and writing on theology, Micah is also building an archive of articles on politics and ethics emphasizing the place for common sense. His hunger to seek God's Truth in all spheres of life is captivating and exciting. Micah is married with one child. He enjoys music, art, and the outdoors. In his free time he likes to work on his house.

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Publisher: Innovo Publishing
Publication date: 07/20/2011
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